Courting The Mystery : An Embodiment Pathways Winter Immersion

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Alex Crow
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12 reviews
Dec 30, 2019 - Jan 4, 2020
Group size: 1 - 14
Courting The Mystery : An Embodiment Pathways Winter Immersion
Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Alex Crow
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12 reviews

Deposit: $555
Dec 30, 2019 - Jan 4, 2020
Group size: 1 - 14

About this trip

As the temperatures cool and the days turn darker in the northern hemisphere, we are given a precious opportunity to receive the wisdom of Winter. We are remembering the importance of living in alignment with the seasons, and so I invite you to inquire, what jewels of wisdom does the time of Winter offer?  How can we best honor and care for ourselves and each other in the colder, darker months? What are the Embodiment Pathways that support us in maintaining balance and harmony throughout Winter? As we come together for 5 nights under the stars that cast their brilliance over the mystical lands of Ghost Ranch, we will receive the gift of TIME to contemplate and illuminate these very questions.

This Embodiment Pathways Immersive offering is the soul work of Alexandra Crow (Grounded Crown).  She is excited to be presenting this offering with the support of Gaia Cosmica, a collective devoted to restoring balance between people and the Earth, of which she is a co-founder and collaborator.  

In addition to the direct healing impact this work will have on each of the participants relationship with themselves, other human beings, and the Earth, a portion of the money made from this project will go directly to NAVAJO WATER PROJECT which is supporting Indigenous Navajo communities in New Mexico, Utah and Arizona to have access to clean running water. Alexandra has received an incredible amount of inspiration and direct healing from the Spirits of the land in New Mexico, and is truly honored to be able to give back to the peoples and ancestors whom call the Southwest home. 

 NAVAJO WATER PROJECT ( is a community-managed utility alternative that brings hot and cold running water to homes without access to water or sewer lines. It's the first system of its kind in the United States. 40% of Navajo still don’t have a sink or a toilet, and Navajo are 67 times more likely than other Americans to live without running water or a toilet. That's an injustice. They develop new sources where water is pumped, treated and stored locally, deliver water in food grade trucks to hundreds of families living close to each source, and provide 1200 gallons of hot and cold running water and solar power from their home systems. 

What this time IS...

This is a time for embodying our deep questions, without grasping for answers. 

This is a time for embracing the process of death, and allowing for expressions grief-joy.

This is a time for ritual, prayer, and gathering around the hearth for warmth and good company.

This is a time for making offerings.

This is a time for restoring our connection with the land & the Spirits of the land. 

This is a time for restoring our relationship with the Sun, Moon, Earth & Stars and their rhythms. 

This is a time for intimacy... with LIFE. 

This is a time to remember the art of contemplation, and receive the beauty of intuitive insight.

This is a time for self-study.

This is a time for wonder. 

This is a time for deep listening. 

This is a time for receiving Silences.

This is a time for Stillness and Spaciousness. 

This is a time for embodying Divine Mysticism. 

This is a time for the Seer.

This is a time for aloneness and togetherness. 

This is a time to value a deeper reverence for The Unknown. 

This is a time to court the Essence of Infinity as we would a lover. 

This is a time for embracing Divine Darkness as a teacher. 

This is a time to allow space for Spirit to inspire our creativity.

This is a time for Pure Presence..

This is a time for release and renewal.

This is a time to begin again. 

This is a time to begin...again. 

This is a time for remembering that Magic is Real. 

It is my intent to dedicate this time together to The Great Mystery that weaves all of Life infinitely together, and willingly empty my (our) selves of any conceptions or ideals that would prohibit the bestowal of the true and pure blessings of Winter into our lives. 

What this time is NOT...

This is not a retreat in the usual sense.  While relaxation and comfort will undoubtedly arise naturally during our time together, we are in the business of embracing times of discomfort as opportunity for developing clarity. There inevitably will be challenge, and we are here for it all.  I believe and know that it is in our best interest to practice embodying Presence in the face of what pains, confuses, or frightens us. I have seen time and time again, that it is in the most tender, vulnerable moments where true intimacy is shared and community is strengthened.  We do not come to attempt to escape our "problems" but rather, we choose to bring them into the circle and welcome them as part of the family.   Perhaps, if we choose it, we are here engage with the deep love work that our ancestors were not able to complete...the work we were born to help resolve.  


6 days and 5 nights at Casa Del Sol. Located two miles from main Ghost Ranch main campus, Casa del Sol is a retreat space at Ghost Ranch dedicated to deeper spiritual contemplation perfect for retreats that lend themselves to an intimate group and setting.

Casa del Sol is a single story adobe home built in the mid-1930s with 7 bedrooms that open up to a shared plaza.

Three hermitages are set at the base of the multi-colored 700-foot tall cliff wall with a chimney feature standing guard.

A heart shaped labyrinth is off to the side, bordered by prayer ties and flags fastened to sagebrush. 


When we come together around good, clean food with intention, we are nourished at the level of Soul.  Our dear sister Alima, a Sante Fe local, will be cooking three deeply nourishing love-filled organic meals to support our week together.  All meals will be vegetarian and often reflecting the southwest style of preparing food.  If you have specific needs we request that you inform us prior to the gathering so that we can accommodate you to the best of our ability. 


Casa Del Sol

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico 

280 Private Drive 1708, Abiquiu NM 87510

Highway 84 between mile markers 224 and 225

Sample Itinerary

7:15-8am: Sunrise Silence 

8am-9am: Morning Gratitude and Prayer by the Fire with Ceremonial Cacao 

9am-10am: Breakfast

10am-noon: Creative Contemplation or Open Space

noon-1pm: Lunch 

1:30pm-4pm: Embodiment Practices and/or Ritual Creation in the Yurt

4pm-6:30pm: Open Space

6:30-7:30pm: Dinner

8-10pm: Evening Ceremony in the Yurt or Relaxation at Casa Del Sol 

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    5 nights in the charming and cozy Southwestern style Adobe home, Casa Del Sol.
  • Food
    3 nourishing and grounding organic vegetarian meals made by our friend and onsite chef, Alima
  • Cacao
    Sit in circle together around the fire with heart warming ceremonial cacao to center in gratitude and prayer every morning
  • Embodiment Pathways
    We will receive the gifts of winter deeply into our beings through open exploration of the pathways that bring us into fuller Embodiment (i.e.Yin Yoga, Meditation, Contemplation, Writing, Singing etc)
  • Land Blessing
    Our first ceremony together will be a collaborative ritual to bless the land and ask permission from the Spirits of the land to bless our work.
  • Daily Ritual + Offerings
    We will each have the opportunity to personally and collectively engage in creative, intuitive, rituals and making of offerings as way to honor and deepen our relationship with Spirit and Life itself.
  • NYE celebration!
    We will gather together in joy to bring in the New Year with intention AND play. A night of song, dance, story telling and good company with a little with champagne and kombucha just for fun ;)
  • Creative Contemplation
    Receive daily contemplations as pathways for allowing The Mystery to speak directly to you and through your creative work.
  • Water Ceremony
    We will gather in ceremony to bless the waters, and receive wisdom from our wise and loving ancestors through the medium of Water, allowing the life-giving waters to flow within our bodies and being.
  • Silent Day
    We will collectively choose a day during our immersion to observe Silence. This is a practice that will carry us deeper to self and Spirit.
  • transportation
    You will need to find your own way to New Mexico. A shuttle service from Santa Fe to Ghost Ranch will be offered for an additional fee.
  • personal offerings
    A part of our daily ritual practice will be making offerings to the spirits of the land and our ancestors. Please bring those items that you feel called to bring. More info provided upon signing up.

Available Packages

Triple Room
Available until Nov 23, 2019Sold Out

Come with a friend or two, or open the door to new friendship! This adorable space is complete with 2 twin beds and a lofted bed for the adventurous type. The bathroom is shared in the courtyard with other housemates. 

Due to the intimacy of the space, deposits are non-refundable if commitment is broken after November 30th. 

Deposit: $555
Double Room
Available until Oct 31, 2019Sold Out

Come with a friend, or perhaps open your heart to meet a new one! The two double rooms available both have two twin beds and shared bathrooms with other housemates.  One room looks out over the courtyard, and the other is in the main house closer to the kitchen and the hearth. Requests for rooms are first come first serve. 

Due to the intimacy of the space, deposits are non-refundable if commitment is broken after November 30th. 

Deposit: $555
Single Room
Available until Oct 31, 2019Sold Out

Enjoy a private room in the main house close to the kitchen and hearth, complete with a twin bed. This room shares a bathroom with 2 others in the house. 

Due to the intimacy of the space, deposits are non-refundable if commitment is broken after November 30th. 

Deposit: $555
Private Hermitage (Couple)
Available until Oct 31, 2019Sold Out

Enjoy a big more privacy in your own private Hermitage.  The Hermitages are set just beside Casa Del Sol, making it only a short walk to the Main Hearth every morning.  Your space is simple and charming, complete with a double bed, private bathroom + small refrigerator, microwave & small coffee pot. This hermitage is suitable for a couple to enjoy. 

Cost is per person. Please purchase both available spots to reserve this room together. 

Due to the intimacy of the space, deposits are non-refundable if commitment is broken after November 30th. 

Deposit: $555
Private Hermitage (reserved for Janine)
Available until Oct 31, 2019Sold Out
Deposit: $555
Double with private bath
Available until Oct 31, 2019Sold Out
Deposit: $555

Available options

SHUTTLE from Santa Fe to G.R. and back
Energetic Medicine Session with Alexonly 1 left
Deposit: $555

Triple Room
Past Trip

Your Organizer

Alex Crow
12 reviews
Alex is a believer in the magic of the heart, and the healing power of movement. She has been teaching yoga as a way of life for 6 years, and practicing for over a decade. She has shared her teachings in the United States, Finland, Germany, and India. After receiving a 200 hr. certification through the Laughing Lotus Yoga Teacher Training in San Francisco where she teaches regularly and co-leads teacher trainings , she went on to study Yoga Therapy through the government of India at Yoga Vidya Gurukul. Her life as a professional dancer has gifted her with extensive practical knowledge of our human anatomy, and a powerful mode of expression which is the bedrock of her deep understanding of how to guide others into their own bodies. She became a Reiki Master/Teacher in early 2016, which she holds most high as it continues to share its healing magic with her and all she touches. She believes she is here to create sacred spaces for healing & self-discovery, for the benefit of all.


Life changing, magical people in a strong and magical place. I personally will never be the same, and cant wait to come back next year.
I mean, how do you even describe this retreat? Heart Opening was just the beginning. Deep, comforting, warm, open, stretching myself, loving, patient, FUN, curious, sacred. I knew immediately when it was offered that I was meant to go, despite not knowing anyone outside of following on Instagram. I truly made lifelong soul friends. I got to know myself better. I am still receiving so much from this gathering, even a month later. I love these people, truly and deeply. Alex and Sena are such a wonderful pair to work with. Complementary in the best ways. I wish I could do this once a month! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.
This Retreat was a profound dive into community and self practice. Alex and Sena created several practices of reverence involving ceremony, cacao, yin, yoga nidra. I am deeply grateful for the space created. Would totally go on a trip with Alex and Sena again!
Alex and Sena are amazing facilitators and open their hearts to make sure everyone has a transformation with their guidance. I highly recommend their retreats.
By Liz Thees for Cosmic HeartGate Retreat on Sep 12, 2018
How do you rate a trip through the cosmos to the heart center of your soul and the universe? Seems like 5 stars isn't enough. Aside from the gracious space and phenomenal food, this retreat saved me several lifetimes of samsara. Alex and Sena have something special going on. You've got to be there to believe it.
By A Cat for Cosmic HeartGate Retreat on Sep 11, 2018
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alex is a beautiful being - my partner and i completed her reiki 1 workshop together. it was a magical day with so much love and high vibes. she so clearly values sacred community - the venue, the folks, the layout, the snacks, etc. all contributed to an incredible experience. immense gratitude! definitely recommend rocking with alex.
By Angie Davis on Feb 06, 2018