Cuba Friendship Cup / Nov 21-27, 2019 13-15u

Havana, Cuba

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Nov 21 - 27, 2019
Group size: 25 - 25
Cuba Friendship Cup / Nov 21-27, 2019 13-15u
Havana, Cuba

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Nov 21 - 27, 2019
Group size: 25 - 25

About this trip

USA vs Cuba Friendship Cup 

USA vs Cuba YOUTH BASEBALL GAMES (12u, 15u, 18u)

Nov. 21-27, 2019 (6 Days)

Havana, Cuba

A friendly competition between our Cuba and USA baseball youth and a view of Cuba through its culture.

Congratulations, you have been SELECTED to represent your country  in Cuba! This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only will you get to see the world but will get to play against some of the world’s best competition!

This is an honor given to you because of your success in baseball. You have been chosen among a select group of players across the nation to represent the USA in international competition. 

The East Bay Sports Stars would like to invite you to be a USA representative in the Friendship Cup 

You have been SELECTED to represent your country  in Cuba! This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only will you get to see the world but will get to play against some of the world’s best competition!

Cuba Friendship Cup (Cuba) 12u, 15u, 18u,  November 21-27, 2019

This opportunity will be a highly competitive tournament with the opportunity to experience baseball in the Cuba.

We have selected an elite group of players across the nation for this opportunity. If you have received this invitation, we believe you would be a great asset to our team and would like to have you join us if you are able. Positions are limited, to claim your spot on the roster you will need to confirm your position is still available.

We will be competing against teams from the Havana area. Our select team of 12-14 quality players will come from all over the USA. We will play 4 games in a 6 day tour. This is a unique opportunity will give you the chance to see a country where baseball truly is a way of life. Combining sports with international travel is a true cultural educational experience of a lifetime. These events are life changing events of which you will talk about for the rest of your life!

East Bay Sport Stars: Cuba Friendship Cup 2019 will be made up of an elite group of 15u players that TPC and our coaches have selected to represent the USA. The Head Coach for our team will be Tony Dress.  You have been chosen among players who have earned All-American, All-Region or All-Conference honors. The roster will consist of 16-18 TPC selected players. If you would like to accept this invitation to play for TPC Baseball please contact us by email to confirm your spot on the team or receive more details about the tour. Be sure to include your name, sport, playing position, name of team (Cuba Friendship Cup) and the school you currently play for so we can get you the correct information. You will have 1 week from the day you received this to contact TPC or your invitation will expire.

Contact Tony Dress ( to confirm your position is still available before depositing and make sure to provide your school, name and playing position. Once we confirm your position you can accept the invitation at the bottom of this page. Then you will need to pay deposit of $500 within 12 days to confirm your spot on the team. We can only guarantee a place on the roster for you once we have received your deposit. The deposit of $500 is non-refundable. If you register within 5 months of departure, the amount due is $1000 and non-refundable.

Here are some of the amazing Benefits of playing for Team East Bay Sports Stars:

  • Memories that will last a lifetime! - Once you experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to play for TPC, the pictures you will collect from the trip will not be as vivid as the memories that you will cherish forever.
  • The honor to represent the USA! – You have been selected as a respected athlete, to represent the greatest country in the world in international competition.
  • The opportunity to win an International Championship! – Those TPC Championship teams who have come home victorious have said that winning an international competition is one of the greatest moments of their lives so far.
  • The chance to play with the some of the world’s best! – The teams that you will be competing against are some of the best players from their country. Some of these teams are the National teams who represent their country in all major international competition.
  • Friendships that will last a lifetime! – The TPC players from the first year of competition have said they are still very close friends with their teammates even today!
  • A highlight on your resume that you played for a select USA team! – You will always be able to list your selection to TPC as a major milestone in your life on your resume to show off your good success.
  • The chance to experience a foreign culture with local people! –You are more than just a tourist with TPC. You have the opportunity to experience a new culture from within the local community.
  • The opportunity to play with other Americans! – You will not only be competing with the best players in the world but you will be playing with some of the best players from your league and even the entire country.
  • The chance to make the papers both in the USA and abroad! – It is really cool to read about yourself in your local paper or college newsletter but to read about yourself in a foreign language in another country is awesome!
  • The chance to get noticed by an international scout! – Some TPC players have received professional contracts to play abroad after traveling with TPC.
  • The opportunity to develop friendships in other countries! – You will have the chance to not only meet people from other countries but you will also have the chance to build relationships with them which could last a lifetime.
  • A priceless experience that you may never have offered to you again! – You have been selected among an elite group of players. TPC sends out a very limited amount of invitations per year to put together the best teams in the country to represent the USA. You have one of those invitations which means you are in a very small percentage of college athletes. The chance that you will be offered this opportunity is more than likely just as small or smaller.

What’s included

  • Flight
    • Flight from SFO to Havana, connecting in Miami
  • • Visa
  • • Lodging
    Lodging at all-inclusive Hotel Atlantico by the beach
  • • Transportation
  • • Guida
  • • Team Lunch Party
  • • Cocktail
    • Cocktail at El Floridita
  • • Entradas al Cañonazo
  • • Farewell dinner
    • Farewell dinner at El Carbon Restaurant

Available Packages

TPC Member Price
Available until July 1, 2019
Deposit: $500
TPC Non-Member
Deposit: $500
Friends and Family
Deposit: $500


Day 1 – Thu, Nov. 15
USA vs Cuba TPC Friendship Cup

· Travel Day – SFO to Havana, Cuba Arrives in the evening

· Pick up at Jose Marti Airport – Hello, Cuba!!

Transfer to hotel 

Your Organizer

East Bay Sports Stars has been organizing sports tours for youth, high school and College teams for almost 20 years. It is natural that teams should want to travel outside of their own environment to experience how the game is played in another country and within a different culture. Traveling together as a team is a great adventure. It gives the opportunity to share common experiences and create lifelong memories. Our sports tours have been created to allow young athletes the chance to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.