Cultivating Connection Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Cole Chance
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3 reviews
Apr 28 - May 5, 2018
Group size: 12-20
Cultivating Connection Guatemala
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Cole Chance
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3 reviews

Deposit: $400
Apr 28 - May 5, 2018
Group size: 12-20

About this trip

Join Cole Chance and Jen Hilman for an unforgettable getaway deep in the heart of Guatemala.  In Mayan mythology, Lake Atitlan is said to be where the earth was originally charged with life.  The Mayan Garden of Eden! 

We will spend 7 nights at the stunning Mystical Yoga Farm.  It is a self-directed retreat center and spiritual community with a mission of self-sustainability and organic connection with the environment.   This magical venue will provide us the perfect space to unplug from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and get reconnected to what is most important. 

There will be Thai massage workshops, dynamic and subtle yoga practices, meditation, ecstatic dance, a seva project with the local community, Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Temazcal (Mayan cleansing ritual), organic food, kayaks, juicy group discussions, hiking up San Pedro volcano, and much more goodness to support your well being journey. 

The true meaning of Namaste is "I SEE YOU". During this week in a secluded natural oasis, we will cultivate and rekindle the compassion and perspective to be able to recognize the light in ourselves and others. We are so excited to create, share, and experience this sacred journey with you! 


Mystical Yoga Farm is a living, off-grid, sustainable center.  The entire community and retreat center are sustained by utilizing solar energy, built with natural Earth materials, permaculture farming, vegetarian living, and other natural systems.  During our week at the Farm we will be able to experience first hand the simplicity of living close to Nature, minimizing our foot print in small and large ways, and honoring Her natural systems of balance.  

All of the accommodations are rustic and simple, with wooden frames and tin roofs.  There are four community showers and multiple eco-toilets.  There is limited wifi at the retreat center.  You may purchase some kind of data plan in country, however, we encourage participants to go on "Airplane" mode and give yourself permission to truly let go.  This is not intended to be a "luxury" yoga retreat.  Rather, this is a journey towards SIMPLICITY.  It's a journey going INWARD.  It's about finding what's TRUE - for you.  By letting go of all the non-essentials in our day to day lives, it becomes easier to access your own inner stillness and Self awareness.  

Because of this emphasis on sustainability and natural purity, there are a few things for us to consider as guests.  Please be mindful to bring natural soaps and skincare products, preferably things that are biodegradable.  It is also requested that all guests refrain from using insect repellant containing DEET - a harmful chemical for humans and plants in the gardens.  We will be spending a lot of time outside, so you may want to have some things to protect your skin.  Light long sleeve layers are an easy option as well as a good hat.  Coconut oil has a light SPF and can be used to protect against UV's, smells nice, and is super good for your skin!  


Guatemala City does not have the best reputation.  Definitely doesn't mean that it's not worth visiting but we feel more comfortable having everyone meet in Antigua to avoid confusion or hassle. It is an easy ride about an hour away.  Details below on transport.

While it may be possible to fly into Guatemala on the 28th in time to meet the group, we highly suggest you consider arriving at least a day early.  We also recommend staying in Antigua again the night of April 5.  It will make your life a lot easier if you have that extra breathing room and will give you a chance to meet members of the group and give you one more night to remember with your new-found friends. <3 

If you have extra time to travel in Guatemala, check out this site for a feel of the villages around the lake!

If you choose to stay somewhere near the lake before the start of the program, you may join up with the group on Saturday, April 28 in Santiago de Atitlan at 4 PM to catch the boat over to the center.  

We'll be meeting in Antigua at 1:00pm on the 28th to travel to the center.  It is a 4 hour journey from Antigua to the Farm.  

We will depart from the Farm at 1 PM on Saturday, May 5 and expect to be arriving back in GC by 5pm.  If you are planning to fly out that evening, it is recommended to book a flight after 7pm.  Again, we suggest you stay until Sunday the 6th, for ease of travel and to squeeze in one more night with your new-found friends and family!  

From Guatemala City Airport to Antigua:

Shuttle Van:

When you are exiting the airport there will be shuttle vans there waiting for people. The cost is $10 and it takes just over an hour with good traffic. They are pretty safe and run regularly. If you arrive in the evening then you may need to take a taxi. You can probably spot a fellow traveller who you could share with to save money. 

Private Taxi:

You can also take a taxi from the airport directly to Antigua for $35. If you prefer to travel in a little bit of comfort and don’t like the idea of your backpack/ suitcase being strapped to the roof of a van then this is the mode of transport for you!

In Antigua:

Hostel/Hotel recommedations below...also connect on the FB group if you would like to double up! We will be in contact as well about where Jen and I will be staying.


50% of your total payment should be received by January 28 (90 days from start of program) and the final balance should be received by March 15 (45 days from start of program).

If you pay through bank transfer on WeTravel there is no charge.  To use CC it is 2.9% for Visa, MC, and Discover or 3.9% for AMEX.


We are happy to work with you in creating a payment plan if it makes this journey more feasible for you.  Please inquire personally to discuss payment plan options.  


Deposit non-refundable, due upon registration - $400

Jan. 28 - Mar. 15, 2018 - 50% of retreat total will be refunded minus deposit  

After Mar. 15, 2018 - payments are non-refundable (this is where your travel insurance with trip protection will come in!)

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Highly recommended. No one plans on having to cancel an epic journey but life happens and insurance can help recoup cost for the retreat and your flight. Don’t always play it safe, but in this case... do!   

We Travel(this site) offers a wonderful travel insurance but please do look around. 

What’s included

  • Food
    3 Vegan/Vegetarian meals a day. Local, seasonal, and organic whenever possible
  • Transportation to center
    We will meet in Antigua at 1 PM on Saturday, April 28 and travel together to the Farm. The total journey is about 2.5 Hours. We will return to Antigua by 5 PM Saturday, May 5.
  • All activities!
    Temazcal Ritual, Cacao Ceremony, Yoga, Mediation, Thai massage workshops, ecstatic dance, kayaking, hiking....all the things and all the MAGIC during the week are included!
    ~airfare to Guatemala and to our meeting point in Antigua. ~transport from Antigua the last day
  • Accommodation in Antigua
    Accommodations before and after retreat. We can recommend hotels or guest houses and will start a group to coordinate with each other!
  • Food in Antigua
    we gotcha covered for the week of the retreat!
  • souvenirs/massages
    any extras you'd like! You will def want to buy some textiles! Jen and I will also be offering Thai Massages if desired!

Available Packages

Shared Casita

Shared rooms that accommodate two or three people.  Common showers and bathrooms, common living space, views of the lake.   

13 left
Deposit: $400
Private Casita

While we strongly encourage participants to share rooms, we understand that some people require more personal space.  We have a couple solo accommodation options available for those who wish to have their own room.  Single rooms will still utilize shared compostable toilets and showers.

only 1 left
Deposit: $400
Deposit: $400

Shared Casita


A Day in Mayan Paradise!
sample schedule and menu

7-9 Morning yoga and meditation

9-10;30 breakfast and relaxation ( fresh fruit, accompanied by either Chia pudding, smoothie bowl with nuts and cacao, banana pancakes, sourdough toast with avocado)

11-1 Thai Massage workshop

1-2 Lunch (veggie curry with rice and dhal)

2-5:30 Relax! Take a nap in your bungalow, jump on a kayak to explore, or read a book in a peaceful jungle nook

5:30-7 Evening yoga, workshop, or temezcal ceremony!

7 Dinner (dips and tortillas hand made by our local ladies and delicious chippilin soup...a Mayan favorite!)

8-9 Satsung (group discussions that get quite juicy!) 

Your Organizer

Cole Chance
3 reviews
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I had an amzing time during this wonderful retreat. Thank you so much to both Jen and Cole !!! This was an incredible experience that went so much further than my expectations of what a Bali retreat doing Thai massage and yoga had entailed. The retreat location, in a Balinese cloud forest, was gorgeous. Being surrounded by natural beauty was a great way to approach connection and intimacy, becoming better connected with each other and nature. The workshops on Thai massage and acro-yoga were great introductions into practices I want to learn and play with more in the future. The regular morning yoga practices were definitely a lovely way to wake up and start the day. I loved coming down to breakfast waiting for us all in the common dining area. Group meals together were definitely a highlight of the experience. I think food carries such deep cultural tradition of togetherness and connection, sharing and conversing and nuturing each other. I enjoyed the outings, especially the walks through the jungle and learning about wild edibles from the local guides. There were only two things I wanted more of: 1) More free time to just sit and visit with each other, without having the exhaustion of such full days. 2) A longer workshop or retreat in general. Ideally I want it to last a lifetime, but I think at least 2 weeks would be better to more fully integrate the practices and connect with each other. I am really happy that there are so many of this group that all live in Austin and I look forward to reconnecting back home and cooking delicious Balinese food together or practicing yoga and acro and Thai massage with each other. This was more than a workshop. I fully intend to take the genuinity of connection and openness and vunerability with me in life to share and spread more love and connection to as many people as are willing. I think everyone needs to experience this in thier lives. Thank you again.
This retreat was the most amazing experience. It was an incredible combination of activities, wonderful food, fantastic accommodations, and Cole Chance and Jen Hilman were supremely organized and led incredible workshops. Changed my life and view on travel.
Had a great time. Well organized retreat. We stayed at the wonderful Bali Mountain Retreat💕 where they served good food with love and helped us with whatever we needed. Nice rice field trekking, temple trek and much more.... I so thankful for this great experience!