Czech Lager University

      Prague, Czechia

      Paths Less Travelled
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      Duration: 8 days
      Group size: 1 - 8
      Czech Lager University
      Prague, Czechia

      Paths Less Travelled
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      Duration: 8 days
      Group size: 1 - 8

      About this trip

      Czech Lager University is the world's premier course for learning everything about brewing traditional Czech Lager / Pilsner beer (from sourcing to pouring)!

      It is an intense, certificated, hands on curriculum for passionate brewers that will cover everything lagering; from theory,  to history, materials, technology, microbrewery layout (configuration related to process), hot side fermentation, cold side fermentation, packaging, troubleshooting off flavors, and even a tapster class specializing in utilizing a side pull for Czech lagers/pilsners.

      Space is limited to just (4) brewers per English speaking Czech brewmaster with a total of 8 spaces available per event in to preserve and promote quality and communication with a 4:1 ratio.

      Certification for attending the course is issued by Czech Brewmasters.

      An additional Certification is issued for attending the Tapster class (which is included in the curriculum).

      What better place to learn the art of brewing pilsner and pale lagers than from the very birthplace of the styles?!?

      That being said, we even travel the city of Plzen (birth place of Pilsner beer) to visit Lukr faucets, tour the underground tunnels of the city that connect the 13 families that were originally bestowed brewing rights by the king, and then tour the brewery of Pilsner Urquell (the original pilsner) on the last day

      What’s included

      • Lodging
        Lodging is included. Please note that lodging is single occupancy and is priced accordingly. Many companies will charge for double occupancy.
      • Breakfasts
        Breakfasts are included at the hotel every morning of the scheduled itinerary.
      • Czech Brewmaster
        Days 3, 4, & 5 will be alongside an English-speaking Czech brewmaster. Spaces are limited to (4) brewers per brewmaster.
      • Side Pull Tapster Course
        A separate certification will be issued after participating in a tapster course utilizing the side-pull faucet. This will include overview of the (4) pouring styles associated with Czech lager.
      • Craft Brew & City Tour
        On day 1, after arrival, we'll tour Prague in the best way that we know how; through the craft breweries! This also includes a foot tour of the city for familiarization and historical purposes.
      • Transport To Plzen
        We are including the train ride from Prague to Plzen and back on day 7 of the curriculum.
      • Transport to Hop Fields
        We provide transportation and a driver to visit the itinerized hop fields, malt floor, and return to Prague.
      • Transport to Malt Floor
        We provide transportation and a driver to visit the itinerized hop fields, malt floor, and return to Prague.
      • English Speaking Guide
        We will be providing an English speaking guide in the evenings, to visit Plzen, and when visiting breweries and restaurants aside from the one that we will be brewing in.

      What’s not included

      • Ride Sharing Fees
        There will be a few occasions which will require sharing an Uber with other brewers attending the course.
      • Lunch & Dinner
        The curriculum does not include costs associated with lunch or dinner (aside from the craft brew tour we will be providing on day 1)
      • Passport of Visa Fees
        You will be required to have an active passport that is valid for at least an additional 6 months past the date of day 1 of the curriculum.
      • Airport Transport
        We do not include transportation to and from the airport, but will help provide guidance. Additionally, Uber was recently awarded a contract to service Vaclav Havel International Airport.
      • Beverages
        While we realize that this is a beer-centric curriculum, we are not including the provision of beers outside of the scheduled curriculum.
      • Gratuities For Porterage
        Guides, Drivers, or Tour Leaders
      • Tour Insurance
        While tour insurance is not included to cover tour cancellations/interruptions, lost luggage, etc., this is available at an additional charge upon signing up for the course.
      • Flights To & From Prague
        Round trip flights to and from the Czech Republic are not included, but can be provided at an additional cost.

      Available Packages

      Czech Lager University - W/O Airfare

      This package option does not include airfare and is designed for people who would prefer to find their own means of transportation to Prague as we realize that some of our participants may be coming from places/countries closer to Czech Republic and some of participants may want to coordinate their own travel itineraries.

      Deposit: $760
      Czech Lager University - W Flight

      This option is for those who may want to have flight included and coordinated with their package.
      It includes all services associated with Czech Lager University, while also providing roundtrip flights to and from any International Airport located in our the great State of Florida (coach ; no checked bags included).
      This Options Is Only Available For Participants Flying From Florida.
      Please Contact Us If You Would Like To Have Us Price Inclusion of Flights From Other Locations.

      Deposit: $1,500

      Available options


      Day 1
      Welcome To Prague!!! (Click to The Right For Additional Days)

      We'll meet in the hotel lobby at 17:00 (5 PM).

      Each brewer will introduce themselves, say where they are from, and let us know what they are wanting most out of the course.

      After introductions and an inaugural toast, we'll head off to get acquainted to the city and its landmarks as to help ensure that guests have some point of recognition if they decide to explore the city on other nights throughout the stay.

      We'll also be visiting several craft breweries for tastings and discussions relating to different beer styles being brewed in Prague.

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