Czech Vineyards, Castles, & Countryside Tour

Czech Republic

Paths Less Travelled
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Duration: 8 days
Group size: 1 - 15
Czech Vineyards, Castles, & Countryside Tour
Czech Republic

Paths Less Travelled
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Duration: 8 days
Group size: 1 - 15

About this trip

Come join us on a grand, immersive adventure throughout Czech Republic!

Join Paths Less Travelled for exclusive experiences at Czech Republic’s best vineyards & local vineyards while also exploring some of the most majestic castles that you’ve probably never heard of and enjoying amazingly picturesque vistas throughout this BEAUTIFUL country’s landscapes.  Our small intimate group tours allow for up close and personal interactions with the maker while creating unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

What’s included

  • 8 Days & 8 Nights Tour
    8 Days & 8 Nights exploring one of the best wine regions in the entire world. We'll visit vineyards, creameries, castles, and stunning countryside
  • Custom PLT Wine Glass
    All stories have a beginning... Our beginning involves stopping to pick up your customized wine glass from Czech Republic's premier crystal factory & learning of Czech's deep history of glass blowing
  • Exclusive Vineyard Tours
    Exclusive tours of the country's best award winning vineyards with special correlating PLT events
  • Amazing Castles
    Czech Republic has more castles per square mile than any country in the world and we bring you to some of our absolute favorites to include Unesco World Heritage Sites
  • Jaw Dropping Cathederals
    We'll visit awe-inspiring cathedrals that pre-date the Americas as we know them. The stunning architecture and enrapturing history of these structures is ABSOLUTELY a must see
  • Grape Varieties Galore
    You'll be exposed to Czech versions of the wines that you know and are familiar with (chardonnay, pinot gris, pinot noir, etc.) as well as many hybrid and new grape varieties that are Czech creations
  • Delicious Cheeses
    Czechs take great pride in their cheeses and it shows. Czech cheese is unpaste
  • Charcuterie
    Czech is the motherland of charcuterie and it is typical for there to be a plate at every social gathering or just whipped up if a visitor comes. We treat our guests to the same authentic experiences
  • Authentic Tastings
    We have arranged for wine tastings not only at vineyards, but also in castles and more. One such event is in a cellar that houses the 50 best reds and whites of Czechia beneath a beautiful castle.
  • Czech Underground Tour
    We'll tour a underground tunnel system that connects some of the top vineyards in the Czech wine region while eating, drinking, and being treated to authentic Czech cymbal music
  • Horse & Boat Tours
    Sometimes it really is about the journey and not just the destination! That being said, we'll be traveling through a UNESCO World Heritage Site in horse drawn carriage and boat (weather permitting)
  • Authentic Czech Cuisine
    We'll be providing traditional Czech cuisine throughout the tour. The tour includes (3) meals per day as well as snacks
  • Beautiful Czech Wine
    We'll be providing up to (2) deciliters of wine per stop/event
  • Emphasis on Culture
    We strive to provide an emphasis on authentic Czech culture throughout our tours and are sincerely looking forward to sharing with you
  • Private Transport
    We provide a dedicated van/motorcoach dependent upon group sizes
  • Dedicated Driver/Bellman
    Sit back, relax, and leave the driving to us! In Czech Republic, it is illegal to drive after driving any alcohol so we provide a dedicated driver/bellman throughout the tour
  • Guide/Translator
    Don't speak Czech? Don't worry! We'll be providing a dedicated guide/translator to assist, explain, translate, and make this the trip of a lifetime!
  • Flights
    We don't provide for travel to/from Czech Republic, but instead use Prague as a portal city. Our tours both begin and end in Prague so that all flights are easily manageable.
  • Evening Events
    Our days are pretty packed, but we leave the nights up to you. We'l provide a full itinerary with cities and what we believe to be "must dos". Feel free to explore or to rest up for the next day

Available Packages

Standard Tour - Dual Occupancy
Deposit: $630
Standard Tour - Single Occupancy
Deposit: $705


Day 1
Welcome To Czech Republic!

We begin our tour by meeting in the lobby of our central hotel in the historic city of Prague for introductions and an inaugural toast! Na Zdravi (To Your Health)!

Once properly introduced, we will take a foot tour to see some classic Czech features in Prague to include the famous Charles Bridge, Orloj (the astronomical Clock), and Prague Castle while en-route to well-crafted dinner with wine that will offer scenic views of this iconic European travel destination.

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Paths Less Travelled
Our mission is to provide our guests with culturally authentic, exciting, fun, safe, meaningful, & memorable experiences far from mainstream tourism on paths less travelled. We strive to provide unforgettable adventures while exhibiting the absolute beauty that is yet to be discovered off the beaten path and far from well-worn streets associated with major tourist hubs.