Daily Dive Tours - custom

Galapagos islands

16 reviews
Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 999
Daily Dive Tours - custom
Galapagos islands

16 reviews

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Set weekly diving itinerary 

Monday – Floreana

Tuesday – Santa Fe

Wednesday – North Seymour canal & Mosquera South

Thursday – Gordon Rocks

Friday – Beagle & Daphne

Saturday – North Seymour Point &Mosquera North

Sunday – Gordon Rocks

Please come to our office to try your equipment on the afternoon before your first dive between 5-6pm.  

Please be at the Academy Bay Dive center at 6.55am for a 7am departure each day.

Return time approx 3pm

Included each day 

- guide

- equipment with computer

- 2 dives

- snacks & lunch

- towels

- water

- photos and videos of the dive - you need to bring a USB or SD card in the afternoon to take the pictures.

Your Organizer

Academy Bay Diving
16 reviews
Academy Bay Diving is a family owned and run business dedicated to providing our customers with an amazing and safe dive experience in the Wonderful Galapagos Marine Reserve.


In December 2021 / January 2022, I used Academy Bay Diving to organize housing, diving, transportation, and tours (I purchased the 14-day “Complete Galapagos” diving package + I stuck around in Santa Cruz for an additional week). Overall, I would say that Academy Bay provided very good service, and I would highly recommend this operation to anyone keen on diving there. THE MARINE LIFE IS AWESOME – I had never seen a hammerhead ‘til my first dive in Galapagos, and then I saw a school of like 20 hammerheads, a school of Golden Eagle Rays, etc. It really was a rich experience, and I am so glad I did it! Oscar and Byron are Academy Bay’s main guides – Oscar is super friendly and personable, while Byron is a silent one (he draws the dive sites quite well). Angel and Leo are also guides; Angel is younger, super friendly, and keen to chat while Leo maintains a professional demeanor. The boat is adequately sized and equipped for a group of up to 10 or 12 divers, and the guides & boat-hand are extremely efficient when it comes to using space on the boat well. Some dive sites are a schlepp whereas others are 40-minutes away, but the guides were great company. Regarding the dive sites: I would encourage only experienced divers to dive at the Gordon Rocks; the currents can be volatile, and the underwater topography lends itself to difficult passages at certain points (I *almost* aborted a dive at The Pinnacle because I had trouble getting around it due to currents). Regarding the tour package: I would recommend a thorough review of the proposed itinerary that Academy Bay sends you in advance of your trip – there were a few things I would have done differently. For example: I would have happily spent the money to fly from Santa Cruz to Isabela, and from Isabela to San Cristobal vs. taking the speed boats (to save time + to avoid the people yakking all over the boats … let’s just say the waters were a bit rough from Santa Cruz to Isabela (Dramamine is a good friend)). This one is on me, though – had I reviewed the itinerary in advance, I would have proposed a change. So, my recommendation is to take responsibility for your experience and review any material that is sent to you in advance + propose changes + ask questions about activities. Another recommendation is to remain calm and clear-headed if something goes awry. For example, when I arrived in Isabela, the hotel did not have my reservation. I did not freak out or go nuts; rather, I called Alice at Academy Bay – she sorted the whole thing out while I had breakfast. It was no big deal, but you have to assume accountability for managing the situation as best you can + engaging Alice if and when needed. I had a wonderful experience in Galapagos; the dive sites were interesting, challenging, and rich with marine life. I would highly recommend Academy Bay for diving and tour needs; I may engage them when I come back!
By Martha S for Complete Galapagos on 11 Jan, 2022
Alice was awesome. We had first time divers and a tight schedule. We dove two days. On our first day Alice coordinated a boat and two great dive masters Jimmy and Anderson - from Albatros. On day two we dove with a bigger group with Ronny - service was excellent, safety protocols were rigorous and equipment was in great shape. One of the guys on our second day of diving had lost their luggage - Alice coordinated everything with the airline to get it back. Those guys were diving 7 days with Academy - getting their advanced cert and loved every day. Thanks to Alice and team Derek
By Derek T for Daily Dive Tours - Discount 2021 on 09 Nov, 2021
Totally surreal experience - the Complete Galapagos package really does feel complete. Words can't express what a great time we had and how happy we are with the trip as a whole. Alice is unbelievably helpful and makes sure that everything goes smoothly start to finish. Thank you so much for such a great trip that we will never forget!
By William P for Complete Galapagos on 09 Nov, 2021
It was a wonderful trip with a lot of new impressions. Therefore the long journey to Galapagos to the End of the World was really worth it. :-) Alice, you had the trip very well organised. Very good hotels, good tours and I had only to enjoy all. Muchas gracias, Alice.
By Claudia K for Discover Galapagos - 3 islands Custom on 19 Oct, 2021
We have wonderful time the guides and instructors were so helpful, equipment in great condition, great food and an amazing and unforgettable experience. Thank You for helping our dreams come through
By Mauro F for Daily Dive Tours - $186 on 01 Oct, 2021
Thank you Mauro! We are very glad you enjoyed your time diving with us!
By Academy Bay Diving on 01 Oct, 2021
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