Daily flight between Guyana & Suriname

Flight between Suriname & Guyana

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 19
Daily flight between Guyana & Suriname
Flight between Suriname & Guyana

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 19

About this trip


Gum Air in Suriname and Trans Guyana Airways in Guyana, offers daily flights from Guyana to Suriname as well Suriname to Guyana. 

This flight is operated with a 19 seater Caravan and is only 45 minutes. 

The flight departs Suriname at 0730H and departing Guyana at 0815H. 

From Monday till Saturday

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is a 2nd flight at 1630H departing Suriname and 1715H departing Guyana. 

On Sundays there is only one flight at 1100H

Check in is 1 hour before departure. 

The airports are in the cities of both countries. Just 10 minutes drive. 

Airport Suriname: Zorg en Hoop

Airport Guyana: Eugene Correia International Airport

Luggage allowed: 30 lbs and 1 hand bag. 

You will need the required travel documents and have to be fully vaccinated. 

What’s included

  • 30 lbs Bagage

Available options

Visa to Suriname
Visa to Guyana
Local airport transfer one way

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