Dancing at the Edge - A Retreat for Embracing Life

Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

Oct 30 - Nov 5, 2022
Group size: 8 - 15
Dancing at the Edge - A Retreat for Embracing Life
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

Oct 30 - Nov 5, 2022
Group size: 8 - 15

About this trip

If you are a woman, over 18 years of age, who is yearning to live more fully, who knows that there can be more magic in life, who longs for a deep dive into her inner knowing, and who is ready for a wonderful adventure in a beautiful place with a supportive community…this retreat is for you!

Imagine the vivid color and pageantry of Mexico during the Day of the Dead celebration. Mexico is known for an awareness of the unseen world, magic realism, curanderismo (the indigenous healing arts), the ancient ruins, and the images and icons of a culture which mixes Christianity with indigenous religion. The Day of the Dead celebrates the period of time around Halloween, when the “veil between the worlds” is thin...Take in the sweet smell of flowers mingled the deliciousness of chile and corn wafting down the colorful streets, teeming with street art and the music of celebration. ​​​​​​​It is the biggest holiday in Mexico and is celebrated fully with altars, flowers, parades, and of course....food! 

It is a beautiful time and place to explore your own edge: the realm where creativity flourishes, insights are gained, and miracles happen.  

Todos Santos, a small town on the pacific coast of Baja is known for the beautiful celebration and we will be there to take advantage of the atmosphere. 

Todos Santos was founded as a Mission in 1724, later became a major sugar cane producer, and remains a beautiful historical town and one of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos.  

What a perfect location for this retreat- beautiful landscapes, a wild ocean, artful surroundings, a rich culture, and superb accommodations.

•Feel your spirit soar in the magical environment of Baja!
•Enjoy the uplifting atmosphere of Todos Santos during the Day of the Dead festival, rich with color, food, music, and celebration!
•Experience the magnificence of the beaches!
•Take in the restoration of sunshine, water, and perfect weather, relaxing poolside or walking the beaches!
•Dive into an immersion in outer landscapes of great beauty and supportive inner exploration and creative expression!
•Feel the blessing of time out of time when your needs are met, perfect meals appear, and your time is balanced between creative work and soulful rest and integration!
•Witness the renewal that comes with time for reflection and deepening into that centered place of calm and inner knowing!
•Learn from experiencing activities and rituals designed to connect you to your inner wisdom!
•Embrace the change that comes when you give yourself the gift of a retreat into self knowing!

What are the Benefits?

Experiencing the Day of the Dead in Todos Santos and the magic of Mexico at this special time, in the context of our special retreat, will offer you touchstone moments, powerful insights, and exposure to ancient practices and rituals so that you can open to more magic in your daily life.

During our time together we will enjoy incredible natural beauty, beautiful accommodations, and a perfect balance of activities and time to integrate so that you will emerge deeply restored, renewed, and ready live into your dreams.

Our time together will include a grief ritual, the creation of an ancestor altar, a cacao ceremony and other practices that will touch your spirit and teach you skills to transform issues and traumas from the past. On this retreat you will address your unmet longings for your life and explore your purpose and destiny through activities, reflection, and sharing so that you can return home ready to get to the Yes!

Join us for this retreat where we use creative activities to enhance our intuition and sense of inner knowing. You will be able to trust your decisions, tap into sources of support, and have an expanded sense of what is possible in your life.

On this retreat you will connect to your highest self and a field of support by learning and practicing skills and working with rituals in this magical time and place, so that you can experience a confidence in yourself born from feeling connected.

Participating in this retreat and the activities designed to help you heal old wounds and open to new patterns of being will bring lasting change as you learn skills to move through difficult experiences and emotions to a calm center.

Our time together, using guided meditations, creative exercises, and supportive witnessing will help to cultivate sensitivity and awareness so that you can experience life at a deeper level.

On this retreat, we will learn and practice empowered listening skills so that you can experience heartfelt communication and return home to more positive and powerful connections and relationships.

What's Included:

Transport to and from airport, most meals, cost of excursions and in country travel, classes and activities, double occupancy, supplies.

What's Not Included:

International travel, occasional meals on your own, shopping, tips, extended stay, COVID testing if necessary for return to US.

Available options

Single supplement


Day 1
October 30 | Arriving in Cabo

You will arrive in Cabo and have an easy transport from the airport to our beautiful home for the retreat.  Settling in, you can rest poolside, enjoy a buffet lunch, and have time to recover from the travel.  A welcome dinner will be our first event and our opening ritual will set the tone for the entire event, warm, welcoming, casual, accepting, and informal. You will be staying together in a beautiful bed and breakfast facility with single and double rooms available, a gathering space, a kitchen where our meals will be prepared for us by an excellent local chef, and a pool and outdoor grounds to explore and enjoy.  

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