Dancing with Balance~

WildCore Online Series

Brietta Leader
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5 reviews
Oct 1 - 29, 2021
Group size: 1 - 108
Dancing with Balance~
WildCore Online Series

Brietta Leader
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5 reviews

Oct 1 - 29, 2021
Group size: 1 - 108

About this trip

 Monday~Wednesday~Friday 8:30-9:30 am PDT


WildCore™''s theme for October is 'Balance'

As we shift into the new season of Autumn, it is a great time to find balance in our everyday dance. Our bodies are naturally striving for equilibrium through it's dynamic networks. What happens is that we can get overwhelmed with external circumstances that over power our internal rhythms. This month in WildCore we will have Balance as our main theme as we  dance with a few threads that can support us in sensing inner harmony.

First week: Masculine and Feminine:

Learning how these energies may influence our rhythms and how we can listen to the signals of imbalance from our bodies.*Understand how the right and left side of the body relates to right/left sides of the brain.*Integration

Second Week: Physical Balance

We will focus on our physical balance through movement and learn techniques that will help improve our steady roots.

Third Week: Energetic Balance

We will focus on techniques to find our energetic balance by focusing on the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space.

Fourth Week: Spiritual Balance

We will focus on our spiritual balance by exploring ancient cultures, their styles of worship related to dance and how history can inspire our own connection to spirit. 

Get ready to strengthen the body creatively, sweat and discover your untamed self-expression that is rooted from your own Wild Core.

Available Packages

Tree Pose
47 left

You are so into creating a WildCore practice each day, but the budget is tight!! Or you think you can only attend one class per week. Each class would cost $7

King Dancer
49 left

You are feeling the call to dance and find your balance!! You plan to attend two classes per week, which would be 9 classes for October.  At $7 per class (such a deal)

98 left

You are so in the groove! Your ready to find Balance! You plan to dance a lot!!! This is for 3 times a week! There are 13 classes available in October. This price makes each class


Standing Splits
98 left

You have a steady WildCore practice and you would love a one-on-one session with Brietta to have extra support in balancing this month. This would be a one hour zoom call that would include sharing, discovering, dancing and healing to support you in a deeper understanding of your journey.

Crow Pose
98 left

You plan to attend class 3 times a week and some noon WildCore: OM( On The mat)

There are only 4 noon zooms for the month of October. 


Available options

1:1 session with Brietta
Receive two video recordings

Your Organizer

Brietta Leader
5 reviews
Brietta is a teacher of dance in its many forms of healing, prayer, play and conditioning. She grew up as a dancer and discovered her path as a healing artist, while traveling in Asia. The combination of Brietta’s devotion to the dance, her gypsy spirit, family roots & passion to support herself and others into an embodied conscious awakening has birthed her own trademarked movement form called WildCore. Her years of study as a conscious dance leader and mentor for Soul Motion™ began to blend with 15 years as a Nia teacher, Massage Therapist, Shamanic student, devoted yogi, pranic healer, reiki practitioner, apprentice to mother -nature, energy enthusiast & performer. All of which contributed to WildCore’s development. Brietta loves to inspire self-healing through movement and offers classes, workshops & co-creative retreats and performances to her hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho, surrounding areas and internationally.


Thank you for a dynamic dance series. Showing up for your classes is effortless and rewarding.
By Mollia J for "Dancing to Enliven Your Interconnectivity" on 09 Mar, 2021
WildCore is just what I needed. After years of various freeform dance and choreography based classes, WildCore hits the spot with a weaving in and out of movement phrases and wisely led free exploration. Brietta flirts with mastery, but what I really love, is the grounded, lighthearted and respectful way of connecting with her own dance and ours. Mollia Jensen
By Mollia J for No Mud, No Lotus on 27 Jan, 2021
Brietta is an inspiration. She is able to involve all students as a collective, even over zoom. We all feel connected. A gifted dancer and choreographer, Brietta is playful and encourages everyone to find the movements to help themselves grow healthier, stronger, and more in balance. Each class is a workout and a soulful exploration.
By Deborah M for No Mud, No Lotus on 10 Jan, 2021
"WildCore" movement is wonderful for the body and soul! I have really enjoyed the dance routines as a spiritual practice and physical workout. Brietta is a skilled facilitator and gracefully weaves various elements into the routines. I highly recommend the classes and offerings! Heather, Southern Oregon
By Heather H for Dancing with Balance~ on 03 Nov, 2020
I didn't have far to go to the venue. The people who were from out of town seemed very well taken care of, lodged and fed. Soul Motion with Michael Molin-Skelton was amazing, nourishing, catalytic, enjoyable, well paced and lovely. He created the space beautifully and led some wonderful exercises with plenty of room for exploration and growth. I enjoyed the company/other participants a great deal and look forward to more Soul Motion experiences in the future.
By Peggy W for Soul Motion®: Room for You on 14 Nov, 2017