Daniel at Sight & Sound

      Lancaster, PA

      Garys Fun on Wheels Tours, LLC
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      83 reviews
      Apr 12, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 55
      Daniel at Sight & Sound
      Lancaster, PA

      Garys Fun on Wheels Tours, LLC
      • Email address verified
      83 reviews

      Apr 12, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 55

      About this trip

      Taken from his people, Daniel is exiled far from home in the powerful kingdom of Babylon. Now this faithful servant must navigate his new life inside a palace filled with golden statues and shifting empires. As royal pressures mount, Daniel is faced with a dangerous choice. Will his trust in the one true God remain steadfast through every test of faith?

      From the fiery furnace to the infamous den of lions, DANIEL is a spectacular theatrical experience for the whole family. Witness one of the Bible’s most hope-filled stories as it comes to life in this brand-new original.

      Bus Departures

      Celia Cruz Service Plaza/Old Forked River Service Plaza              8:00 am

      Toms River NJT Bus Station                                                                  8:30 am

      Brick Target                                                                                             9:00 am

      Departs:   Lancaster     5:45pm

      What’s included

      • Transportation
        Premium Motor Coach Transportation
      • Lunch
        Shady Maple Smorgasbord in Lancaster, PA (before show)
      • Show Ticket
        Center Orchestra Seating
      • Guide
        Company Tour Manager
      • Complementary
        Bottled Water & Snack
      • Pre-Paid
        All Gratuities

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      Garys Fun on Wheels Tours, LLC
      83 reviews
      Garys Fun On Wheels Tours LLC, was created as a family run company to provide top notch trips at affordable prices.


      Long trip to the stadium with heavy traffic from returning vacationers. Driver handled it really well with exceptional amount of patience. Phil did well to keep us advised of the traffic issues and what to expect when we got to the stadium. He also did yeoman,s work to get us together and through the right gate at the stadium. Meal ticket voucher worked well for me, but apparently not so well for some others. The only downer for the day was our seats. Not good at all as we were cut off from viewing most of center and right fields. Despite the heat/humidity, I stood in the bar area to our immediate left so that I could view the entire field. Phil checked with us during the game and could appreciate the seating issues. It was good to see him care enough to check. Great job by the driver to get us on the way home through the upper Bronx - wow…
      By Francis K for New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox'S BUS 2 on Jul 17, 2024
      Another awesome trip. Had a great time and great experience. I love this company and recommend to anyone and everyone without hesitation. If I could give more stars, I would. Thank you Gary's Tours for doing what you do.
      By Kelly H for New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox's BUS 3 on Jul 10, 2024
      Fabulous Day filled with food, wine and fun
      By Kathleen M for BINGO BONANZA! on Jul 09, 2024
      Fun filled trip
      By Kathleen M for 4 Day Niagara Falls & Safari Adventure **BUS 2** on Jul 09, 2024
      UPDATE……I received a call from Gary today (Wednesday 10 Jul) and an apology. I appreciate him reaching out to me. So….I want to share with you all my experience with Gary “Fun on Wheels” tours… I booked my son and I on the 7 July trip to Yankee Stadium – “Club Suite” trip…. While on the bus heading to Yankee stadium Gary made his normal announcements to all including providing his cell phone number so if we encounter any issues, we could call him. He also mentioned during his announcement if you want your digital ticket for entry into Yankee stadium send him a text message with name and email address and he will forward your ticket via the MLB Ballpark app to your MLB account to facilitate entry into the stadium. As many already know, and I as well since my sons and I have gone to several MLB games over the past few years, ticketing is digital with each person’s ticket visible in the “MLB Ballpark” app on a smart phone. Well no problem for me I thought as I am very familiar with the MLB app and how to use digital ticketing….. so an hour passes, and Gary makes another announcement that all tickets have been sent….. well I did not receive our tickets…so I walk to the front of the bus and talk to Gary about this predicament….he assured me he had sent the tickets electronically….we both examine the transfer action he performed on his phone and I discover he had mis-typed my email address so the tickets would never appear in my MLB Ballpark app account…by his own admission there were issues with 10+ customers on the bus…he assured me he would contact MLB and recall those tickets that were missing back to his MLB account on his phone…..fast-forward to arrival at Yankee Stadium there was much confusion once getting past the ticketing gate waiting on Gary who single handedly had control of all tickets on his phone. Many tour participants waited not knowing where to go next. There were several Gary Tours employees also standing alongside us, none of whom were briefed on what instructions to provide tour participants on where to go next or how to get to the Club Suite section. I had a bad feeling about this as my past experiences with sporting venues using digital ticketing you need to show your digital ticket for entry to your seating section…this is common practice employed at every sporting event (Baseball, Hockey, etc) I have attended in the recent past. Well Gary (who as I mentioned held all tickets on his phone) was still not past security we were instructed by Gary Tour employees to go up the elevator to the Suite level….That bad feeling I had just got worse because I knew we were going to have an issue entering the Club Suite level without a digital ticket….Fast-forward again once we arrived at the elevator to the suite level outside the Hard Rock Café there was no Gary Tour employee to assist with entry. The security person at the elevator indicated we could not go up to the Club Suite without proof of a digital ticket (I knew this would happen) …so I texted Gary on his phone several times…no text was answered (but was read as indicated on my iPhone)…I begin calling his phone several times….no answer…I left voice mail…no reply….no assistance from Gary or any Gary Tour employee….after waiting about 45 minutes I was so frustrated I told my son we might just need to watch the game standing on the walkway behind box seating (mind you I paid over $600 to enjoy a Suite level seating)…finally around the 3rd inning my son was able to get someone to answer Gary’s phone and they sent an employee downstairs to show security the digital ticket and assist us with entry to the Club Suite…at that point we missed about a third of the game….once inside the Club Suite Gary made no apology for what we went through…he did not approach my son and I and apologize for what had happened…..We were left stranded without assistance….this situation would not have occurred if Gary had typed my email correctly when transferring the digital tickets in the MLB Ballpark app. My wife and I have traveled on several Gary “Fun on Wheels” Tours with groups from our community (Niagara Falls 2023, Boldt Castle 2024, Atlantic City 2023, Lancaster 2023) over the last couple of years and we did enjoy ourselves, but this trip was truly a disappointment.
      By Jerry P for New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox's Club Suite BUS 1 on Jul 09, 2024
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