Dare to Open your wings , Retreat To Cyprus

Lapta, Northern Cyprus

Swallows Coaching and Travel
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Oct 29 - Nov 4, 2018
Group size: 15 - 20
Dare to Open your wings , Retreat To Cyprus
Lapta, Northern Cyprus

Swallows Coaching and Travel
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Oct 29 - Nov 4, 2018
Group size: 15 - 20

About this trip

Join us on a 5-day retreat for ALL women to unleash your creativity and discover new horizons of self-development and creativity through fun activities and transformative coaching . 


You are feeling tired ?, worn down by the daily grind of balancing job, family and numerous responsibilities ? You desperately need a break and a glimpse of what is possible when you jump off the merry go round of life to fly off to a beautiful and SLOW paced land. Here, away from the hamster wheel  you have time to tap into your creative, playful  and resourceful self ? From here  everything is possible.  This stimulating , active  week of exploring all aspects of what makes  life fulfilling and joyful  will ,infuse joy and passion back into your purpose and sense of direction . .  If this is you then join us on what will be a journey of a lifetime. .

Georgia VAITL and Claire ALBERT-LEBRUN are international CTI-ORSC and Leadership coaches with ICF accreditation. They have years of experience leading retreats and working with people from all backgrounds. They both have experience living abroad for over 20 years (UK, Germany, Dubai, Canada, France), and are both mums who love seeing women thrive while finding their passion to live full, exciting lives.

Nearly every species of swallow is migratory. Swallows make incredible journeys throughout their lives and always return home with new experiences and adventures from each journey.  Like the swallow we encourage you to spread your wings and take a journey of self-discovery to connect with your true self.  Fly with us to  Cyprus to enjoy this unique environment and the richness it will bring to this process. 

Claire and Georgia believe that when people LEAVE their day-to-day life, FLY from their nest and have the COURAGE to explore new horizons, their curiosity allows them to seek new perspectives and gain greater vision.  This retreat will give you an opportunity to discover your creative side and encourage you to take action  and to  nurture that creativity .

Cyprus is a stunning island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by crystal clear water and steeped in a rich history/ culture. A middle ground between east and west, Cyprus has vivid nature as well as beautiful weather:

The Old Monastery, set in a small village on the slopes of the Kyrenia mountain range, is a traditional property with a peaceful, rustic style that reflects the simple Cypriot way of life.

With a small group of like-minded people, you will have the chance to rest your body and ignite your creative desire  through pottery, cooking, painting, improv and  the local  unique culture!
Claire and Georgia will inspire you through their leadership  and will guide you along your route of self discovery...

A week infused with coaching ..

This week will be an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while going through transformative coaching and inspiring conversation  with other women .

What’s included

  • Accommodation
  • Activities
    crafts and excursions.
  • Food
    Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner .
  • Flights
  • Transfers
    From Larnaca or Ercan Airports


Monday 29th October
Exploring creativity through the Physical World .

Enjoying time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Your Organizer

Swallows Coaching and Travel
At Swallows Coaching we believer that flying from our next for a time of refreshment and self reflection on a regular basis can make the world of difference to how well we deal with life events and choices. We gain better clarity and an enhanced sense of direction and well being. We are international life coaches and retreat organizers with years of experience working with people in all areas of their life journey. ..We are really looking forward to welcome you on a swallow retreat soon. Georgia and Claire.