DBS International Football Academy Opening Day (11am Registration)

Dublin, Ireland

Jul 26, 2021
Group size: 1 - 16
DBS International Football Academy Opening Day (11am Registration)
Dublin, Ireland

Jul 26, 2021
Group size: 1 - 16

About this trip


DBSIFA is an International Football Academy based in Dublin, Ireland. The program is focused on developing the overall soccer player male & female, both on and off the field through training and education.   

Our world-class high-performance center in Dublin allows us to develop every aspect of a player’s game tactically, physically, and mentally.

Education both on and off the field is at the core of all our stay and train programs.

USA Soccer Scholarships

Have you ever considered playing college soccer in the United States? Why not get a college soccer scholarship and a college degree while you’re at it? There is a level for everyone with so many schools offering different level scholarships. 

Playing college soccer in the United States is an excellent way to continue developing as a player while also earning a college degree. Talented players are increasingly heading to the United States to further their careers as footballers.

Join our International Football Academy, learn the SATs, mix with USA players & be put in front of 1000s of college coaches looking to offer soccer scholarships to some of the biggest colleges in the world to study and player soccer in the United States.

There is no better place in the world where you can combine college studies with soccer and getting a football scholarship at the same time. And not to mention, you will have a wonderful life changing experience as a student-athlete in the United States!

Our Program for Irish Players

Irish players will connect with students from the United States through training and education at our academy facility, Sport Ireland. Players will learn how to pass the SATs examinations, train with our UEFA licensed coaches and international academy players. 

They will also get the opportunity to compete in some of the best college showcase tournaments in the United States where 1000s of college coaches will attend looking for talented international players from outside of the USA. Our program includes some of the following;







Why Study in the USA

Previous Athletes

College and Universities in the USA have produced some of the world’s top sports across many different sports such as Michael Jordan (Basketball & Baseball), Tiger Woods (Golf), Tom Brady (American Football), and many others.

The Game

College sports in the USA are potentially bigger than sports such as MLS, MBL, NBA and league 1 or 2 in the UK possibly even the Championship. The biggest schools for the biggest games can attracted up to 100,000+ fans not including the TV rights / deals. On top of these the USA is known to have the best system in the world for combining sports with education.


As a student-athlete you train daily and compete at world class facilities similar to that of top academy level in the UK. Your also treated like a professional and have a fantastic support from a large background team such as coaches, nutritionists and academic advisors.

Travel, Explore & An Adventure

Get to see many parts of the US through representing your college in different university sports and visit different areas during college downtime like Thanksgiving and our favourite Spring Break. Being a student-athlete in the us will allow you connect and understand different cultures and broaden your horizons. There is no better reasons to study in the US than the EXPERIENCE itself.

Personal Development

The personal development of moving away from home, living, studying and travelling in the US heaps huge rewards in terms of maturing as a person.


The USA teaching methods are more of a practical approach compare to Ireland theoretical approach which is focused on more on the workplace environment.

Your Future

The US is not called the ‘land of opportunity’ for nothing. It opens up the doors to so many future possibilities. It allows you develop a fantastic international network of business professionals, friends and colleagues.

Be A Hero

Being an athlete requires big effort and could allow you be the ‘HERO’ on campus when you beat the local rivals in a game or competition.

What’s included

  • Tour of Sport Ireland
    The home of Irish Sport and our Academy. Each year hosts many world-class indoor and outdoor events at national and international level. Perfect for team and individual training.
  • Soccer Presentation
    Presentation from our academy director, on our methodology and philosphy
  • Program Presentation
    CEO, & Founder presentation on DBSIFA, what the program entails and USA Soccer Scholarships
  • Sports Science Overview
    Presentation on how our sport science department will work with and benefit our players while linking in with specific S&C programs

Your Organizer

DB Sports Tours
DB Sports is a leading sports tour provider in both Europe and USA. Our attention to detail & passion for sports set us apart from our competitors. Every tour is specifically customized for our clients in order to meet their unique needs & create the perfect experience for their team. Years of experience & a client list that includes some of the most renowned college and club programs. We can confidently transfer our expertise to plan your sports tour no matter the sport or destination while offering the highest quality of service.