Desert Dreams | A Rewild Retreat into West, Texas

Marathon, Texas, USA

Cristina Schooler
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Desert Dreams | A Rewild Retreat into West, Texas
Marathon, Texas, USA

Cristina Schooler
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About this trip

I’ve always been obsessed with Big Bend because it feels like teleporting into a completely different era. Vast rocky terrains the color of that UT brownish-orange covered with how-did-they-get-there plants and formations that remind you these surfaces literally used to be the bottom of the ocean. At night, when the temperatures drops , you’ll look up and never feel closer to the stars, which coat the sky with their fluorescent glow. And it’s around this moment, you’ll think you left planet Earth and your daily life, with its demanding taxes and smartphone notifications and family obligations, and a calmness seeps into your bones. That’s the magic of Big Bend and West Texas. 

For three nights we will be camping within Big Bend Park and for  one evening we will be staying in a cozy air bnb in the small ghost town of Terilingua.  Terilingua is what Marfa was like 10 years ago, still remaining its wild, artistic quirkiness. Oh, and it's one of Willie Nelson's favorite spots in the world. 

This retreat is meant to be a mixture of yoga, guided reflection, rewild skill sharing and exploring.  The days are structured so you can participate in as much or as little as your heart desires. It's totally cool if you just want to read your book in your tent during the afternoon. 

We can provide tents, sleeping bags and pads if you need them or you can bring your own. You have the option to carpool with another participants or two, or you can reach the park on your own. You will find those options listed in the intake form once a payment is received.  My assistant and I will be at the park a day before our adventure starts setting everything up and making sure all the magical details are ready for you! 

Let's be real, we all get the most excited about food right? And The Rooted Method takes gourmet, backcountry cooking very seriously. Most of our food will be provided by Curcuma, the amazing plant-based food trailer in Austin. We will provide sparkling water, tea and coffee as well. 

Each day, we will be teaching valuable camping and backpacking skills to make your own adventures effortless, enjoyable and safe. 

* Our meeting point on the first day will be in the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park.  Two months prior to our adventure, you will receive the exact campsite location and all its details. 

See yall in the wild!


* Absolutely zero previous experience camping is necessary. We can be as hands on or off in helping you navigate the basics of camping! We are here to help! 

What’s included

  • Campsite Fee
  • Airbnb Stay
  • Catered Meals by Curcuma
  • La Croix, Water, Tea
  • Outdoor Workshops
  • Your gas within the park
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Hiking
  • Guided Reflection
  • Journal
  • tent/sleeping bag
    you can rent both for a $40 added fee
  • Snacks
  • Transportation to park
  • Entrance fee to park


February 20th
Rewild Retreat Day One

4pm- 5:30 - Everyone arrives at the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park 

5pm- Camping safety setting up your tent

5:30- Kombucha Mocktails, Appetizers and Introductions 

6pm- Backcountry Dinner with catered food by Curcuma 

8pm-30 minute  Restorative Yoga 

9pm- Sleepy Guided Meditation 

Your Organizer

Cristina Schooler
I am an outdoor educator, nature child, and people connector. I lead community rewild retreats, workshops and work with private groups in helping them integrate nature into their lives. My approach to nature and teaching is a mixture of methodology, intuition, and lightheartedness. I have a sense of humor and am not afraid to be silly and approach life with FUN. My ultimate goal is that you feel completely inspired by how nature supports us all in mind, body, spirit, ​and community. To read personal testimonials and peruse my formal website: