Disconnect to Reconnect

Matanzas, Dominican Republic

Disconnect to Reconnect Retreat
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Apr 1 - 6, 2023
Group size: 4 - 10
Disconnect to Reconnect
Matanzas, Dominican Republic

Disconnect to Reconnect Retreat
  • Email address verified

Apr 1 - 6, 2023
Group size: 4 - 10

About this trip


Shelve the tech, distraction, & overwhelm to re member who you are, re envision your story, & re invigorate your life.

In a world where consumerism, mental burnout, bodily disconnection, stark independence, and cavernous loneliness have become the norm, we have curated a retreat experience that will guide you back to connection. 

Connection with and to: yourself, your environment, your people. 

You will have ample time to rest, relax, and recuperate. This is not a retreat with constant activities daily → rather this is a space where you can explore with all your senses, be childlike again, and ground yourself. 

There will be optional daily movement, an opening + closing ceremony, a set of workshops, energetic healing, guided insightful discussions, intuition exercising, a full excursion day, and tons of free time.

After Disconnect to Reconnect you will:

  • Have actionable steps ready to implement to live closer in alignment with your personal values.
  • Address blockages within your emotional body that have kept you feeling stuck and stagnant, with the the tools to keep going once the retreat has ended.
  • Be enriched with meaningful conversations from an intimate group of people committed to being and living in their masterpieces.
  • Feel rejuvenated from indulging in tropical breeze and mountain views for nearly a week.
  • Be well nourished from farm to table meals.
  • Have a bespoke resource list handy to further any practice explored during the retreat.
  • Be included in a membership group of retreat attendees for continued connection and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals.

Check out www.radicallovedoula.com/d2r for more information about the organizers & facilitators as well as a more detailed itinerary. 

About the Space

Hacienda de Paz y Tranquilidad is located on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, right outside the city of Bani. Tucked away on an organic farm between the beach and the mountains, it is the perfect place to relax and indulge in Mother Nature's gifts.

The Hacienda where guests will be staying has a full indoor kitchen and an outdoor kitchen as well as a half bathroom on the ground floor. There is a professional size pool table as well as several eating and lounging areas. There is also a pool and a jacuzzi (non-heated) available for relaxation. 

On the second floor of the Hacienda are the bedrooms. There are 4 bedrooms each with their own bathroom and balcony access. The rooms fit 7 guests. A couple hundred feet away from the Hacienda is a private apartment with a full kitchen and bathroom, as well as a studio apartment. They fit 2 and 1 person respectively. 

What to Pack?

Travel Specific


Proof of stay [print out / mobile]

Travel Insurance [optl.]

Local currency & US Dollars

Informed credit/debit bank of travel

Water bottle



Ear plugs


Beach type bag

Fave towel


Toothbrush + paste

Eye covers

Cell Phone + Charger

Book[s] for leisure

Bug repellent [bracelets]

Sun screen [25+]



3 tanks / T shirts || 1 long sleeve


4 shorts || 2 skirts || 2 leggings


Hat || Cardigan || Suit cover up || PJs || 3+ bathing suits || Undergarments


Tennis || House Slipper || Flip Flops


Favorite fragrance [essential oil, incense, etc]

Camera [optl.]

Audio book

Massage oil [for self]

Favorite small item [like a totem]

About the Facilitators

Katrina Martinez | Co Founder & Facilitator

After graduating from Temple University with a Political Science degree, Katrina has held many roles ranging from United Nations Youth Representative and research assistant to top UN government officials, to nonprofit director of Evolve Creative Alliance, cocktail waitress in Manhattan, showroom manager for a luxury girls' fashion boutique on NYC's Millionaire's Row, home birth and postpartum doula, and operations manager for a multimillion dollar crypto startup, just to name a few. 

All have centered around community and bringing people together, with her specialty being in setting up foundations for success, moral integrity, and authenticity. She prides herself on being a magnetic safe space for strangers, friends, family, and the like. 

Katrina is a mother, certified Flower Essence practitioner, certified Green Medicine practitioner, Home Birth & Postpartum Doula, and content creator. She is also certified in humanitarian trauma outreach and prevention. She lives in Puerto Rico and spends her time traveling between New Jersey, New York, and the Dominican Republic.

Victoria ‘Viki’ Cumberbatch | Co Founder & Facilitator

As a fervent world traveler, she's an incessant seeker of meaningful experiences, top tier connections, and self development. Growing up in a nuclear family, she had the fortune to start traveling internationally from four months old. She never had a chance, she'd always be a travel bug! 

Experiencing the richness of life has been a bittersweet lifestyle choice and along the way, she's become adamant about community and connection. From backpacking, to leading groups of people around the world, to managing communities online, to creating a table talk web series, and generally being a hustler; facilitating an experience for those with similar mindsets and desires feels like a beautiful marriage of travel, experience, connection, awareness, and fun! 

If you’d like to connect with or find out more about her, find her here.

Cancellation Policy

Your deposit is non refundable. There will be no refunds released in the 14 days prior to the retreat start date for any reason. We are open to discussing extenuating circumstances that arise between the placement of your deposit and the start date of the retreat; please reach out to us directly to discuss should this occur. We do recommend that you obtain travel insurance; particularly in these tumultuous post pandemic times where international travel is simply not how it used to be. We ask that you understand that this refund policy is in place because with your booking we reserve room, meals, facilitators, and other expenses for each retreat attendee. 

Please understand that fees paid with an authorized credit or debit card payment are not subject to a right by you to a credit/debit card refund or chargeback after signup. By making the payment, you confirm that you are authorized to make the payment using your card. If you later dispute the charges, you agree not to cancel, revoke, charge back or dispute any previously entered charge on your credit card. If you do so, and it is later determined that the charge was properly authorized, you agree to pay all out-of-pocket fees and costs incurred by KV as a result of the improper cancellation, revocation, charge back or dispute.

To read and review our terms and conditions in full, please do so here.

What’s included

  • Airport Transportation
    Shuttle to/fro Santo Domingo airport
  • 3 daily meals
    All diets can be accommodated and will be made by a family friend
  • Property Access
    Pool, rooftop, hammocks, jacuzzi, lounge, etc
  • 1 full day excursion
    Adventure immersion day
  • Guide packet
    Short, digital guide to DR curated by locals for if you choose to stay beyond the dates of the retreat within the region
  • Spanish speaking guides
    Facilitator, Katrina and her partner will be onsite and are bilingual in English/Spanish
  • Workshops & Activities
    May include: yoga, massage, business & finance wksp., shadow work wksp., foraging, myriad ceremonies
  • Curated Resource List
    Provision of a list of coaches within our network that are aligned with the noted desires of attendees [ie. biz coach, life coach, etc]
  • Airfare
  • Extension
    Any trip time beyond the allocated dates of the retreat
  • Drugs
    We request that this is a mainly sober retreat
  • Transportation
    Any requests to travel off the property besides to & from the airport & excursion must be arranged by the attendee.

Available Packages

Private Single Room

1 Queen Bed

1 Private Bathroom

Deposit: $500
Shared Room for 2 people

2 Queen Beds

1 Private Bathroom

You are booking for 1 out of 2 available spots.

Deposit: $500
Shared Room for 2 people

2 Queen Beds

1 Private Bathroom

You are booking for 1 out of 2 available spots. 

Deposit: $500
Private Studio

1 Queen Bed

1 Full Bathroom

Up to 1 person

You are booking for the whole studio apartment. 

Deposit: $500
Private Apartment

1 Bedroom with a Queen Bed

1 Bedroom with a Full Bed

2 Full Bathrooms

1 Full Kitchen 

Up to 2 people. 

Please email us at katrina@radicallovedoula.com if you would like to add a 3rd person to this room to discuss the additional cost. 

You are booking for the whole private apartment. 

Deposit: $600


Day 1

We will all take the shuttle from the airport to the property [1.5H roughly] to unpack and relax from a travel day.

Who’s Going

Your Organizer

Disconnect to Reconnect Retreat
Disconnect to Reconnect! Shelve the tech, distraction, & overwhelm to re member who you are, re envision your story, & re invigorate your life. Founded by two women interested in elevating the collective through community, play, rest, and renewal. Founders are: Katrina [radicallovedoula.com] and Victoria [about.me/adventuresofv].