Discover Galapagos (copy)

Galapagos Islands

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Discover Galapagos (copy)
Galapagos Islands

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

8 Days / 7  Nights

A taste of everything the islands have to offer. During your 8 days you will have the opportunity to explore above and below the water and come up close and personal with many of the endemic species of Galapagos. From your first day with the giant tortoises to your last with the boobies at Seymour or the volcanic landscapes that are Bartolome, you will not stop being amazed and  wondered by these enchanted islands.


We have 5 levels of hotel for you to choose. If you are backpacking, honeymooning or can’t stand the thought of a hostel and would like a little more comfort or would like to go all out and have the best, we’ve got you covered!

  1. Hostel – Single, Double or Dorm rooms, cooking facilities, breakfast not included.
  2. Budget – Private rooms, private bathrooms, hot water, TV and WiFi, some have cooking facilities.
  3. Tourist – Private rooms, private bathrooms, hot water, air con, TV, WiFi, breakfast, swimming pool.
  4. Tourist Superior – Private rooms, hot water, WiFi, telephone, TV, air con, breakfast, swimming pool.
  5. First Class – Premier class private rooms, hot water, WiFi, telephone, TV, air con, breakfast, swimming pool.

What’s included

  • Hotel
    Hotel in Santa Cruz & Isabela (7 nights)
  • Meals
    All meals mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tranfers
    All transfers in Galapagos
  • Equipment
    Snorkel equipment and dive equipment on all tours
  • Tours
    All tours mentioned in the itinerary
  • Flights
    Flights unless organised with Academy Bay Diving
  • Entrance Fee
    National park entrance fee ($100 payable on arrival)
  • TCT Card
    Tourist card ($20 payable in airport in Quito or Guayaquil)
  • Extra Meals
    Meals not stated in tour itinerary

Available Packages

Hostal - Dorm

(Price per person)

Deposit: $512
Hostal - Single Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $566
Hostal - Double Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $673
Budget - Single Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $611
Budget - Double Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $564
Budget - Triple Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $544
Tourist - Single Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $675
Tourist - Double Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $587
Tourist - Triple Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $566
Tourist Superior - Single Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $934
Tourist Superior - Double Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $722
Tourist Superior - Triple Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $684
First Class - Single Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $1,742
First Class - Double Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $1,071
First Class - Triple Room

(Price per person)

Deposit: $942

Available options



Day 1

Transfer from Baltra airport to hotel with Highland Visit.

This visit consists of 3 sites: El Chato, Lava tunnels and Los  Gemelos. El Chato Tortoise Reserve is near Santa Rosa, approx 19km from  Puerto Ayora. This is one of the only places where you can observe the  ancient creatures up close in the wild. They look old, they smell old  and they even sound old when they suck in their necks and heads and let  out a hiss of air, like an old leather cushion. The reserve is also a  great place to see the short eared owls, Darwin’s finches, yellow  warblers and paint billed crakes. 

After you return to the current century you will be taken to the lava  tubes, where you can walk more than 1km underground. They were formed  by the solidifying of the outside skin of molten lava flow. When the  lava flow ceased, the molten lava inside the flow kept moving, emptying  out of the solidified skin thus leaving tunnels. 

Lastly a visit to Las Gemelos, the twin craters that are actually  sink holes surrounded by Scalesia forest. Vermillion flycatchers and  often seen here, as well as short eared owls on occasion. It is a  beautiful place to take in the greenery of Galapagos and walk along the  small paths around the craters to spot some of the bird life. 

At the conclusion of the tour you will be transported back to Puerto Ayora and your hotel.

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