Discovering Salasakas Culture

Salasaca, Ecuador

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 25
Discovering Salasakas Culture
Salasaca, Ecuador

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Whilst experiencing a unique culture trip, you will “Discover Salasakas Culture”. One of the most peculiar and rewarding experiences you can have is a visit to family homes. Furthermore, chatting with members of the family and learning a glimpse of their daily life, you can see, hear, touch, taste and do things you might never have done otherwise. Interacting directly with Salasakas customs and manners next to the host local family, led by a kind native guide, you will gain a new perspective on culture, both your own and others, and it shapes their lives. By choosing to visit Salasaka you are directly supporting the local community in beneficial and sustainable ways. Your cultural trip is a great step preserving an indigenous culture post pandemic.

What’s included

  • Welcome beverage
    Local tea and tortillas (bread)
  • Experiences
    According to the selected itinerary
  • Dining service
    Local lunch
  • Guide
    Native bilingual guide
  • Memories
    Souvenir from host family
  • Tax
    Local Tax Payment
  • Transportation
    Bus from Quito to Salasaka & vice versa
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Personal purchase
    Items of a personal nature
  • Tips
    Voluntary recognition


Discovering Salasaka
Discovering Salasakas Culture & Identity


Full Day


Experiencing of sustainable agriculture 

The community will allow you to discover Salasakas commitment to their land and ancestral world. A pleasant walk among the greenest landscape with the host family will allow you to get to the adequate farmland where a native guide will explain the traditional process of farming (to make small holes using a hoe tool in order to grow corn or barley seeds). 

Stunning healing ritual of traditional medicine 

By healthy trail you will discover the holy site called Taita Punta Rumi (father rock). It is a vast rock which has been sacred to the local indigenous communities for hundreds of years, it is also known as a wak’a (also huaca). At this sacred place the ritual is carried out by a Yachak (healer) principally through passing three unlit candles across the body surface and then lighting them and placing them in an alcove under the rock to observe the pattern of guttering and burning. 

Weaving ancestral clothing & identity

Families wearing ancestral clothing, proudly outfitting their cultural heritage will accompany you during your cultural experience trip. Your tour consists to learn gender roles from childhood age will make it possible for you to understand the beginning of the Salasakas cultural value. The mother is specialized in the process of the wool; she spins it until she gets enough thread. Then using historical looms the father will weave with the help of his wife and children.

Art with native plants

Making the very best pictures with native plants is the greatest cultural reward which will become your souvenir as well as your experience. The leaf art activity begins by walking around the garden experiencing the intimate contact with the nature while choosing leaves in different colours. Then, a native artist will invite you to his workshop where you will have the best time to inspired making the amazing cultural pictures.



Meals: snack & lunch

Guide: native bilingual tour guide

Doesn’t include

Beverage: alcoholic drinks

Tips: Personal recognition

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