Discovering You, your Gifts & Mexico <3

Tulum, Mexico

Taylor Arjinder
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Mar 31 - Apr 3, 2017
Group size: 1 - 13
Discovering You, your Gifts & Mexico <3
Tulum, Mexico

Taylor Arjinder
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Deposit: $97
Mar 31 - Apr 3, 2017
Group size: 1 - 13

About this trip

i want to journey with you!

so let’s dialogue to see how we can make that happen

because i truly believe in people coming together for a reason

so as you see any details i share with you

please continue to *reflect*

and write down any thoughts that come up

any resistance

what excites you

what your needs are

and share them with me!


and listen to your inner dialogue as you read this*


this retreat is about reflection

bringing awareness to our thoughts and feelings

and the patterns of these

to create change

i believe in the power of yoga awaking these in our bodies

and the power of hypnotherapy in awaking the underlying subconscious thoughts that ride our actions

and the power of moments in between where we will *pause and reflect*

these are the tools we will be utilize during the retreat

in awaking these

i want to create a sacred space with you

for you to be fearless 

untethering the thoughts that we haven’t looked at

embracing ourselves naked

and loving every bit with wild abandon

in this awareness

we will identify all the things that support us

that soothe us into a nurturing space where we can fly free

the daily actions that act as guides

and the accountability that can anchor us as we return to our routines

this is about growing

learning about who you are

where you’re at now

to prepare you for the next step 

and what you need to feel the fullest version of yourself

so we can share that with the world!


how does that make you feel?*

In our abundance

inspiration moves us to offer  

our retreat as a gift to you

where everyone contributes only to the costs of 

beautiful accommodations

nourishing meals

and transportation to connect us to the magic around us*

in this experience

the more people who join our collective

the less cost there will be for each one

creating an excess to be shared amongst everyone

we are calling out to the brave ones

6 first co-creators who will together birth this vortex of participation

to embody a new paradigm with us

to dive into your inner well 

and co create this life full of connection and abundance

ease and effortlessness

a flow of giving and receiving

this is our vision

the first step in our journey together

in magical tulum

Experience the life force of your breath

Your intuitive body through Yoga

Your divine presence through Meditation

Your subconscious patterns through Hypnosis

Transforming them into your gifts through the magic of intertwining community

the door is open now

Take a deep breath

Take it all in

Does this move you?

Does this call to you?

will you join us?

Invest $397 towards this experiment in the gift economy

By sending a $97 deposit (

before tuesday, march 14th at 12pm est

i look forward to hearing from you 

brave souls

my tribe <3

What’s included

 • morning vinyasa kundalini yoga class & meditation + reflective hypnotherapy session

 • evening meditations

 • shared accommodations at La Calma (

 • 3 meals/day

 • transportation to/from airport

 • afternoon group excursion and transportation to a cenote in the dos ojos system (, a biodiverse freshwater “sacred well” where we will frolic, swim, snorkel and play

 • afternoon group excursion and transportation to the tulum ruins to witness the majestic capacity of humankind and more frolicking, swimming and playing in the nurturing, breathtaking ocean


Discover You, your Gifts & Mexico
3 nights 4 days
i’ve created a retreat to share my beloved mexico with you to share my 10 months of loving the 14 states that embraced me the creativity of the art and music that inspired me the richness of the land that creates silver and obsidian as easily as rocks the magical waters of cenotes and clear blue oceans the kindness of the mexican people who support and honor each other i want to share with you my 3 years of traveling working and living in panama, nicaragua, costa rica and mexico the feeling of freedom i feel outside the consciousness of the 9-5 grind the possibilities in a world living simply the abundant support that the universe provides the idea was first born in lovely nicaragua seeing others doing the same it was the first time, i believed in myself to share my gifts the idea was nourished in loving costa rica taking in all the wonderful yoga teachers and students in the land of monkeys, waterfalls, sloths and more birds than i’ve seen in my life i felt the space to grow to trust that my gift will be received and the idea seems most at home in mexico who i fell in love with deeply and madly who i could see calling home i want you to experience the love i’ve learned to feel i want you to experience the hope i feel for the world i want you to experience the strength in yourself to live your wildest dream i want you to experience the complete beauty in every part yourself through yoga and our connection to our body through the creativity that lies untapped in you by the gift of journaling through the passions that you may be afraid to live out, awakened by healing hypnosis through the magic of a collective sacred space Grace Khela Kim and i will be your guides as we together teach each other to disconnect from all the noise around us and connect with our magnificent spirits receiving the love that awaits us so that we can go out into this beloved world and love serve inspire live our truth does this stir you up? connect with you? pull you to come experience yourself and my beloved mexico? trust that feeling it’s you your spirit our collective spirit nudging you to the magic that you came to this earth to create with utmost gratitude love and light for reading what i have to share, taylor arjinder

Your Organizer

Taylor Arjinder
My purpose is to hold a magical, sacred space for myself/others to embody truth and love so that we can embrace, love  and honor this beloved earth and all its creations and co-create the most purposeful, effortless and delightful dance As a student, facilitator and guide of yoga, I explore how the body moves and connects within and without, which sometimes lead to inner or outer healing. I am inspired by a desire to share my lessons from on and off the mat.