Dive Flower Garden Banks in May

Flower Garden Banks

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3 reviews
May 20 - 22, 2022
Group size: 1 - 10
Dive Flower Garden Banks in May
Flower Garden Banks

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3 reviews

May 20 - 22, 2022
Group size: 1 - 10

About this trip


Dive the Flower Garden Banks which are located in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, 100 miles away from land, and rising from the ocean floor are salt domes which house a gorgeous community of pristine coral and other sea life. It is a marine sactuary that was discovered by fishermen in the 1800s.  Due to the amazing color seen from the boats, it became known as the Flower Gardens.  You will see 200+ fish species.  Dive this amazing sanctuary with us on the MV Fling, a 100' liveaboard.  Weather permitting, you may get up to 7 dives in 2 short days.  If you have any questions, please call our shop at 210.718.0868 or email us info@sascubashack.com.

TRIP LEADER:  Erick Dick


* All divers, at a minimum, must be Open Water certified.

* If electing "Enriched (EANX) Air" option, an Enriched Air Diver certification is REQUIRED.

* Surface Marker Buoy (SMB/Safety Sausage) is REQUIRED on ALL dives.

* For night dive, each diver is REQUIRED to have their own primary dive light.  At least 1 shared backup light is also REQUIRED for every 2 dive buddy team.

* For night dive, 1 tank light is REQUIRED.  It cannot be a WHITE strobe light.

* For ANY medical conditions, a Medical Release is REQUIRED with a signed medical authorization.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

* The $200 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

* FULL refund available if dive operator cancels trip due to bad weather or government directive.

* FULL refund available if SA SCUBA SHACK cancels trip due to inability in maintaining a group size minimum of 10 divers.

* Payments received after non-refundable deposit will also be non-refundable AFTER APRIL 9, 2022.

* Cancellation by diver for whatever reason, after April 9, 2022  will forfeit all funds paid.  Credit toward a future trip is not available.

* Course purchases are non-refundable after class has started and/or books have been written-in or online code has been registered/redeemed.

NOTE:  PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT AND INSURE YOUR TRIP.  See recommended insurance in below section.

DAN (Diver's Alert Network) Insurance

Diver's Alert Network (DAN) insurance is recommended.  DAN membership is required before their insurance products may be purchased.  Dive Accident Insurance is strongly recommended.  Become a DAN member here.

Continued Training

During this trip we will offer limited courses at a discounted rate of $55 off the retail price.  What a great time to receive some additional training and obtain some specialties!  Additional training helps you become a better and safer diver.  Check out the courses listed under "Available Options ".

All courses will require either bookwork or online preparation prior to starting the course.  All bookwork must be completed prior to the start of the trip.  Please coordinate with the dive shop to schedule the academic reviews with an instructor. 

Course purchases does not guarantee specialty certification.  Student is still responsible to complete all bookwork, complete and master all course related skills.

NOTE:  Some courses may require additional equipment rental or purchases.

Dive Operator's FAQs

For additional details relating to the boat, rules and services provided - click here.

What’s included

  • Food
    Warm meals, snacks and drinks (Lemonade, Gatorade, water, coffee and hot chocolate). Beers and sodas are available for sale. However, once you have a drink - no more diving that day for you.
  • Equipment
    Tanks and air fills are included, but if you want to take your own - they must be current on Visual Inspection and Hydro testing. Additional $142.50 applies if take own tank and request Nitrox.
  • Transportation
    All divers must find their own way to/from Freeport, TX. Ask about possible car pool.
  • Weights
    All divers must provide their own weights. They are not provided by dive operator.
  • Dive Light
    For night dive, all divers must provide their own primary dive light.
  • Tank Light
    For night dive, all divers must provide their own tank light/strobe. White strobe is not allowed.
  • Dive Insurance
    All divers are responsible in purchasing their own trip/accident insurance to protect their investment.
  • Tips
    Tipping is optional, but a good idea to tip those who have been feeding you, and those who have been taking care of helping you get in and out of the water.

Available Packages

Compressed Air
7 left

This is the standard package which includes the tanks and regular air fills.  The Enriched Air (EANX) option, may be added to this package at a later time if certification is obtained.

Deposit: $200
Enriched (EANX) Air
7 left

Enhanced package allows a diver to use Enriched (EANX) Air.  The diver is REQUIRED to hold an Enriched Air Diver Certification.  Enriched Air Tanks and Fills are provided.

Purchasing this option, without having completed the EANX course, does NOT mean a diver will be provided any Enriched Air tanks.

Deposit: $200

Available options

Enriched (EANX) Air - Trip Duration
Enriched Air Diver Certification
Advanced Open Water Diver
Deep Diver Certification
Boat Diver Certification
Drift Diver Certification
Underwater Navigator Certification


Day 1
All Aboard!

Boarding begins at 7:30 pm FRIDAY night.  The boat leaves PROMPTLY at 8:30 pm from Freeport, TX from the following address:

 Fling Charters Dock  702 West Second Street Freeport, TX 77541

Your Organizer

3 reviews
We are a dive shop that is PASSIONATE about scuba diving and passing the scuba 'bug' to others. Our goal is to develop divers that are mindful of the underwater environment while continuing to cultivate additional dive skills. Our dive shop is customer based in seeking to provide the most positive dive experience through training, as well as dive travel. FUN is at the center of our dive shop and may be easily seen in our amazing dive staff and the many positive customer reviews.


We had a great time, love this facility, good time to get back into the water. Look forward to next trip with Scuba Shack at Roatan. 5 star experience all the way. Extra Special Birthday cake for me was an unexpected bonus. Thank you Joanne and James H.
By Joanne H for Roatan Dive Trip 2021 on 29 Nov, 2021
The trip was very nice, even though, I had major dive issues (ears and equipment). Of the 15 dives, I only attempted 4 and was able to really enjoy 1. This is nothing against the the dive shop or SA Scuba... totally my fault for not being more prepared and having more dive experience. The accommodations were ok.. We requested a bottom floor room and it couldn't be accommodated... the floors and stairs were tile and that made it extremely unsafe when coming back from dives wet. The hotel staff and food/beverage team were EXCEPTIONAL! I am a very picky eater and I always found something to eat. Everyone was pleasant, attentive and just awesome to talk with every day. Brandon was super!!!! always looking out for us at every turn to ensure we were having a good time and staying safe but still having fun. My sister's reg was leaking and he gave her his spare... He kept in contact via text and made sure the group stayed on time for all dives and group dinners. I would definitely go on another trip with SA Scuba Shack. I would love to see the shop put together a trip to Bonaire as it was rated the #1 dive location by Scuba Diving magazine for best overall location for the Caribbean and Atlantic, macrolife, shore diving. beginner diving, photography, snorkeling and health of the marine environment... it was listed in the top 7 for big animals, wreck diving, wall diving, advanced diving and best value.
By Lisa K for Roatan Dive Trip 2021 on 27 Nov, 2021
Brandon from SA Scuba Shack was on point as the Dive Trip Leader! Any & every need/issue was dealt with quickly & professionally. The Crew of the M/V Fling was exceptional too! Made sure all dives were safe & fed us well! Great people, great dives, great service, and just an all around great experience! See y’all next time-Down Under! No Bubbles, No Troubles... JW DODD
By JW D for Dive Flower Garden Banks in September on 28 Sep, 2021
Thanks Jason! He is an excellent trip leader and the MV Fling is an excellent live aboard -which. is why we entrust our customers to both. We hope to see you again on another one of our trips! :)
By SA SCUBA SHACK on 28 Sep, 2021