Dominican Republic Volunteer Trip - Moncion, Santiago Rodriguez

      Santiago Rodríguez, Dominican Republic

      Caritas Smile
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      3 reviews
      Jan 3 - 9, 2024
      Group size: 10 - 15
      Dominican Republic Volunteer Trip - Moncion, Santiago Rodriguez
      Santiago Rodríguez, Dominican Republic

      Caritas Smile
      • Email address verified
      3 reviews

      Jan 3 - 9, 2024
      Group size: 10 - 15

      About this trip

      Dominican Republic Volunteer  - Take a Trip Change a Life with Caritas Smile -  6 Nights / 7 days 


      Monción, Dominican Republic Volunteer Trip: Unveil the Caribbean's Treasures

      Embark on an extraordinary journey of purpose with Caritas Smile's Monción Volunteer Trip. Guided by the wisdom of our local Dominican guide and supported by experienced American trip leaders, this adventure promises not only personal growth but also a lasting impact on the Dominican Republic's natural beauty.

      Cultural Immersion and Conservation: A Transformative Experience

      Under the guidance of local experienced Dominican guides, volunteers delve deep into the heart of the Dominican Republic's culture and natural resources. Gain insights into a rich tapestry of traditions while making a contribution to be of serice AND explore natural treasures.

      An Invitation to Change Lives: The Monción Difference

      Caritas Smile invites you to be a part of an experience that changes lives – both yours and the communities you serve. Our carefully curated program offers an exhilarating blend of adventure, cultural exploration, and meaningful service that's sure to leave a lasting mark on your heart.

      Diverse Activities, Shared Purpose: A Volunteer's Dream

      Join hands with fellow volunteers in a variety of service projects that resonate with the local communities. Whether it's rebuilding homes or schools, each endeavor is a chance to contribute and make a real difference. And the beauty lies in the diversity of the experiences that await.

      Hiking, Glamping, River Walks, and More: Embrace the Adventure

      Explore the Dominican Republic's stunning landscapes through activities like hiking, glamping by the riverside, and serene river walks. Immerse yourself in the culture with lively dances, artistic expressions, flavorful cuisine, and vibrant music that make every moment unforgettable.

      Inclusivity and Unity: A Haven for All Ages and Abilities

      Our volunteer base is as diverse as the experiences we offer. From different ages to varying abilities, everyone is welcome to join our mission. We believe that the shared sense of purpose and the bonds you forge transcend any challenge you might encounter.

      Transformative Rewards: A Journey of Heart and Soul

      As you contribute to rebuilding homes, schools, and ecosystems, you'll discover that the rewards of this journey surpass any challenge. Your heart and soul will be forever imprinted by the smiles you bring, the friendships you make, and the positive change you inspire.

      Secure Your Place in the Journey: Join the Movement

      Monción, with its incredible beauty and unwavering spirit, is waiting to welcome you. This isn't just a volunteer trip; it's an opportunity to be a part of something greater. Together, we're rewriting stories, impacting lives, and unveiling the treasures of the Caribbean.

      Ready to Transform Lives? Secure Your Spot Today!

      Seize this chance to embark on a Monción Volunteer Trip that promises adventure, cultural enrichment, and the joy of making a difference. Book your spot now and embark on a journey that transcends travel – a journey that's truly about changing lives.

      Activities - Dominican Style

      Every other day will be more lightly scheduled with a dynamic and a restorative mindfulness and yoga session offered, and the middle of the day for hiking, river walks, journaling, and touring a beautiful Dominican beach!

      • Volunteering in a local community, such as teaching or rebuilding a local school
      • Supporting social enterprises and fair-trade initiatives to empower local artisans and entrepreneurs
      • Participating in eco-tourism activities that promote environmental conservation and respect for nature
      • Learning traditional crafts or skills from local communities to help preserve cultural heritage
      • Supporting local conservation organizations by engaging in activities like tree planting or beach cleanups
      • Supporting sustainable tourism practices by choosing responsible accommodations and tour operators
      • Participating in reforestation projects to combat deforestation and restore ecosystems

      Cultural Connections

      Experience the art, cuisine, culture, and music of the Dominican Republic

      • Eat gourmet authentic Dominican food
      • Learn the basics of merengue and some batchata
      • Explore off the beaten path eco-tours
      • Visit local artists and help children create art
      • Full beach day - Exclusive!
      • Discover the impact of your gererosity
      • Community outreach service projects with locals
      • Learn the customs and traditions of the Dominican people
      • Participate in our signature “Random Acts of Kindness” where you will surprise communities in need with food, blessing bags, clothing, and toys
      • Make lifelong friendships and change the lives of others including yours!

      What’s included

      • Ground Transportation
      • Three Meals
      • Handcrafted Journal
      • Eco-tours activities
        Included - Hiking, local exersions, river tours, cultural activities, dance lessons
      • 24/7 security
      • Coffee/Tea/Water
      • Travel T-shirt
      • Community tours
      • Cultural tours
      • Fiesta bus tour
      • Mindfulness sessions

      What’s not included

      • Airfare
        Your flight from your location to Santiago Dominican Republic
      • Flight Insurance
        Not included

      Available Packages


      Shared room on the trip

      All lodging is shared lodging. 

      Deposit: $500
      Single Supplement Requested

      All lodging with Caritas Smile is shared lodging. If you want a single room, choose this option 

      Deposit: $500


      CEO & Founder
      CEO & Founder Sixcia (pronounced six-see-ya) Devine

      ¡Hola! Hello! 

      Welcome to Caritas Smile, Take A Trip Change A Life travel with purpose program.

      My travels in developing countries have taught me that generosity has the power to change the world and unite humanity. 

      It inspired me to create the charity, Caritas Smile. The word Caritas in Latin means love of humanity and in Spanish multiple tiny faces. The word smile is simply happiness:). One word in Spanish and another in English to symbolize the unity of two worlds.

       Caritas Smile, is a pro-mission, non-profit organization with a drive to empower communities in need while changing the lives of those who travel with us. Travelers in our signature program, Take a Trip Change A Life Program perform random acts of kindness (building homes and schools, and offering art and English programs) in orphanages, hospitals, and poverty stricken communities in developing countries, mainly in Dominican Republic. We not only improve lives, but engage with the community, go on hikes, swim in rivers and beaches, learn about the rich art, food, and music of the country. 

      Take a trip and change a life becuase the life that you change will be yours.

      Your Organizer

      Caritas Smile
      3 reviews
      Caritas Smile is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. It's retreat program- Take A Trip Change A Life is a soulful, purpose-driven, social enterprise dedicated to positively transforming lives and engaging with humanity through transformative travel experiences. Caritas Smile's mission is to inspire, educate and empower women and children worldwide by performing goal driven acts of kindness to communities in need in the US and in developing countries – mainly Domincan Republic.


      I've been on retreats around the world and several volunteer projects. This was the perfect blend of service and spirituality. Before each day of service, we had yoga and mindfulness practices in spectacular settings looking at mountains and beaches, Working with the children and their families was the highlight of the trip though. Language barriers don't matter when you're in service. As much as the kids enjoyed our activities and presents, though, the volunteers received the real gift. Every day, my heart was even more full. And I feel like I met a new extended family with the other volunteers. There's nothing I would have changed about this journey and I can't wait to do it again!
      By Marcia N for Dominican Republic Volunteer Trip - Moncion, Santiago Rodriguez on Jan 18, 2024
      I first met Sixcia Devine and heard about Caritas Smile & their adventures at a leadership program back in May 2022. The minute Sixcia started sharing with me the life-changing and important work she does in the world with her organization Caritas Smile, I knew this was something that I wanted for myself to personally experience, and then share with my community and the world. I had absolutely no idea how this was going to happen or what an extraordinary adventure this would be both personally and professionally but knew it was something I wanted to do. From the very start, Sixcia had organized a soul filled, heartfelt, well, organized, jampacked, service focused, professionally organized, life-changing, Journey for both the participants and the recipients. We spent several days learning about the culture of the country. We learned about their music, their foods, their interests, their needs, their struggles, their desires, and learned abo how we can be of service to this community right now. Many lives were changed throughout our time together. The lives of Caritas Smile‘s participants and every single soul that we touched along our journey. Then, the lives of those souls that have been, in some way, inspired or touched and the ripple effect of kindness and love that has been created is endless. I can’t wait to journey with Caritas Smile’s team again, and again, and again…
      By Laura R for Dominican Republic Volunteer Trip - Moncion, Santiago Rodriguez on Jan 18, 2024
      Jami Lieberman My heart is so full. Our team will be bonded for life. This week taught us so much about each other and our strengths both physically and emotionally. Our deep sense of wanting to make a better world one smile at a time. Thank you Sixcia Devine what a tower of intense love you are. The lessons we take with us are deep. Thank you Heather Marcus Berg Laura Waldorf Reiss Dahlia Chesnoff Lessne Carrie and max neumann Jodi Grobman Brunsvold Jonathan Ward Jodi Brunsvold JR Jose chano anji neulyn and angel baby. We are a #family 1h Like Reply 2 Sixcia Devine What a lifetime of Joy
      By jami l for Dominican Republic Volunteer Trip - Moncion, Santiago Rodriguez on Jan 11, 2024
      This review makes us smile! Thank you Jami for taking a trip and changing so many lives. From the waterfall hike to radomly surprising kids in need to the wild boat ride in the mangroves, you are a real superstar. We are missing you fun laugh! We're looking forward to a lifetime of friendship. We LOVE your LOVE!
      By Caritas Smile on Jan 13, 2024