Drive-in (w/o Accommodations) Both Retreats: Healing and Psychic & Med

Chatteris, UK

Angela Lovell & Sarah Goff
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Aug 10 - 21, 2022
Group size: 1 - 11
Drive-in (w/o Accommodations) Both Retreats: Healing and Psychic & Med
Chatteris, UK

Angela Lovell & Sarah Goff
  • Email address verified

Aug 10 - 21, 2022
Group size: 1 - 11

About this trip

Receive a discount when you book both retreats. Join us in Chatteris, England as we hold a safe space for five days of healing and releasing trauma. You will learn the purpose of your pain and how to turn it into the lessons you came into this life to receive with this gentle gathering among likeminded people. The following week you'll step into your own psychic gifts and learn to amplify the abilities that this world tends to mute in effort to help us assimilate. Each night ends with a fire ceremony, and both retreats wrap up with karaoke dance parties. Our very last night together will include a fundraiser for the local animal shelter during which you can offer private readings (or not--we want you to fly from the nest in a safe space). This is going to be an incredibly magickal experience with a limited group of people. 

Please note that this package has a break from August 14th-August 17th when you will need to either book separately through The Cross Keys Chatteris, or better yet, go on a mini holiday nearby. 

About Sarah

After an infection shut her body down resulting in death, Sarah Goff got a glimpse of the other side and our true purpose here. When she returned to her body, she discovered her intuition had been amplified. This guided her to make dramatic changes in her life in order to be of service to others and accept her calling as a healer. Certified in Shamanic Energy Medicine from Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s school, The Four Winds, Sarah has also studied with The Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Itzhak Beery, and Sandra Ingerman. As a certified Reiki Master and Instructor, Yin Yoga Teacher, Nova Lightworker, Guided Lightworker, and ordained minister, Sarah's spiritual path is unending. 

Through her intuitive work, Sarah can identify crucial information such as your soul contracts, power animals, and what's blocking your path. By working with your helpful spirits, Sarah clears blocks and assigns the homework you need to flourish on your spiritual journey. 

During her near-death experience, Sarah was instructed to return home and remind people that we are all taking our time here way too seriously. This is a playground where we are meant to learn and enjoy all it is to be in this human form! When we remember ourselves great things happen. 

About Angela

Angela Lovell is a best-selling author, psychic-medium, and host of the podcasts This Is Where The Magick Happens and Dear Witchypoo. She is a 4th generation psychic of Romani and Mesopotamian descent, an Indigo Child, a Master Manifestor, and a paranormal magnet. 

Angela has been a featured psychic and speaker at events such as NYC's Fashion Week, The Girlboss Rally, and Midsummer Scream. She has worked as a Psychic-Medium Consultant in the horror film industry, and offers Psychic Coaching and courses. As a vegan Animal Communicator, Angela's abilities include revealing your past lives, healing, soulmate work, identifying power animals, strengthening ancestral bonds, and advising in your magickal practice. She doesn't just tell you the future—she empowers you with tools and information to live your best life. 

About The Cross Keys Chatteris

Owned and operated by Angela's aunt and uncle, Rebecca and David Leaning, The Cross Keys is a 16th Century Coaching Inn set in a pleasant Fenland Town, two hours outside of London between the two cathedral cities of Peterborough and Ely (the latter was home to witch trials, viking destruction, and more, and makes for a fascinating day trip). Famous for paranormal activity and historical visitors, The Cross Keys features cozy accommodations, a popular pub, and award-winning cuisine. 

The Cross Keys is on the convergence point of three Ley Lines, one being through Stonehenge itself. Historical references claim Chatteris as the last refuge of Boudica as she fled from the Romans (AD 61), and it is believed Room 5 at The Cross Keys housed Geoffrey De Runcey when he was sent to spread the news of the death of the High Abbott of Bury. Other famous guests include Samuel Pepys in 1663, and Oliver Reed in 1982. 

Connect to the earth with stones over 1,000 years old via the ancient headstones built into the garden wall, or the function room’s floor featuring original flagstones from the north transept of Chatteris Abbey, one of only eight abbeys mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. 

Extraordinary daytrips from The Cross Keys include:

  • Avebury is a nearby Neolithic henge monument containing three stone circles, and one of the best known prehistoric sites in Britain featuring the largest megalithic stone circle in the world. It is both a tourist attraction and a place of religious importance to contemporary pagans.
  • Visit Mother’s Shipton’s Cave, where England's most famous Prophetess resided. She foretold the fates of several rulers within and just after her lifetime, as well as the invention of iron ships, the Great Fire of London in 1666, and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
  • West Kennet Longbarrow is a 5,000 year-old burial site.
  • Lots of viking sites!

What’s included

  • Certification
    You will receive a Psychic and Mediumship Certification upon completion of the retreat.
  • Free Wifi
    Wifi is included in all guest rooms, dining area, pub, and meeting rooms.
  • Beverage Station
    Coffee, tea, and water will be set up daily for easy refills.
  • Private FB Group
    You will be added to a private FB group to connect with friends from the retreat, coordinate rideshares, etc.
  • Intake Reading
    You'll have a remote intake reading with Angela or Sarah within a month of the trip so we can help determine your needs and goals.
  • Parking
    Please note there is limited parking at The Cross Keys, but plenty of free street parking nearby.
  • Psychic Development
    You'll receive Angela's Psychic Development Course to help you discover your psychic gifts and prepare to dive deeper during the retreat.
  • Coffee, Tea, and Water
    A coffee, tea, and water station will be set up daily for refills.
  • Two Parties
    Each Saturday we will have a karaoke dance party and vegan buffet. Please note this is the only time food is included in your package.

What’s not included

  • Airfare
  • Airport Transportation
    We will post all options for reaching the inn from London and Bristol airports. You will be added to a private FB group where you can coordinate rideshares with other guests.
  • Travel Insurance
    In the event of a natural disaster or more COVID spikes, the event will be rescheduled. But we recommend purchasing travel insurance (about $100 can insure your entire trip).
  • Accommodations
    No hotel room will be provided for this retreat. This is for daily drive-in only.
  • Meals
    The only time food is included is Saturday's buffet. You can add on the meal package and dine with us or bring your own food into the pub.

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $399

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60 Min In-Person Reading with Sarah
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60 Min In-Person Reading with Angela
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Meal Package


Wednesday, August 10th
Prepping for the Week

5pm Orientation 

- Define holding space

- Introductions of everyone in group to one another

- Receive handouts and worksheets for the week

8pm Decoupling Breath Meditation

Your Organizer

Angela Lovell & Sarah Goff
Angela Lovell and Sarah Goff are healers, psychics, and instructors who help clear your path to living your best life.