Young Living EMEA Ltd, Building 11, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5YS

Cynthia Jackson
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May 12 - 12, 2019
Group size: 1 - 50
Young Living EMEA Ltd, Building 11, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5YS

Cynthia Jackson
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May 12 - 12, 2019
Group size: 1 - 50

About this trip

When taking care of yourself becomes mandatory for your wellbeing, learning and empowering yourself so that you give your mind, body and soul the lift it needs to survive today’s busy and demanding environment we call life is so crucial. 

Wellness is an active process of making choices towards a healthier and more fulfilling life - physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Attending our day retreat which will provide amazing and diverse range of experiences and information to assist you achieve the best life and will encourage you to start taking regular treats for yourself which is vital for staying in control in dealing with daily pressures of life. 

We have brought a wealth of experts who have been in the health and wellness industry as well as life and meditation coaches, who not only have years of experience under their belt but are also pioneers and advocators in making sure they live their best lives healthily and holistically. 

The retreat will introduce you to techniques and simple but yet powerful solutions of how best to implement changes in life to fully reach the height of happiness and blissful lifestyle. 



Monica is a renowned International Health & Wellness Coach from  Spain, certified by the “Institute of Integrative Nutrition”, NY, the  largest Nutrition School in the world. Holistic Health Coach specialized  in Anti-Cancer Lifestyle, has been coaching international clients  online since 2010. She is an Ayurveda Therapist consultant and  Anti-Aging expert. She empowers women to recover their health, energy  and balance with her signature program “Natural self healing technique”  at her Health Retreats in Spain, Portugal and India. Conducts lectures,  courses and workshops for groups of women, in Spanish, English and  French.  

Cooperates officially as Agent of the “Budwig  Center” of Spain in Malaga, and at the “Long life Clinic” in Marbella.  Creator of Health Retreats “Detox Your Life”. Every year she brings  groups of women to get tailor made health recovery programs, with  natural Detox and Rejuvenation therapies known as Panchakarma, conducted  by doctors in Kerala, to bring back wellness, peace of mind and natural  happiness in just a few weeks. Additionally she cooperates with the  “Old women orphanage” of Cochin and several children’s cancer hospitals  in India.

BEATA  HORVATH  - Meditation and Holistic Teacher 

Bea has been operating as a therapist since 2001, as an Ayurvedic Therapist and Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, Intuitive Healer.  Also a qualified Ayurvedic massage therapist and teacher,  ayurvedic lifestyle counselor, soft osteopath, also holding a Reiki  Master degree and perform shiatsu and reflexology treatments. Bea offers a wide array of treatments in  Hungarian, English, German and Spanish. Through her signature  treatment – the Cosmic Alignment Therapy, Bea guides clients to an  improved and healthier version of them-selves by means of her own unique  take on nutrition, yoga, meditation, self healing awakening techniques.

SAULIUS  URBONAS -   Wellness/ Happiness/ Success Coach -  through meditation, nutrition, aromatherapy & mind programming

Saulius is a wellness, happiness and success coach. A healthy lifestyle enthusiast, a lecturer, an actor, an entrepreneur and a media consultant. He is an author of original systems for health, personal efficiency and weight management. Saulius conducts courses, seminars, lectures and works with individual clients internationally. 


· Over 35 years – physical and psychological team coaching

· Over 20 years – holistic health studies

· Over 15 years – aromatherapy and phytotherapy studies

· Over 10 years – personal coaching and mentoring


Benedict is a Yoga, Tantra, Astrology, and Kashmir Shaivism teacher and  student for over 15 years now. He started his spiritual journey due to a  deep interest and enthusiasm in the magical and mystical aspects of  life and all that cannot be easily explained by modern science and  through his practice and studies followed how both spirituality and  science are getting closer and closer to a meeting point.

He is one of the teaching team that help run Tara Yoga Centre in Old  Street, London. A charity organisation that is dedicated to bringing an  awareness of spirituality and the benefits of yoga and other spiritual  practices into the daily lives of the London populace to help deal with  the daily stress, worries, health and physical issues that many people  are confronted with.

His knowledgeable and enthusiastic approach to classes and one-to-one  teaching helps his students and clients to connect the physical,  emotional and mental structures and to understand the benefits of a  holistic approach to life. All of the benefits to this practical  approach are seen in practice as energy levels and flexibility  increases, focus and efficiency in action is achieved and the ability to  relax and regenerate, even after the most stressful days, becomes  almost second-nature. 

MILA  GEORGIEVA  - Massage Therapist/ Rehabilitor 

As a Spa Therapist Mila has experienced with different types of treatments, massage and facial

Hot Stone massage, Sport massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology.  Also a Rehabilitator, Mila has experienced in assisting  patient with joint and spinal problems, helping patient rehabilitation  following accidents, injury and stroke, Examine clients and recommend  body conditioning activities or treatments. 

What’s included

  • Workshops
    Impactful workshops on healthy living, life coaching, holistic living and aromatherapy with essential oils
  • Group guided meditation
    This session concentrates on the present and focuses on changing and transforming the controlling and limiting belief systems as well as feelings, emotions and fear-based (low vibrational) energies.
  • Yoga Session
    An hour of meditative yoga for all levels; aim is to help elevate stress and to energies the body and mind. Yoga mats will be provided.
  • Massage
    Opportunity to experience short yet powerful head and shoulder massage.
  • Drinks and light lunch
    Smoothies and water will be provided as well as one-course healthy light lunch on the day.
  • Transportation
  • Breakfast or Dinner
  • Overnight Accommodation


Wellness Day Retreat
Workshops, Mediation, Yoga and Massage

The day will begin at 10am prompt to utilise the day and get as much done as possible. 

10am – 10.45am: Registration (Greet and welcome exercises). 

10.45am - 11.45am: First workshop - Healthy and Life coaching 

11.45am -12.45pm: Second workshop - Guided group mediation 

1pm-2pm: One course light lunch break

2.30pm -3.30pm: Third workshop - Aromatherapy/essential oils 

4.15pm -5pm: Massages (optional) or free time

5.30pm -6.30pm: Meditative evening yoga for all level 

(refreshments will be available if needed)

7pm: Closing time

Note - Water, soft juices and smoothies will be provided for those arriving early. 

Your Organizer

Cynthia Jackson
As a friendly professional with creative mind and soul, I adore my family especially my two happy active boys who brings joy and happiness to my calm and socialable nature. A wife and an entrepreneur who strives for the best in whatever task or project I set my mind and goals to achieving. I love my quiet times, particularly if it involves engrossed in an autobiography or motivational books, with the current read being ‘Chimp Paradox; mind management’. I have an eclectic taste in music & food, which changes depending on my mood and environment. I am very flexible and adaptable that I appreciate any new taste or experiences. As someone who enjoys travelling and seeing new places, I aim to travel either with my family or by myself at least quarterly as I believe by exploring new places and culture; it heightens and add value to our wellbeing and mindset, which is vital. My 5 things I can't live without are :- 1)My family 2)Insightful books 3)Socialising 4)Travelling 5)Fine Food.