Earth Body Activation: Retreat to Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Rasa & Sonya Dresser
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7 reviews
Dec 27, 2017 - Jan 7, 2018
Group size: 10 - 20
Earth Body Activation: Retreat to Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Rasa & Sonya Dresser
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7 reviews

Dec 27, 2017 - Jan 7, 2018
Group size: 10 - 20

About this trip

Begin the New Year with a transformational journey to Costa Rica! On this unique yoga retreat we will awaken and remember our sacred connection with the Earth.  Come practice yoga, meditation, dance, ritual, and connect with nature. Meet amazing people, eat incredible organic local food, and utterly transform yourself. Discover the heart of the Earth with us. We can’t wait to meet you at the intersection of the mountains, jungle, and sea!


 · 1 night accommodation in San José

· 5 nights mountain accommodation

· 5 nights beach front accommodation

· All domestic flights and travel

· Daily yoga, meditation, music and more.

· Guided mountain, jungle, and river hikes.

· 3 delicious meals prepared daily (local organic vegetarian nutritious food!)

· Fresh fruit juices sourced from the land available all day.

· Staff gratuity included.

Not included

· International flights

· Massage and bodywork (available at extra cost)

What to expect:

 Through the practices of yoga, meditation, and ritual, discover the infinite well of wisdom and power available to you within your own sacred body, heart, and mind. Explore the inspiring land and astonishing wild life of Costa Rica on adventurous river hikes, tree climbs, boat trips, and horseback rides. On this retreat, we will hold space for each other to deeply feel and experience a direct connection between our individual bodies and the body of the Earth.


Earth Body Activation is a journey to the Osa Peninsula. This is a region of Costa Rica that is still mostly off-grid, wild and under developed. The Spirits of Nature are very much alive in the Osa and readily communicate with humans. The powerful Earth Energy there helps to quickly awaken the senses, intuition, and psychic vision.

We will begin with 5 days in the mystical mountains, and then travel down to the pacific ocean for 5 more incredible days in the jungle by the beach. There will be a number of activities, services and excursions available to the group during this retreat: Mountain and jungle hikes to beautiful waterfalls, visits to hot springs and botanical gardens, swimming in the mountain river, surfing, tree-climbing, horseback riding, boat trips with dolphin watching, spa services and bodywork, as well as our daily yoga and meditation schedule.

Beautiful, healthy, locally harvested food will be prepared fresh every day for us. Food will be mostly vegetarian, with option occasionally for local free range chicken, or freshly caught fish. Dietary requirements and allergies can certainly be accommodated. We are fortunate that we will get to eat in a very nourishing and mindful way together.

All domestic travel, accommodations, and meals are included. Arrive December 27th, 2017 and depart January 7th, 2018.



Our lodging, accommodations, meals, and all other local activities will be provided by the excellent Chirriposa Retreat Company.

The 2 lodges where we will be staying during the retreat are: Rio Chirripó Retreat in the mountains and El Tumbo de las Olas at the beach.

‘Rio’ is located in the small mountain village of ‘Canaan de Rivas’ and offers both single and double occupancy rooms with en suite bathrooms and balcony overlooking the valley and mountain peaks. Its absolutely gorgeous there! 

‘El Tumbo’, is situated near ‘Cabo Matapalo’ in the Osa Peninsula. A very cool venue that offers accommodations in deluxe open air house with partitioned rooms, each with en suite bathroom. As with all the properties on the Osa Peninsula, Tumbo is off the grid and runs on solar energy, and features open plan living. The rooms are situated on the first floor mezzanine and divided by solid walls on two sides and thick canvas curtains on the others. Although the rooms are only semi private, they are spacious and create a pleasant group vibe, allowing you to really experience the magic of the jungle in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Click on the links provided above to explore the different properties and accommodations through pictures.

Your Hosts:


Sonya Genel and Arasa Maram are teachers and artists who create intentional transformative gatherings. Sonya is a yoga teacher who invites people to listen to their bodies, intuition, Earth and Spirit. Arasa is a singer, sound healer, multi-instrumentalist, and poet. Together they offer yoga, movement, and meditation classes that incorporate music and sound for personal and community activation. The current consciousness shift on earth is making tremendous healing and awakening possible. Now is the time to listen deeply to our inner knowing, courageously follow our hearts, and support each other in our collective evolution!

Angus Stephens is co-founder and head chef of Chirriposa Retreats. A world traveller, he has worked for many years as head chef in yoga and surf retreats worldwide. He moved to Costa Rica in 2004 and worked for years at the acclaimed ‘Tierra de Milagros’ Retreat (listed in Yoga Journal’s top 100 retreats in the world). Out of season, Angus travels around Europe and the United States offering his culinary services as a Private Chef. He worked for 10 years as a ‘Tour Director’ guiding large groups of American and Canadian students around major European cities. His interests range from sports such as rugby, football, skiing and surfing to music, including playing guitar, gastronomy and he is a great nature enthusiast.

Tania Cappelluti is co-founder and manager of Chirriposa Retreats. From Berlin, Germany, Tania spent the best part of the last decade running ‘Playkula’, a vibrant artist booking and management agency, representing DJs and Producers worldwide. Tania’s values of fun and positivity (Play) with a sense of community and mutual artistry (Kula) form the foundations of what PLAYKULA became and what CHIRRIPOSA aspires to be today. First arriving in Costa Rica in 2001, she has strong ties to the yoga and surf community there. Tania is also a big animal lover and animals rights activist. She runs a local dog rescue program in Costa Rica called Charlie’s Angels that helps many injured and forsaken animals to get a second chance at life.

Available Packages

Standard Shared/Double
11 left

Most accommodations are shared occupancy. Each beautiful spacious room is shared by 2 people. This is the standard rate for participants on our trip. We encourage everyone to sign up and be open to a group experience!

Deposit: $890
Single Occupancy
4 left

There is very limited availability for completely private accommodations which are separate from the standard shared house and/or rooms. Please note if you choose this option you may not be as near to the main house and practice areas as everyone else.

Deposit: $1,200
Upgrade Supplement
Sold Out

upgrade from shared to single occupancy.


Your Organizer

Rasa & Sonya Dresser
7 reviews
Sonya and Rasa are teachers and artists who create intentional transformative gatherings. Sonya is a yoga teacher who invites people to listen to their body and heighten their intuition. Rasa is a musician, poet, and chef. Together they offer spaces for personal growth and community activation.


This was an AMAZING trip. Sonya is an extraordinary yoga teacher who gives clear and beautiful instruction for the wonderful movement flow. We had beautiful live music by Rasa at every class. Sonya and Rasa also led meditation and special rituals like a purification fire on New Year's Eve. And meanwhile we were in two stunning settings in Costa Rica- one in the mountains and one in the wild jungle beach on the OSA peninsula. We did waterfall and jungle walks, surfing, saw all kinds of amazing animals, had garden tours and a meditation at a butterfly sanctuary. I loved my fellow yogis - all levels, all ages and hailing from diverse parts of the US, Europe and South America. We ate was luscious vegetarian food and stayed in lodging that was rustic and lovely. Julie Tapley San Francisco California
By Julie T for Inner Sol Activation: Costa Rica Retreat on 06 May, 2019
I have been practicing Yoga since 1998, & this was my first extended Yoga retreat out of the country. I didn't know what to expect, & can honestly say it was amazing! My only complaint is that it went by too fast! When I was mulling over the idea of an extended Yoga retreat, Sonya announced her & Rasa's in class back in July (I've consistently taken classes with her since 2015); I knew the Yoga classes would be incredible because Sonya is a very experienced teacher who gives very clear detailed instruction for all levels; Rasa plays live music in her classes, & their combined talents creates a unique experience for transformation. On the retreat, we practiced twice a day, in both locations. The accommodations at both locations were very different, & so comfortable. Rio Chirripo Lodge was beautiful; no matter where we were housed on the property, the sound of the rushing river was audible, & we were surrounded by so much green (I live in a city, & drank this in)! I saw the sunrise each morning over a mountain, from my balcony. The food in both locations was superb; all three meals were freshly prepared daily. It was primarily vegetarian cuisine, with fresh fish served a few times; substantial vegan & gluten-free options were also provided every meal. Finca Exotica was so close to the ocean, that we could hear it roar no matter where we were on the property. I slept in a thatch-roofed hut that was open on three sides; the bed had mosquito netting, which worked quite well for sound sleep. I found the orchestra of insects & animals' sounds a joy! One morning I heard such cacophony, & looked up to see a troop of Capuchin monkeys swinging from tree to tree! I found it very moving to see wild animals living so freely. The owner of Finca Exotica told me they never feed the animals because there is enough food growing on the property for them to eat. We were given the option of taking a garden tour to learn about the culinary & medicinal plants growing on the property. Some of the fruit we saw was: two different varieties of bananas, coconuts galore, pineapples, star fruit, noni fruit, melons; ginger & turmeric were also plentiful. . Our hosts, Tania & Angus were wonderful! They were committed to ensuring everyone had a great experience. Aside from Yoga practice, we were offered the option to go on hikes to beautiful locations, such as a butterfly sanctuary & a waterfall, where we could swim (Rio Chirripo area). Once we got to Finca Exotica, the beach was just across a narrow road, & I swam every day; the sea was bath water warm! One evening, we assisted a sea turtle rescue organization in placing sixty-three newly hatched babies towards the ocean. In both locations, we could see so many stars, the Milky Way & shooting stars! This city girl had the time of her life! I had no problem adapting to being immersed in the natural world for ten days! Actually, I was sinus-issue free the entire time! I highly recommend this unique Yoga retreat; I don't know of any others like it that offers five days in two completely different locations. I feel very fortunate that I was able to give this gift to myself. Pura Vida!
By Randy B for Inner Sol Activation: Costa Rica Retreat on 28 Jan, 2019
Two words about this trip: A plus! More words: Sonya and Rasa put their heart and soul into organizing, leading and participating in a wonderful, spiritual, relaxing time in Costa Rica. They worked hard before and during, but they don't show it, as they stay relaxed, friendly and approachable the entire time. As for local organizers, Tania and Angus, things could not have run more smoothly! They are friendly, helpful, and well organized and experienced. This retreat/vacation was perfect in every way, and even if lightning does not strike twice, we would do the trip again next year if it is offered! Thank you all for a great experience. David and Ella
By David E for Inner Sol Activation: Costa Rica Retreat on 16 Jan, 2019
Amazing way to wind down from the past year and start a new year. Relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Splendid accommodations. Safe and comfortable, transportation. Delicious, freshly prepared, locally sourced meals. Grounding yoga and mindful mediation. Hikes, waterfalls, cultural immersion, music, lasting relationships - who could ask for more?!
By Rhonda K for Earth Body Activation: Retreat to Costa Rica on 22 Feb, 2018
Had such a great experience on this renewal retreat. The yoga, sound healing, meditation, hot springs, nature, delicious food and great people made for a truly fulfilling experience. I loved that there was no pressure to participate in everything that was scheduled but even if you did attend all there was still time for individual reflection and quiet space alone. Thank you so much, Sonya & Arasa!
By Heather P for Spring Renewal Retreat 2017 on 08 May, 2017
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