Earth Element Balance - BodyTalk, reiki and essential oil circle

The Bija 800 Franklin St. Ste #204 Vancouver, WA 98660

6 reviews
Feb 17 - 17, 2018
Group size: 1 - 25
Earth Element Balance - BodyTalk, reiki and essential oil circle
The Bija 800 Franklin St. Ste #204 Vancouver, WA 98660

6 reviews

Feb 17 - 17, 2018
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

The Earth Element is one of the most basic building blocks of life.

In order to build and create our dreams, we need to start with a strong and stable foundation.

Come join us on an inner exploration to clear blocks away from us saying "Yes" to ourselves and to creating a flourishing life!

This Circle is for you if you want to:

* Create more consistency in your life. (For instance, more stable and consistent income or receiving more consistent love etc.)
* Materialize the reality of your dreams faster
* Be more solid in your foundation
* Have a stronger physical body
* Build and create a strong and stable savings account + balance finances
* Make changes, but you're stuck in old routines.
* Let go of the old structure that you've created, and want to create a new healthier structure and routine in life
* Want to release strong ancestral programs that seem to be holding you back
* Want to be more flexible in life

What to bring?
* Journal + Pen
* You can write out your intentions and bring them to circle if you'd like.


Essential Oils:
Serenity: To deeply relax.
Balance: To Root + Ground.
Motivate: To move + inspire.

Reiki with Jessie:
The group will first be charged up with Rainbow Reiki Light to increase their light quotient and be prepped and prepared for the BodyTalk session. Reiki assists you in coming to an open space of receiving and assists your cells with saving the changes.

BodyTalk with Samantha:
Groups are Divinely guided to work with each other. There are some deeper patterns that can only be addressed in group and so this is a wonderful opportunity to playfully, yet deeply work through ancestral karmic patterns. We'll work on balancing the Earth Element, increasing or decreasing the Earth element in different areas and different aspects of your life to create a more fulfilling life experience.

* This workshop is especially great for people with Earth signs in their chart such as Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo as well as people with lots of Air Signs in their chart such as Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The Earth Element can assist with balancing these aspects of your astrology.

We look forward to connecting!! :)

Sat Nam + Namaste!! :) May your inner sparkle shine even brighter!!!

Samantha + Jessie

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Love Donation $25
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Samantha Blossom
6 reviews
The Bija = Seed in Sanskrit. We plant consciousness seeds for a brighter tomorrow. Together, we are creating a sacred space for people to grow, evolve and become empowered. We are so delighted to have you be a part of the miracle and the magic.


Love, love, love the wisdom and compassion of the Bija. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Modern day mastery is worth everyone taking. Step into your power.
By Chanté Bastian for Modern Day Mastery on Nov 13, 2018
I absolutely love this combo of kundalini yoga and the crystal sound bath. Samantha and Andrew have such an amazing and loving energy. The Cacao was a great added touch! Thank you to all of you. I look forward to another one!
I had an amazing time! The location was perfect as were the hosts. It was a spiritual awakening and a time for me to recharge my batteries.
By Rosette Braaten for Modern Day Mastery on Sep 06, 2018
I have taken all my reiki training from the Bija. Samantha and Jessica are an amazing team of teachers. I believe reiki training is a sacred class that needs to be respected . I love the way the class is taught through this studio. I will continue to grow through the bija. I'ts a Joy and a pleasure . Thank you???
Attended Crystal Sound Bath + Kundalini Yoga event. In class we set our intention to clear anger properly. It was an amazing experience and by the end of class I was super relaxed, rejuvenated, and at peace. Thank you!
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