Earth Medicine Magic in Northern California

Watsonville, CA, USA

Nicole Smith Levay
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20 reviews
Aug 19 - 22, 2021
Group size: 10 - 18
Earth Medicine Magic in Northern California
Watsonville, CA, USA

Nicole Smith Levay
  • Email address verified
20 reviews

Aug 19 - 22, 2021
Group size: 10 - 18

About this trip

Join us for Earth Medicine Magic, a long weekend retreat of movement, breathwork and meditation in the redwoods of Northern California. This retreat is a one of a kind experience – Nicole Smith Levay will lead you through a journey of connecting to the natural world through your body’s senses. Uplift your spirit through conscious practice in communion with nature.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is designed for womxn who are sensitive, empathic leaders and visionaries who see a better way possible.

Why now?

It’s time to come out of rest. It’s time to shake the dust off after being in physical isolation. It’s time to learn rituals that keep you vibrating at your healthiest self in a time when disease is prevalent. How will you strengthen yourself in unpredictable times? When you are connected to your inner medicine woman, you always have a safe home.

Imagine how amazing it will feel...

...when you

  • have dedicated time and space to heal 
  • reconnect with other empathic spiritual community in a safe place
  • know various movement, breathwork, and meditation tools to address energy blocks
  • are able to transform pain to pleasure
  • have the ability to self-regulate emotional turbulence
  • are infused with a sense of peace after so much chaos
  • are more aligned with your soul’s purpose and have direction
  • return home more engaged with life on all levels

A Sacred Location

The retreat will take place at the Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville CA on 355 acres of redwood groves, hiking trails, and meadows… all infused with a sense of peace, spaciousness, and heartfelt service. The Center has always been a sacred space, from the early Native American Ohlone days to the Italian stone masons who saw the apparition of the Madonna in the forest. It’s a place of natural magic and power and a place of personal transformation where people can find their authentic selves through practice, study, and community.

What We'll Be Doing

Amidst a background of a Redwood forest and grassy knolls, allow nature to be your medicine. The five elements - air, wind, earth, fire, and ether - all have a role to play in your vitality. Prepare to be taken through each element as it relates to your blockages and learn the tools to open up your energy to new possibilities of health. You are invited to reconnect to the disowned parts of yourself, meet the discomfort with courage, and grow and transform through this experience. You will be held as you meet wounds that are holding you back. As your own medicine woman, you can return home and apply the embodied practices we’ll be using to ground you, move you, and light you up when you please.

Mornings: Movement & Meditation

Afternoons: Ecotherapy Adventures

Evenings: Breathwork Circles & Community Time


Limited single rooms with private attached baths. Double rooms with shared baths are available for folks traveling with friends/family, as well as tents for camping and spaces for fully functioning camping vehicles (camping rate applies for vehicles too) with access to outdoor, well-ventilated bathhouses.

Vegetarian Cuisine

All meals are strictly vegetarian. The Center’s kitchen uses fresh, high quality ingredients, incorporating organic and local products whenever possible, in lovingly prepared menus. They can accommodate most special dietary needs and requests. Reverse osmosis filtered water and tea are available 24/7. The Center is well-known as a College of Āyurveda, which informs the menu available to guests.

How will we maintain safety protocols?

Due to the unpredictable tides of the COVID-19 pandemic we will strictly follow the California state regulations in place at the time of the retreat. We plan for our yogic practice to take place outdoors (in the event of where outdoor classes would not be possible, an indoor space that is very open with sliding glass doors and windows will be utilized).

Cancellation Policy & Refunds

If a student needs to cancel the retreat:

  • There is a $100 for credit card and processing fee with any cancellation.
  • Between 90-30 days prior to departure, there is a cancellation fee of 25% of the original retreat price.
  • We, unfortunately, cannot offer a refund or voucher if you have to cancel less than 30 days prior to departure. The only exception is due to COVID-19 (see below).

If a student needs to cancel the retreat due to COVID-19:

  • If you are able to present proof of COVID-19 diagnosis for you, someone you are living with, or a recent COVID-19 related death in the family, you will receive a Power Within Healing voucher minus the $100 credit card and processing fees to be used for a future retreat.

If the teacher/retreat leader needs to cancel the retreat:

We reserve the right to make any necessary alterations and substitutions to the program and the itinerary at any time.  All of our retreats, workshops, and events need a minimum number of students in order to take place. If we must cancel the retreat due to low enrollment, a state lockdown or outbreak of a new virus, we will do so at least 30 days prior to the retreat and we will issue a full refund to all enrolled clients as soon as possible.

If unforeseen circumstances beyond our control occur, due to natural disaster or political upheaval, we will issue full refunds minus applicable processing fees. We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.

What’s included

  • Lodging
  • Organic Veg Cuisine
    Three meals a day
  • Movement & Meditation
  • Breathwork Circles
  • Ecotherapy Adventures
  • Community Bonding
  • Hiking Trails
  • Lake Swimming
  • Other Center Amenities
    Access to the Hanumān Temple and surroundings, Oceanview Books and Gifts, the Āyurvedic store, and Anjaneya's Café

What’s not included

  • Airfare
  • Other Transportation
  • Spa Treatments

Available Packages


You can bring your own tent for use on the Center's developed campsites, or you can request a 2-person Center tent with a foam mattress (bring your own bedding). All campsites have access to enclosed showers and outhouses.

There are also available spaces for your van, camper or other vehicle. Some have access to electricity, but no other hookups. Showers and restrooms are available in campgrounds and nearby Center buildings.

Deposit: $397
Double Room

Double rooms with shared baths are available for folks traveling with friends/family.

If you would like to share lodging, you and your roommate can separately purchase your spots in the double room. At checkout you will indicate who you would like to room with. Or one of you can  simply purchase 2 spots in a single transaction.

If you do not have a roommate in mind but would like the shared room option, we will (with your consent) work to connect you to someone else looking for a roommate and you can work out the room-sharing details among yourselves.

Please email Nicole directly at if you require a payment plan.

Deposit: $397
Single Room

Limited-availability single room with private attached bath.

Please email Nicole directly at if you require a payment plan.

Deposit: $397

Your Organizer

Nicole Smith Levay
20 reviews
Nicole Smith Levay is an energy healer and coach with a body-centered approach to trauma-informed healing. She helps high achieving women go from over-giving on autopilot to putting themselves and purpose work first. A former professional dancer, Nicole holds an MA in Somatic Psychology and is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT and CEU provider in kundalini meditation, breathwork, and hatha yoga. She has faciliated workshops and retreats at venues like Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Imiloa Institute, Mt. Madonna Center, & Ghost Ranch.


All the stars! Nicole has many talents and it's so wonderful to experience a sampler of all of her classes and modalities ( yoga, dance, somatics, coaching, community building) I was resistant to leave my routine and travel, but just like her other retreats, always leave with more clarity, breath, and a full heart! <3
By Ann D for Hear the Soul's Roar: A Two-Day Summer Self-Care Vacation on Aug 17, 2023
I'm so grateful to have Heard My Soul's Roar. This Jersey Shore 2-day summer self-care vacation allowed me to further tap into my true potential and develop meaningful connections with my fellow retreat participants. I have stepped away wiser, lighter, and more open to all the abundance and blessings awaiting. The curriculum was outstanding, and the food was phenomenal - healthy, nutritious, and delicious. Many many thanks!
By Alicia Z for Hear the Soul's Roar: A Two-Day Summer Self-Care Vacation on Aug 17, 2023
Absolutely life changing! Nicole had such a wonderful, happy way about her, she made me feel so welcomed. She guided us through every event with such LOVE and Support. It’s been over a week since the time we had together and I’m still feeling such confidence and commitment to self care and being able to stay healthy and true to myself. I have so much gratitude for our time together. 10 stars !⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you so much 😊 🙏 Patty Hussey
By Patricia H for Hear the Soul's Roar: A Two-Day Summer Self-Care Vacation on Aug 17, 2023
If you're considering attending a mind-body wellness retreat and seeking an instructor who is not only knowledgeable but also compassionate and inspiring, I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole Smith Levay. I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned from her and to have shared this experience with like-minded women. This retreat has been a reset in my journey towards holistic well-being, and it's all thanks to the guidance of Nicole!
By Katherine G for Hear the Soul's Roar: A Two-Day Summer Self-Care Vacation on Aug 11, 2023
This experience was exceptional. I've never felt such joy in being with a community of women sharing almost vulnerable thoughts and celebrating our futures with more clarity. Looking forward to more of this wonderful spiritual journey in life with Nicole Smith Levay. This is a 5 stare experience.
By Cindy D for Hear the Soul's Roar: A Two-Day Summer Self-Care Vacation on Aug 11, 2023
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Nicole Smith Levay knows how to run a retreat and an amazing online community. I signed up for the Earth Medicine Magic retreat and I had no idea what to expect, except that I was excited to travel back to California and stay in the magical Redwoods. I was not new to retreats, but new to this group that had traveled with each other previously. The retreat itself was more than I could have asked for and expected. Nicole is a brilliant healer, who organized and facilitated this retreat full of activities from morning until night. She brought together a group of women that were able to share, heal and bond with each other. I highly recommend joining her online community Power Within Healing, you will not regret it. Thank you Nicole, for giving me a magical and healing experience.
By Jennifer G on 07 Sep, 2021
I recently attended a yoga retreat in New Mexico with Nicole and admit to being very hesitant about going. Nicole is such a beautiful soul, she made everyone feel welcome, comfortable and at ease and I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from her. The experience has launched me onto a new trajectory of embracing me as I am and exploring new ideas and belief systems. Thank You, Nicole!
By Birgitte M on 07 Apr, 2019
Nicole and Bill were such amazing hosts! Always organized, supporitive and attentive. Nicole is the kind of teacher that guides you to see how strong and capable you are of. She is knowledgable, loving, inspiring and has a steady calm presence that made this experience the perfect fusion of relaxing, fun, and full of new. I suprised myself at how much Kundalini yoga and meditation I was capable of doing, and I owe so much of that to the safe space Nicole created. This retreat was like a dream I never wanted to wake up from. I came back to the city refreshed, alive, and more at home with myself.
By Ann D on 06 Apr, 2019
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