Ecstatic DJ Camp 2024 • ITALY

      Travo, Province of Piacenza, Italy

      Dance The Medicine
      • Email address verified
      28 reviews
      Oct 21 - 27, 2024
      Group size: 12 - 30
      Ecstatic DJ Camp 2024 • ITALY
      Travo, Province of Piacenza, Italy

      Dance The Medicine
      • Email address verified
      28 reviews

      Oct 21 - 27, 2024
      Group size: 12 - 30

      About this trip

      ✤ Join DTM’s in-person Ecstatic DJ Camp to take the next steps in your DJ evolution while connecting with fellow DJs from around the world!    

      Would you like to immerse yourself in the world of conscious dance DJing? Come along with the DTM Team for an unforgettable DJ training for intermediates in Italy. Spend 7 days, living and breathing music and dancing your heart out, while connecting with DJs from all corners of the earth. Level up your skill to craft truly transformative dance journeys by soaking in the collective wisdom of our skilled DJ coaches, while having loads of fun!

      The Ecstatic DJ Camp Is For You if You Are...

      → A graduate of our DTM Ecstatic DJ School

      → An Ecstatic Dance DJ wanting to improve the craft of creating deep journeys

      → A seasoned DJ who is keen to step into the world of Ecstatic and conscious dance

      → A conscious dance facilitator eager to deepen your technical DJ skills

      What to Expect at Our Ecstatic DJ Camp?

      Our 7-day immersive DJ Camp is way more than just training—it's a full on experience filled with music, dance, activities, and chances to connect. Running from 21st until 27th of October 2024 at Miri Piri retreat centre nestled in the heart of Italy's breathtaking landscapes near the enchanting Travo. We’ll dive deep each day exploring technical and theoretical topics such as:

      → Looping

      → Midi mapping

      → Mixing with more than 2 channels

      → Playing live, reading the room and improvising

      → Tempo bending

      → Setting the beat grid and properly analysing tracks

      → Using cue points effectively and creatively 

      → Library and file management secrets

      → and much, much more

      In every session, our DTM team will unveil their secrets to creating magical journeys, complete with live demos and insider tips and tricks. Then, we get hands-on and you’ll be given the chance to practise new skills, with our team right there to guide you every step of the way. And because we know our DJs are dancers at heart, we’ll kick off each day with a dance session and sprinkle more dances throughout, supporting us to stay embodied and keep our vibes high.

      We've kept our camp cosy, limiting it to just 33 lucky participants, ensuring everybody enjoys some precious one-on-one coaching time. You'll have the chance to showcase your skills through live sets, both indoors and silent disco-style. Plus, we're lighting up one evening with a grand community dance! Amidst the busy schedule, we've woven in some downtime to luxuriate in the serene beauty and comfort of the Miri Piri Retreat Center, a place renowned for its stunning views, peaceful spaces, and exquisite hospitality. It's the perfect backdrop to enhance your DJ journey and create unforgettable memories.

      Indulge in a full on DJ geek-out intensive and get ready to learn new skills, forge deep connections, relish in the joy of dance.

      Requirements to Participate

      Set your sights on our training if you're an intermediate DJ (or enthusiastic beginner) with a solid foundation. Basic DJing skills and proficiency navigating DJ software is a must!

      Important to know:

      → This adventure is perfect for DJs with some experience under their belt looking to improve your skills and knowledge. We won’t be teaching entry-level skills.

      → We teach using Traktor Pro 3 software, but you don’t have to be a Traktor user. Our course is universally relevant to those using other DJ software. The techniques we share are adaptable across platforms, from Serato to Recordbox and DJay.

      → It's crucial that you bring a computer and controller/console/midi device. Again, we teach using Traktor hardware, but you can use your preferred controller.  

      → DMT has an exclusive deal with Native Instruments—the creator of Traktor. Eyeing new gear? Sign up with us and get 25% off all Native Instruments hardware.

      Feeling excluded because DJ software seems like a foreign language to you? No worries! We got trainings for beginners, like the 7-day in-person ECSTATIC DJ SCHOOL in Ireland from September 1st to 7th or our ONLINE ECSTATIC DJ SCHOOL where we teach the fundamentals to start DJing for conscious dance! Join our mailing list to be the first to know when we announce new DJ Training dates and other events.

      If you want to get started right away, you may want to opt for our Self-Led Ecstatic DJ Training. You’ll get instant access and can journey along at your own pace. 

      The Team

      ✤ BERNICE RAABIS • Founder of Dance The Medicine

      Having begun humbly in the Kootenay Mountains of Western Canada, Bernice is now a respected mentor for Conscious Dance Leaders across the globe. Her journey started with hosting Dance Church for over ten years, where she harnessed her expertise from training in various disciplines, including Soul Motion, Movement Based Expressive Art Therapy (The Tamalpa Institute), and Relational Somatic Therapy. These were brought together to nurture her local multi-generational dance community, which flourished and surpassed even her most ambitious expectations.

      In 2016, she stretched her wings co-founding Ecstatic Dance International, facilitating successful leadership trainings in the US, the Netherlands, Guatemala, and Portugal. Driven to incorporate DJ and dance facilitation skills into her training repertoire, she went on to founded Dance The Medicine, a collective of accomplished conscious dance professionals on a mission to infect the world with dance. 

      While Bernice loves DJing and creating transformative events, her deepest fulfilment comes from facilitating deep somatic processes using a combination of dance, art, and ritual; to help dancers find freedom and health through connection to self, community and humanity.

      ALEX SEVILLA • Co-teacher @ DTM DJ Training & Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Madrid

      After more than two decades behind the decks as a club DJ, Alex stumbled upon conscious dance. This encounter reshaped not only his personal life but also his profession. He soon traded in his career as a computer engineer to become a conscious dance entrepreneur, sharing his passion for dance, music, and consciousness with the world. Stepping into his new life, he became a resident DJ at Templo del Baile, a hugely popular conscious club in his hometown Madrid. Two years later, an invitation to play Ecstatic Dance Madrid, enabled him to take this newfound career to the next level. 

      During the pandemic, it became Alex’ mission to help the worldwide Ecstatic Dance community by navigating the technical challenges of live-streaming dance and music events as we all struggled to fulfil our need to dance during lockdown. Post-restrictions, he facilitated in-person dancing again by offering donation-based sessions in the streets of Spain, giving birth to amonthly gathering known as La Plaga del Baile (The Plague of Dance) In May 2020, Dance The Medicine recognized Alex’ talent and generous nature recruiting him as a teacher and tech guru during their first Ecstatic DJ Conference. He has been with us ever since, lucky DTM!

      ESTA POLYESTA • Co-teacher @ DTM, Global Ecstatic Dance DJ & Dance Facilitator, Event Organizer & Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam & Ecstatic Dance Goa 

      Introducing Esta, your globe-trotting full time professional DJ and ceremony leader from Amsterdam. While she found her passion for music and dance early in life, she waited until 2005 to share her talent with the world. Nearly two decades later, Esta is celebrated for her significant influence on global beats, world music, and Ecstatic Dance, extending her reach from Russia to Thailand, USA to India, and beyond. Her playful facilitation and adventurous sets invite expression, connection, and joy have enchanted crowds worldwide. 

      Esta's expertise isn't confined to the decks; Her versatile skill set includes ritual design, music production, and Trance Dance facilitation. She showed her entrepreneurial prowess by pioneering Ecstatic Dance at Odessa and co-organising both Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam and Ecstatic Dance Ruigoord. She further shapes the Ecstatic Dance scene by offering 1-on-1 mentorship of emerging DJs and conscious leaders and teaching in several DTM trainings. 

      Esta's collaboration with DTM stretches back to the very first live DJ Training when she was hired as DJ Coach after Bernice stumbled across her play on a pirate ship. As one of DTM's first team members, she's been instrumental in shaping its identity as professional, fun, and supportive, and remains a crucial team member until this day.

      SOPHIE AUBER • DJ Mentor & Founder of Ecstatic Dance Montpellier  

      Meet Sophie, a DJ, Ecstatic Dance and Movement of Life facilitator, Yoga teacher, and Self-love coach who is passionate about the art of movement and music. As the founder of Ecstatic Dance Montpellier and Ocytocine (an outdoor silent disco Ecstatic Dance), she's been serving up captivating musical journeys that make the soul dance for several years. 

      Having completed all three DTM trainings (Leadership, DJ, and Dance Facilitator), Sophie is one of DTM’s first triple graduates. She joined us with over 15 years of experience in the healing arts, empowering others to unlock their innate potential through dance, embodiment, and mindfulness. 

      She inspires individuals to root themselves in their own lives, bravely embody authenticity, journey into unexplored dimensions of their being, love themselves unabashedly, and re-ignite the thrill of being authentic. 

      CLÉMENTINE CASAFINA (Coco Fandango) • DJ Mentor  

      Introducing the multifaceted Clémentine Casafina, aka Coco Fandango, is a unique DJ, Event Curator, and Facilitator, believing in using adversity as a creative catalyst and fun as an empowering motivator. Clémentine's magic stems from her ability to spark the inner child in all of us, creating safe spaces for shedding inhibitions and remembering that life is an eternal learning journey.

      From an early age, dance practices served as a vital emotional outlet for Clémentine, transforming her bedroom into a place of self-expression. This passion ultimately led her to the vibrant Ecstatic Dance scene in London and later inspired a pivotal life change - trading her urban hospital job to lead transformational retreats in Costa Rica, Europe and online.

      Clémentine's offerings extend beyond DJ-ing and facilitating dances; she also leads mindfulness workshops, sharing circles, breathwork classes, and cacao ceremonies. Always eager to expand her expertise, she turned to DTM, graduating from both the DJ Training and Dance Facilitator Training programs. Today, she proudly serves as a DJ mentor, sharing her rich experiences and unique approach with others on their own journeys.

      LORENZO POSTACCHINI (Dj Krishna) • Counsellor, Facilitator, DJ & Spiritual Researcher

      At the end of his law studies, Lorenzo embarked on a journey to Brazil and became immersed in the Amazon's lushness, Bahia's forests, and the academic environment of the University of Rio Grande do Sul. There he encountered diverse cultures, traditions, and holistic practices, deepening his sense of awareness, presence, and spirituality. 

      Returning to Italy, Lorenzo delved into the holistic realm, becoming a facilitator in Family Constellations, Reiki, and Astrology, and spent eleven years in a spiritual community and ecovillage, exploring various ancient and modern disciplines.

      In 2020, alongside his partner Chiara, he founded the NAMAHSì Academy of Holistic Arts, where he integrates contemporary and ancestral spiritual practices, with music and Ecstatic Dance at the heart of healing and transformation. NAMAHSì turns into a profound space for healing past traumas, purifying cellular memories, and celebrating life. Lorenzo eventually connects with DTM in 2023, igniting a passionate exploration of Ecstatic Dance as both a facilitator and DJ, further deepening his commitment to using dance as a transformative healing tool.

      Testimonials from Graduates

      “An incredibly passionate group of experienced teachers, lovely and open-hearted people from all over the world! Perfect way to connect with Ecstatic Dance professionals and lovers and to broaden your knowledge of every aspect of Djing. It is an honor to be a part of this amazing Ecstatic Tribe!”
      → Marija Ranic • Serbia

      “A beautiful way to get to know everyone in the business I'm working in. Everything that was shared came so much out of the heart, this makes me believe that dancing makes the world a better place! Thank you <3” 

      → Anna Merel • Guatemala

      “It was a great experience and definitely worth the investment! The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, and the classes were so interactive, which made it even more fun! I’m so glad I decided to join this group!"
      → Samantha Johnson • USA

      “This school was amazingly well-thought-out and put together. A great balance of learning technique, theory, and practicing. The 1-on-1 time with experienced DJs was also extremely helpful. I ended this school experience feeling like my time and money was well-invested!” 

      → Stephen Wieber • USA

      “This course really expanded my DJ knowledge, and I got to meet other aspiring Ecstatic Dance DJs to discuss all our burning questions. It has given me a lot of confidence to DJ live now at events. I enjoyed it immensely, it was such a fun learning experience!”  

      → Iona McNeil • UK

      The Location

      Miri Piri nestled just an hour away from the bustling energy of Milan, Italy, Miri Piri is a sanctuary of tranquillity and natural beauty. This serene retreat centre is dedicated to holistic health and well-being, offering a peaceful haven for those on a journey of healing, learning, and personal growth. Surrounded by lush landscapes and a vibrant conscious community, it’s the ideal spot to connect with yourself and nature. At Miri Piri, every visitor is supported in their pursuit of self-discovery and wellness, making it a perfect escape to recharge and rejuvenate amidst the beauty of Italy.

      The Accommodation

      Miri Piri fuses comfort with modernity in its accommodations, ensuring a restful and refreshing stay. Whether you're looking for the solitude of a private suite, the cosy vibes of shared double and triple rooms, or the communal spirit of dormitories accommodating 4 to 5 guests. Each option comes with its own private toilet for convenience and privacy.

      Miri Piri is designed to harmonise with the surrounding natural beauty, the accommodations feature sustainable materials and serene décor that echo the retreat's holistic ethos. Large windows invite the outside in, offering stunning views that connect you to the tranquil settings and fill your room with natural light.

      IMPORTANT: When you register for this training, you will make your choice of accommodation by choosing an ADD ON option. The cost of the accommodation will be added at check out.

      The Food

      Your full meal plan includes; a large morning brunch; a substantial midday snack with smoothie, and finally a delicious hearty dinner. The meals are vegetarian and mostly gluten-free. 

      We choose these two big meals with one smaller in between to keep your digestion happy given the flow of our program. Be assured that no one goes hungry! Snacks, teas, and other beverages are always available throughout the day.

      While special diets and allergies can be catered to, (e.g. wheat-free, gluten-free, celiac, nut allergies etc.), if the kitchen is not informed before arrival about your needs, Miri Piri cannot guarantee a kitchen suitable for severe coeliacs.

      How to Get to Miri Piri

      ✤ ADDRESS

      Località Sborzani, 2, 

      29020 Pigazzano PC, Travo


      Google Maps 


      +39 0523 1888178 

      +39 347 6128210 (Carlo)


      • Milan International Airport

      • Turin International Airport

      ✤ BY TRAIN

      From Milan 

      • Take a train from Milano Centrale to Piacenza.
      • At Piacenza, switch to a local bus or arrange a taxi to Miri Piri

      From Turin 

      • Board a train from Torino Porta Nuova to Piacenza.
      • In Piacenza, transfer to a local bus or catch a taxi for the final stretch to Miri Piri.

      ✤ BY TAXI

      From Piacenza station, there's an arrangement with Mr. Santino for transport, bookable at +39 328 9162540. The fare to Miri Piri is €40 for one person, and €50 for two to four people.

      • TIP: coordinate with fellow trainees via your DTM WhatsApp group! 

      ✤ BY CAR

      Common road

      1. Exit the A1 motorway at Piacenza Sud.
      2. Take the ring road and follow SS45 towards Genova-Bobbio.
      3. Just past Rivergaro, turn right towards Rivalta-Croara.
      4. After about 1 km, turn right for Pigazzano. Right again in front of the Pigazzano bar.
      5. After 500 m, turn left for Sborzani, and continue for another 1500 m.
      6. The last 900 m is a dirt road.

      Scenic road

      Same distance, same travel time as the common road:

      1. Exit A1 motorway at Piacenza Sud.
      2. Follow the ring road to SS45 towards Genova-Bobbio.
      3. At Galleana roundabout, take the 2nd exit for Gossolengo-Agazzano.
      4. Turn right after 600m for Gossolengo.
      5. At the roundabout, go left towards Agazzano.
      6. Keep straight at Besurica roundabout towards Gossolengo – Rivalta – Rivergaro.
      7. Continue straight at the next roundabout towards Rivergaro, 4.5km later.
      8. After 4km, turn right towards Piozzano – Agazzano – Gazzola.
      9. Left after the Trebbia river bridge for Piozzano – Agazzano – Gazzola.
      10. Continue straight at the crossroads after 1.3km.
      11. After 5km, turn right for Scrivellano – Pigazzano.
      12. Keep straight at Scrivellano crossroads towards Pigazzano.
      13. In Pigazzano, head uphill and turn left after 500m for Sborzani – Miri Piri.
      14. At the crossroads after 600m, turn right for Sborzani – Miri Piri. Follow the white road for the last 900m.

      More Info

      ✤ ARRIVAL

      We ask you to arrive between 15:00-16:00 on Monday, October 21st to allow time to check in, explore the grounds and settle in before we start. The camp will officially start at 17:00 with an introduction and exercise before we go to dinner together! 


      The retreat will end after brunch on Saturday, October 27th. Check out by 11:00 and leaving site by 13:00.


      → Tech & Gear

      - Laptop

      - DJ controller

      - DJ headphones

      - Bag or backpack to carry your DJ gear

      - Cables, stands or gear you need to DJ 

      → Clothing & other

      - Headlamp or head torch to walk around at night

      - Clothing suitable for dancing (we’ll dance numerous times a day, both inside and outside)

      - Clothing suitable to bring outside (Mountain weather in Catalonia is unpredictable in October; come prepared for all conditions.)

      - Bring layers, especially if you are glamping/camping. It can get cold at night!

      - Swimsuit

      - Comfortable and appropriate outdoor shoes to walk/dance outside (lots of nature to explore)

      - Dress up for a fun night; not fancy, just fun. Bring something if you enjoy dressing up.

      - Towel! Only the private accommodation are given towels, everyone else, please bring one!

      → Other

      - Toiletries (only natural, biodegradable products please)

      - Talisman (or sacred item) for the community altar

      - Pens and markers

      - Ear plugs (if sharing accommodation)

      ✤ PAYMENT

      A non-refundable deposit is required to book and secure your place. Balance due 15 days before the retreat starts. Please carefully read our Retreat Terms & Conditions as by booking on our retreat, you become legally bound by these terms.


      I'm coming from abroad. Do we need a visa to enter Italy? No! But to be sure, check with your own government and check your specific requirements. 

      Can I come on my own? Absolutely! Most of our participants actually come on their own, and many do not know anyone else who is coming. This retreat is inclusive, and we strive to create a culture of belonging. The program is designed to facilitate connections between one another with ice-breakers, group exercises and a daily sharing circle in small groups.

      Is this a festival? No. Festivals are generally larger events with several programs or workshops to choose from and participants can arrive and leave as they wish, also meals are not usually communal. Our DJ Camp, on the other hand, is a closed container: we start and finish together. We are limiting the number of participants to create a more intimate gathering. There is just one program and all the activities, including meals, are communal. We encourage you to attend all sessions and participate in all activities, as this will give you the fullest experience. We will also ask you to use your phone in designated areas only. This retreat is an invitation to dive deeper into your DJ practice and let go of the outside world.

      What is your cancellation policy? In the unlikely case that we have to cancel the retreat, a full refund will be offered. In case of cancellation from your side, no refunds or transfers will be offered, regardless of the reason.

      If I can no longer make it, can I transfer my booking to someone?

      If you find someone to take your booking, there will be a €50 admin charge to transfer your booking to another person. If the retreat is fully booked, and you want us to sell your booking on your behalf, we will retain your deposit and refund you the balance only if we find a replacement who has paid in full. Please note, we will only accept booking transfers and allow posts on our social media if the camp is fully booked.

      What’s included

      • Professional Education
        A team of established Ecstatic Dance DJs, Organizers, and Facilitators will guide you and share their knowledge
      • Daily Dance Sessions
        Prepare for daily dancing, often multiple times a day!
      • DJ Opportunities
        Instantly practice your newfound skills with chances to DJ. We'll offer lottery slots to interested participants for morning dances, poolside sets, and more.
      • Small Groups
        Enjoy the benefits of small group discussions, fostering personal connection and mutual support
      • Networking Community
        A dedicated WhatsApp group for continuous networking and support among fellow DJ cohorts
      • Gradutation Certificate
        Upon completion, receive a graduation certificate acknowledging your accomplishment
      • 25% discount for Traktor
        A voucher for Native Instruments' website to purchase a controller or other gear.
      • Accommodation & Food
        The total cost of the training depend on the type of accommodation you choose! When you register, please choose a desired accommodation & meals add-on

      What’s not included

      • Transport to the venue
        Check “How to Get to Miri Piri” above to coordinate your travel. We'll establish a WhatsApp group for participants to facilitate shared taxi arrangements. Please contact us if you need support.
      • Gear
        Be sure to bring your own computer and DJ Controller for the sessions.

      Available Packages

      Ecstatic DJ Camp • Golden Ticket Price
      only 2 left

      It's a DTM tradition to give the best price to the first 3 sign ups! €200 off the regular price. When we sell 3 we shift to Early Bird pricing. 

      Please note, the training price doesn't include accommodation, choose an accommodation option from the list below. All accommodation packages include all meals.

      Deposit: €400
      Ecstatic DJ Camp • Early Bird Price
      Available until September 2, 2024

      With this offer you receive 100€ off the regular price. Early bird Pricing available until September 1st.

      Please note, the training price doesn't include accommodation, choose an accommodation option from the list below. All accommodation packages include all meals.

      Deposit: €400
      Ecstatic DJ Camp • Regular Price

      Please note, the training price doesn't include accommodation, choose an accommodation option from the list below. All accommodation packages include all meals.

      Deposit: €400

      Available options


      How we Start the Day
      Morning Movement

      What sets Ecstatic and Conscious DJs apart from others? Well, we are pretty sure it is because at heart we are DANCERS. And so, we begin our day with a Morning Movement practice. 

      This practice starts very slow and gentle, using multi-genre & slow bpm tracks that allow for a gentle awakening of the body with micro movements and curiosity. There is minimal guidance in the middle of the set (yes, the middle! It's a kind of reverse ED set) and a very short closing circle, so we can go off to our small groups and Brunch

      Who’s Going

      Your Organizer

      Dance The Medicine
      28 reviews
      Our Dream Team at Dance the Medicine includes established Conscious and Ecstatic Dance event organizer, movement facilitators and DJ's, We are diverse, coming from a wide array of backgrounds and modalities with varying visions about how to deliver our dance medicine to the world. What we share is a love of dance, music and community. We are collaborative, empathetic, action-minded and believe that dance has the ability to change the world! Come learn, play and DANCE with us!


      I am proud to have become part of the DTM Family. It was a real "trip" with wonderful people, all items I wished to be handled were explained and trained so intensely. Of course one will learn the most from doing, but a gentle push into the right direction is so welcome :-) Thank you all!
      By Roel H for Ecstatic DJ Training 2024 • Masterclass Series • ONLINE on May 26, 2024
      Thank you Etienne for your kind explanation of Midi Mapping. I can't say I saw the need to midi map very much but I now see it opens such a lot of possibilities and working free from the laptop/keyboard/mouse... Thanks!
      By Roel H for The Monthly Masterclasses! Continuing Education & Support on May 26, 2024
      As always when connecting to the Dance the Medicine team one feels very nurtured. It was a great informative masterclass….Renee Lacroix was extremely Professional, adaptable, knowledgable and generous in her presentation. No question was left unanswered. Loads of great ideas to take away in terms of promoting your event As an older less technical learner I have never felt ridiculous or stupid when having to ask rather basic questions around social media or computers….I’m looking forward to ongoing training I would recommend them whole heartedly ☮️❤️
      By Joules K for The Monthly Masterclasses! Continuing Education & Support on Apr 21, 2024
      Very helpful and friendly masterclass ! Such a pleasure to exchange with this great team.
      By Bruno A for The Monthly Masterclasses! Continuing Education & Support on Feb 18, 2024
      Great time with fine and experienced people. A pleasure journey!
      By Roel H for Ecstatic DJ Training 2023 • Beginner • ONLINE on Feb 02, 2024
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