Ecstatic DJ School 2024 • IRELAND

      Rockfield, Kells, Co. Meath, A82 V9D5, Ireland

      Dance The Medicine
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      33 reviews
      Sep 1 - 7, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 51
      Ecstatic DJ School 2024 • IRELAND
      Rockfield, Kells, Co. Meath, A82 V9D5, Ireland

      Dance The Medicine
      • Email address verified
      33 reviews

      Sep 1 - 7, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 51

      About this trip

      ✤ Join the DTM team in-person to learn the art of conscious dance set creation and develop essential DJ skills for your DJ adventure - all while being the part of a community that is engaging, supportive, and fun!

      Looking to make the most of the end of your summer in 2024? Join us for a 7-day immersive DJ Training at Rockfield House, an enchanting historic location in County Meath, Ireland. Our established DTM team will guide you step-by-step through our tried-and tested curriculum which is suitable for even complete beginners. The comprehensive 9-module program will easefully transform you into a confident DJ! You'll learn the art of song curation, selection, and placement, and seamless transitions to create dance journeys you always dreamt of. Plus, we'll give you a handy technical training manual to guide you through the process and for you to jot down notes, so you have a valuable reference for the future.ough the process and for you to jot down notes, so you have a valuable reference for the future.

      Is our Ecstatic DJ School Right for You? 

      → Do you want to be a DJ?

      → Have you attended an Ecstatic Dance and want to create such a magical experience?

      → Are you a seasoned DJ who is keen to step into the world of ecstatic and conscious dance

      → Are you a conscious dance facilitator using iTunes/Spotify, ready to level up?

      → Do you organise Ecstatic Dance events and seek confidence to DJ at them? 

      → Do you already work with Traktor software and want to go beyond the bare essentials?

      → Eager to learn alongside peers that understand the unique skills needed to DJ conscious dance, often overlooked in traditional DJ academies? 

      → Do you want to learn to DJ in a kind, supportive environment where you feel safe asking those potentially “stupid” questions?

      If the answer to any of these questions is YES, join us in Ireland for the in-person DTM Ecstatic DJ school, designed specifically for conscious dance music professionals! 

      ✤ What to Expect at our in-person Ecstatic DJ School?

      Our 7-day immersive DJ School is more than just training—it's a full on experience filled with music, dance, activities, and chances to connect. 

      We cover a lot of ground, starting with a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of Traktor Software and DTM's unique Set Creation Model. From there, we'll take you on a step-by-step journey, mixing theoretical and technical learning with practice, while ensuring time for group discussions, live demos, and, of course, lots of dancing! 

      Some sessions get very hands-on and include individualised 1-on-1 sessions for each student, ensuring a rock-solid foundation, no matter where you are on your journey. 

      Overall, we adapt our teaching to your cohort's skill level, interests, and specific requests while covering topics such as:

      → Learning the fundamentals of Traktor DJ Software

      → Smart library management

      → Using DJ controllers

      → Track curation and sourcing

      → Waveform analysis 

      → Looping

      → Effects 

      → Mastering the beatgrid

      → Counting music and phrasing

      → Customising your DJ software

      → And much much more

      Our end goal is to create a unique and meaningful learning experience that not only boosts your confidence but also we make sure we have plenty of fun. Rest assured, we've included downtime in our busy schedule to enjoy the comfortable luxury of stunning Rockfield House. And while you develop your DJ skills, you'll be treated to healthy meals three times a day, for a well-rounded and relaxing experience.

      Our 9-module curriculum is all about giving you the technical know-how and practise you need to become a DJ with strong foundational skills and confidence. Each module builds on the last, spiced up with plenty of Q&A sessions, dancing, loads of fun, and even chances for you to DJ yourself! It doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch or already have a bit of experience, our kind expert team is here to help every step of the way and by the end of the 6 days, you'll be ready to create some magical music sets.   

      The Curriculum

      Our 9-module curriculum is all about giving you the technical know-how and practise you need to become a DJ with strong foundational skills and confidence. Each module builds on the last, spiced up with plenty of Q&A sessions, dancing, loads of fun, and even chances for you to DJ yourself! It doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch or already have a bit of experience, our kind expert team is here to help every step of the way and by the end of the 6 days, you'll be ready to create some magical music sets.   

      Module 01 • THE BIG PICTURE 

      → Introduction to the team and your cohorts 

      → DTM's Conscious/Ecstatic Dance Set Creation Model (aka the 'The Magic Carpet Ride')

      → Demystify DJ Software: an introduction to Traktor Pro3 DJ software


      → Importing: Best practices for getting music into Traktor

      → Get to grips with Traktor: Learn how to fine-tune preferences and configure your setup

      → Group continuity: Ensuring all are ready for the technical segment of the training

      Module 03 • SET CREATION + BROWSER

      → Introduction to set creation, with focus on crafting the ‘Body of the Set’

      → Exploring set creation tools, and what determines the “energy level” of a track

      → A deeper dive into Traktor browser and smart library organisation and file management


      → DJ controllers/consoles: fundamentals of Traktor S2 MK3

      → Getting the hang of pre-cueing 

      → Intro to counting music

      Module 05 • TRACKS + DECKS

      → Tracks! When to use them, how to find them, and where to buy them!

      → Demystifying track formats and golden tips for track selection 

      → Deck layout, track decks, and waveform

      Module 06 • INTRO TO TRANSITIONS

      → Introduction to the phrasing

      → Understanding how the filter function

      → Top tips, shortcuts and lowering stress, so you can have more fun!


      → Intro to three basic transitions: intro/outro, drop on the 1 and syncing

      → Deep dive into the mixer/EQ section of Traktor Pro 3 and your controller

      → Transition demo with tracks select by students 


      → Stacking transition skills to create seamless mixes

      → Skilful looping to mix tracks  

      → Incorporating effects for even better transitions 

      Module 09 • ONWARD

      → Filling in the gaps: Best practices to step into the world as a DJ

      → Extra bits of wisdom and personal top tips from our DJ Coaches

      → We will end our time together with a graduation ritual ♥

      The Team

      ✤ BERNICE RAABIS • Founder of Dance The Medicine

      Having begun humbly in the Kootenay Mountains of Western Canada, Bernice is now a respected mentor for Conscious Dance Leaders across the globe. Her journey started with hosting Dance Church for over ten years, where she harnessed her expertise from training in various disciplines, including Soul Motion, Movement Based Expressive Therapy (The Life Art Process), and Relational Somatic Therapy. These were brought together to nurture her local multi-generational dance community, which flourished and surpassed even her most ambitious expectations.

      In 2016, she stretched her wings co-founding Ecstatic Dance International, facilitating successful leadership trainings in the US, the Netherlands, Guatemala, and Portugal. Driven to incorporate DJ and dance facilitation skills into available trainings, she used the name of her unique practice, and founded Dance The Medicine, a collective of accomplished conscious dance professionals determined to infect the world with dance. 

      While Bernice loves DJing and creating transformative events, her deepest fulfilment comes from facilitating deep somatic processes using a combination of dance, art, and ritual; to help dancers find freedom through connection to self, community, and humanity. 

      ✤ ALEX SEVILLA • Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Madrid & Co-teacher @ DTM DJ Training 

      After more than two decades behind the decks as club DJ, Alex stumbled upon conscious dance. This encounter reshaped not only his personal life but also his profession. He soon traded in his career as a computer engineer to become a conscious dance entrepreneur, sharing his passion for dance, music, and consciousness with the world. Stepping into his new life, to become a resident DJ at Templo del Baile, a monthly conscious club in his hometown Madrid, regularly attended by over 200 dancers. Two years later, an invitation to play Ecstatic Dance Madrid, enabled him to take his sets to the next level.

      During the pandemic, it became Alex’ mission to help the worldwide Ecstatic Dance community by navigating the technical challenges of live-streaming dance and music events as we all struggled to fulfil our need to dance during lockdown. Post-restrictions, he facilitated in-person dancing again by offering donation-based sessions in the streets of Spain, giving birth to a monthly gathering known as La Plaga del Baile (The Plague of Dance) In May 2020, Dance The Medicine recognized Alex’ talent and generous nature recruiting him as a teacher and tech guru during their first Ecstatic DJ Conference. He has been with us ever since, lucky DTM!

      ESTA POLYESTA • Co-teacher @ DTM, Global Ecstatic Dance DJ & Dance Facilitator, Event Organizer & Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam & Ecstatic Dance Goa 

      Introducing Esta, your globe-trotting full time professional DJ and ceremony leader from Amsterdam. While she found her passion for music and dance early in life, she waited until 2005 to share her talent with the world. Nearly two decades later, Esta is celebrated for her significant influence on global beats, world music, and Ecstatic Dance, extending her reach from Russia to Thailand, USA to India, and beyond. Her playful facilitation and adventurous sets invite expression, connection, and joy have enchanted crowds worldwide. 

      Esta's expertise isn't confined to the decks; Her versatile skill set includes ritual design,  music production, and Trance Dance facilitation. She showed her entrepreneurial prowess by pioneering Ecstatic Dance at Odessa and co-organising both Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam and Ecstatic Dance Ruigoord. She further shapes the Ecstatic Dance scene by offering 1-on-1 mentorship of emerging DJs and conscious leaders and teaching in several DTM trainings.

      Esta's collaboration with DTM stretches back to the very first live DJ Training when she was hired as DJ Coach after Bernice stumbled across her play on a pirate ship. As one of DTM's first team members, she's been instrumental in shaping its identity as professional, fun, and supportive, and remains a crucial team member until this day.

      ÉADAOIN NÍ CHALLARÁIN • Dance Facilitator & Conscious DJ

      Éadaoin, hailing from the scenic West coast of Ireland, ventured into the realm of DTM, driven by her passion for dance and a desire to enhance the musical experience for dancers in her Open Floor classes, a venture she embarked on in 2017. This journey not only met her initial aspirations but unfolded into much more. Being a part of DTM has enveloped her in an incredibly supportive community, sparking continual inspiration to delve deeper into the art of DJing and nurturing conscious dance spaces, fuelling cycles of learning, loving, and growth


      Her journey as a movement junkie began at the dawn of the millennium, propelling her to explore various corners of the globe in pursuit of her passion. Her exploration included engaging with 5 Rhythms under the guidance of Gabrielle Roth and Caitriona Nic Ghiollaphadraig, Open Floor with Andrea Juhan among others, Amerta with Suprapto, Move into Life with Sandra Reeve, Ecstatic Dance with Bernice Raabis, and more. These experiences have been her source of medicine, joy, and motivation.

      Éadaoin is thrilled to welcome DTM to Ireland, knowing it will not only further ignite the conscious dance community within the country but also attract those from abroad, inspired by the training. She believes Ireland's enchanting landscape plays its own tune, compelling everyone to dance. "The Land sings can't help but dance.” She foresees the transformative impact DTM will have on the dance community. It’s going to be a great time and amazing training experience!

      Testimonials from Graduates

      "The Beginners DJ School not only fulfilled my dream of being a DJ, but it allowed me to develop and create my own music/dance medicine flavour for the world to experience. I'm so excited about what is ahead for me, and I know that I am in good hands: the people I met are so incredible, we will forever be connected and follow each other's journey, and that in itself is a gift!"  → Maïté Azarov • San Francisco, USA

      "Overall, it went beyond my expectations. I thought I would just learn how to be a DJ. But I found a community, support, and courage to be strong, daring and me! This training gave me balance in my daily life, allowing me to incorporate music, dance and DJ sessions. I improved fast and am shocked at where I am today: having released a first set. Now I am thrilled and scared to be on my own for my DJ journey, even though I feel the support still present from DTM and the whole group. So much advice on “do it your own way” “get inspired by others but remain yourself” “just do it!” “Some might criticize or judge, but they are not doing it, you are!” still resonates and allows me to feel that I can do it and that my music is worth being heard and dancing to! I don’t have to be the perfect expert or the greatest musician to be allowed to create sets and share them with people willing to dance to it. I am thankful for the diversity in our group, of age, gender, race and styles, countries and cultures. It was so great to meet all those people, not even knowing what job they might have, but knowing what music they dance to!"

      → Héloïse Ferber • Bagnolet, France 

      “This school was amazingly well-thought-out and put together. A great balance of learning technique, theory, and practicing. The 1-on-1 time with experienced DJs was also extremely helpful. I ended this school experience feeling like my time and money was well-invested!” 

      → Stephen Wieber • USA

      The Location

      Rockfield House, nestled near Kells and a stone's throw from Dublin, is a breathtaking nine-bay three-storey mansion that radiates both elegance and tranquillity. Surrounded by charming stone courtyards and boasting a three-acre walled garden, this exquisite estate offers a serene escape just moments away from the bustling city life. Imagine it as learning to DJ in Downton Abbey! 

      The Accommodation

      Rockfield House, this enchanting accommodation, which is a beautiful blend of old-world charm meets modern luxury, is divided into three parts; The House, The Courtyard Apartment, and The Gardener’s Lodge.

      The House can host guests across ten uniquely themed bedrooms, each named after historical families tied to Rockfield's rich past. Each room is a comfy haven of rustic elegance, with plush beds and large windows that showcase the stunning landscape. Here modern comforts meet historical architecture, including luxe ensuites with copper baths and chic showers.

      The adjoining Courtyard Apartment offers two more elegant bedrooms and includes a kitchen, dining area, and a lounge where you can relax by the open fire. The beautifully renovated Gardener’s Lodge is next to the peaceful walled garden, and features three bedrooms arranged in a cosy, dormitory-style setting, perfect for a communal experience.

      Outside you can enjoy tea on the charming patio or have a stroll in the manicured gardens which have vibrant flowers and native plants. Rockfield House’s grounds are full of surprises, from collecting fresh eggs to encountering Fred and Ted, the charming resident goats. Rockfield House is more than a stay; it's a playful Irish experience where history, comfort, and nature dance together.

      How to Get to Rockfield House

      ✤ ADDRESS

      Rockfield House, 

      Kells, Co. Meath, 

      A82 V9D5, Ireland

      Google Maps 


      +353(0)46 9434 135

      +353(0)86 129 6425


      •  Dublin Airport 

      BY TRAIN

      To travel by train from Dublin to the nearest station to Kells, you would:

      Take a train from Dublin Heuston or Dublin Connolly station to Navan or Drogheda.

      There is no direct train to Kells, so Navan or Drogheda are the closest stations with train services from Dublin. From there, you would need to take a bus or a taxi to reach Kells.

      BY TAXI

      Should be booked between 24–48 hours in advance. You can contact Magees Cabs to arrange a ride from Kells to Rockfield House. 

      • +353 879674334 
      • +353868765917 
      • TIP: coordinate with fellow trainees via your DTM WhatsApp group! 

      BY BUS

      To get to Rockfield House from Dublin or Kells, you can use the bus service. 

      • Kells is just 3km from Rockfield House and is accessible via the 109 bus line, which runs from Donegal to Dublin. 
      • If you're coming from abroad and arriving at the airport, you can catch the 109a service, which operates hourly. 
      • For a faster journey from Dublin, use the 109x express service. 
      • The regular 109 bus will also get you there but takes longer as it stops at various points along the way. 
      • For more detailed information and schedules, visit

      BY CAR 

      • From Dublin
        • Start by taking the M3 highway towards Kells.
        • Take the Kells North exit (Exit 11).
        • At the roundabout, take the third exit to go towards Kells.
        • Drive on R941 for about 1 km.
        • At the first T junction, take a right turn onto R164.
        • Drive for about 1.8 km, cross over the M3 motorway, and Rockfield House will be the first gateway on your right.

      • From centre of Kells town:
        • Take the road towards Athboy.
        • After crossing the M3 motorway, Rockfield House is the first gateway on your right. 

      More Info


      On Sunday, September 1st between arrival is between 15:00 and 17:00 to allow time to check in, explore the grounds and settle in before we start. 


      The retreat will be on Saturday, September 7th. Check out will be after lunch so we can share one last meal together before we all depart around 13:00. 


      → Tech & Gear

      - Laptop

      - DJ controller—for questions, email

      - DJ headphones

      - Bag or backpack to carry your DJ gear

      - Cables, stands or gear you need to DJ 

      → Clothing & items

      - Headlamp or head torch to walk around at night

      - Clothing suitable for dancing (we’ll dance numerous times a day, both inside and outside)

      - Clothing suitable to bring outside
      - Bring layers. It can get cold at night!

      - Swimsuit

      - Comfortable and appropriate outdoor shoes to walk/dance outside (lots of nature to explore)

      - Dress up for a fun night; not fancy, just fun. Bring something if you enjoy dressing up.

      - Towel!

      → Other

      - Toiletries 

      - Talisman (or sacred item) for the community altar

      - Pens and markers

      - Ear plugs (if sharing accommodation)


      A non-refundable deposit is required to book and secure your place. Balance due 15 days before the retreat starts. Please carefully read our Retreat Terms & Conditions as by booking on our retreat, you become legally bound by these terms.


      → I'm coming from abroad. Do we need a visa to enter Ireland? 

      No! But to be sure, check with your own government and check your specific requirements. 

      → Can I come on my own?

      Absolutely! Most of our participants actually come on their own, and many do not know anyone else who is coming. This training is inclusive, and we strive to create a culture of belonging. The program is designed to facilitate connections between one another with ice-breakers, group exercises and a daily sharing circle in small groups.

      → Do I need a DJ controller?

      Yes, for this training you will need to bring a DJ Controller. We recommend the Traktor S2 MK3. If you need support with deciding which controller to acquire, please email We would also like to point out that our students get a 25% discount voucher for Native Instruments, the manufacturer of the Traktor software and controller.  

      → Is this a beginner's training? 

      The DTM in-person DJ School offers training ideal for both complete beginners and conscious dance professionals with some DJ-ing experience. We provide personalised 1-on-1 sessions during the training and at times will divide participants into groups based on skill level. This approach ensures that everyone, regardless of where they are in their journey, is supported and leaves the training with new knowledge and a significant boost in confidence. 

      → Will I receive a certification?
      Yes, after successful completion of the in-person part of the training, you’ll be a DTM certified Ecstatic DJ.

      → What's your cancellation and refund policy? In case of cancellation from your side, we don't offer any refunds, regardless of the reason.

      If I can no longer make it, can I transfer my booking to someone?

      If you transfer your booking to someone else, there's a €100 admin fee. If the retreat is full, and you want us to sell your spot, we'll keep your deposit and refund the balance only if we find a full-paying replacement. Booking transfers and posts on our social media are allowed only when the training is fully booked.

      What’s included

      • Professional Education
        A team of five established Ecstatic Dance DJs, Organisers, and Facilitators will guide you and share their knowledge
      • Daily Dance Sessions
        Prepare for daily dancing, often multiple times a day!
      • DJ Opportunities
        Instantly practise your newfound skills with chances to DJ. We'll offer some lottery slots to those who want to DJ.
      • Small Groups
        Enjoy the benefits of small group discussions, fostering personal connection and mutual support
      • Networking Community
        A dedicated WhatsApp group for continuous networking and support among fellow DJ cohorts during and after the training.
      • 25% discount for Traktor
        A voucher for Native Instruments' website to purchase a controller or other gear
      • Accommodation & food
        The total cost of the training depends on the type of accommodation you choose! When you register, please choose a desired accommodation & meals add-on
      • Graduation Certificate
        To acknowledge your accomplishment

      What’s not included

      • Transportation
      • (Travel) Insurance

      Available Packages

      Available until July 1, 2024

      Sign up before 1st of July and get €200 off the regular pricing. 

      Please note, the price doesn't include accommodation, choose an accommodation option from the list below. All accommodation packages include self catered breakfast (we will provide an abundance of basics for you), and fully catered lunches and dinners

      Deposit: €350

      → The full experience: 7 days immersive training including DJ demos, somatic based activities, and comprehensive Q&A sessions

      → 9 content-packed modules 

      → 200+ page DTM DJ Training Manual & Workbook in PDF format for you to print

      → 12 carefully curated tracks to kick-start your collection

      → 25% discount voucher on Traktor hardware products

      → 1-on-1 sessions during training with a DTM DJ Coach. 

      → An exclusive WhatsApp group to foster vibrant discussions, resource sharing, and networking opportunities with your classmates

      → A graduation certificate acknowledging your accomplishment

      → An enduring network of supportive, fellow Ecstatic DJs

      → Your graduation gift is a set evaluation from one of the DTM DJ Coaches. On request, any time until 6 months after graduation.

      Please note, the price doesn't include accommodation, choose an accommodation option from the list below. All accommodation packages include self catered breakfast (we will provide an abundance of basics for you), and fully catered lunches and dinners


      Available options

      Private Room with Private Bath
      only 1 left

      Double bed in a private room with a private bathroom. Includes towels, linens, a full meal plan, and access to all amenities  

      Private Room with Shared Bath
      Sold Out

      Double bed in a private room with a shared bathroom. Includes towels, lines, a full meal plan, and access to all amenities. 

      Triple with Shared Bath
      only 2 left

      Single bed in a room with up to 2 others. Shared bathrooms. Includes towels, lines, a full meal plan, and access to all amenities

      Quad with Shared Bath

      A single bed in a room with up to 3 others. Shared bathrooms. Includes towels, lines, a full meal plan, and access to all amenities 

      Your Organizer

      Dance The Medicine
      33 reviews
      Our Dream Team at Dance the Medicine includes established Conscious and Ecstatic Dance event organizer, movement facilitators and DJ's, We are diverse, coming from a wide array of backgrounds and modalities with varying visions about how to deliver our dance medicine to the world. What we share is a love of dance, music and community. We are collaborative, empathetic, action-minded and believe that dance has the ability to change the world! Come learn, play and DANCE with us!


      What a fantastic experience and training week. I loved dancing three times a day, the training was very hands on and practical, the teachers were amazing. I love having three meals a day cooked for me in the amazing dining yurt. Beautiful location and an all round immersive and amazing experience. Thank you
      By Melanie M for Dance Facilitator Training 2024 • UK on Jun 11, 2024
      I had a wonderful time. I felt held by the team, making it possible to express authentically and experiment without perfection. The team are extremely experienced and dedicated to their practice. It comes from the heart. I loved the content and the opportunity to embody that within the training. The location is stunning and nurturing, I am partially an introvert so I needed time alone from the big group and I was able to find that while I was there. The food was delicious but I needed to supplement with protein. All in all, I had a wonderful heartfelt experience where I came away with a deep trust in myself to carry this work forward into the world. Thank you Dance the Medicine and Embercombe.
      By Mina B for Dance Facilitator Training 2024 • UK on Jun 06, 2024
      Such a helpful experience! When i signed up i wondered if it was the right course for me because there was a lot of talk about technical stuff of Traktor. This i learned already by other means and i wanted to deep dive in the ecstatic dance part and how to make sets/dances and learn new tools for that. The course gave me so much new ways to make and look at an ecstatic dance set. Also the teachers where awesome. They have so much knowledge combined and they gave me really new ways how to work with transitions, making a set and improvise or play during a set/dance. I am still grasping to use all the tools learned and probably will do for some time but it gives so much energy and confidence. It was totally worth every penny!
      By Dario H for Ecstatic DJ Training 2024 • Masterclass Series • ONLINE on Jun 04, 2024
      This training has been so good! Amazing trainers as usual, amazing pro students. We had the chance to dive in so many techniques and aspects about djing. .. My skills has gone so much better, I am really satisfied about this training and I highly recommend it. Thanks so much DTM team, and students! Clementina aka Tangerina
      By Clementina Francesca F for Ecstatic DJ Training 2024 • Masterclass Series • ONLINE on May 31, 2024
      Thank you very much for this great course where I learned a lot. Thanks for the great community and the great teachers.
      By Michael D for Ecstatic DJ Training 2024 • Masterclass Series • ONLINE on May 30, 2024
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