Ecstatic DJ Training 2024 • Masterclass Series • ONLINE

      Worldwide via Zoom

      Dance The Medicine
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      28 reviews
      Apr 9 - May 21, 2024
      Group size: 15 - 25
      Ecstatic DJ Training 2024 • Masterclass Series • ONLINE
      Worldwide via Zoom

      Dance The Medicine
      • Email address verified
      28 reviews

      Apr 9 - May 21, 2024
      Group size: 15 - 25

      About this trip

      ✤ Master the art of conscious dance set creation and enhance your DJ toolkit with the wisdom and insights of five renowned DJs and facilitators. Join us on an exhilarating journey that promises a blend of intensive learning and sheer, geek-out fun.

      Indulge in an exhilarating Ecstatic DJ masterclass series where each maestro takes the helm of an entire module, sharing their invaluable knowledge, expertise, and experiences:

      • Amrit Dhillion: Touring DJ and Resident DJ at ED Salt Lake City
      • Fabio Freddie: DMC Champion and Founder of ED Italy
      • Esta Polyesta: Touring Ecstatic Dance DJ and Resident teacher at DTM DJ School
      • Alex Sevilla: Touring DJ, Resident DJ at ED Madrid, Co-teacher at DTM DJ School
      • Bernice Raabis: Founder of Dance the Medicine and the DTM DJ School

      Conscious DJs aim to deepen dancers' inner self-connection and cultivate community spirit, aspiring for transformative, often life-changing, experiences. This calls for finesse in track choice, profound transition expertise, and grasping the human experience; using it as a muse. Get an insider look into the go-to tricks, important practice advice, and unique workflow of 5 accomplished ED professionals.

      In our Ecstatic DJ Masterclass series, you’ll embark on the next phase of your DJ learning as we provide you valuable knowledge and inspiration in creating truly transformative dance journeys. You’ll learn alongside a small cohort of experienced conscious dance professionals in a fun and supportive environment. We focus on practical skill-based learning, personal attention, and providing customised guidance based on your cohort's abilities and interests. By the end, you will emerge with new skills and tricks ready to create magical experiences on dance floors of any kind! 

      Our Ecstatic DJ Masterclass is for…

      → Graduates of DTM’s Beginner Ecstatic DJ Training ready for the next step.

      → Ecstatic Dance DJs aiming to enhance their skills set 

      → Tech-proficient DJs keen to master the craft of multi-genre mixing

      → Conscious Dance Facilitators eager to upgrade their Traktor Knowledge

      → Facilitators of any kind who work with music and are seeking proficiency in DJ software.

      → Conscious Dance DJs who are craving more skills and confidence.

      If you find yourself mentioned in this list and want to have fun while advancing your DJ skills, don't hesitate to join us at this Masterclass series designed especially for professionals in conscious dance music.

      What to Expect at the Masterclass Series
      This 7-module training will take place on Tuesdays over a period of 7 weeks. The training begins April 9th and ends on May 21st, 2024. Each 3-hour module features a different DJ and blends lectures, live demos, mini dance sessions, assignment reviews, group discussions, and more. Additionally, benefit from two 1-on-1 sessions with a DTM DJ coach, tackling whichever obstacle is holding you back or the skill you most want to learn next regardless of where you stand in your DJ journey.

      We begin by reviewing Traktor Software basics and DTM's unique Set Creation Model. From there you will learn from a new DJ each class mixing theoretical and technical lectures with hands-on sessions. Topics we’ll cover include;
      → Masterful library management

      → Strategic approach to track sourcing

      → Scratching 

      → Detailed waveform analysis

      → Fluid improvised mixing

      → Proficiency in counting music & phrasing

      → Comprehensive understanding of DJ software

      → Complete and competent use of controllers

      → MIDI mapping

      → Harmonic mixing 

      → Cue point juggling & sampling

      → Elevated techniques in filtering, EQ-ing, FX, and looping

      → Skilful DJ-ing with 4 decks

      → And so much more

      We adapt our teaching to your cohort's skill level, interests, and specific requests while maintaining the objectives of our curriculum. Our end goal is to create a unique and meaningful learning experience, making sure you leave this training with the skills you wanted to learn and having filled in the blanks you didn’t even know existed. 

      → Central European Time (UTC+1) 18:00-21:00 (Madrid, Paris)

      → Western European Time (UTC+0) 17:00-20:00 (London, Lisbon)

      → Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) 12:00-15:00 (New York)

      → Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) 9:00-12:00 (LA, Vancouver)

      All sessions will be recorded and released within 48 hours to allow participants to catch up on any missed sessions and stay on track with content and assignments.


      Dive into our comprehensive 7-module DJ curriculum, designed for DJs already well-versed in DJ software and mixing, seeking to elevate their set creation, especially in the conscious dance realm. The first modules feature one of our top five DTM DJ Coaches, offering a masterclass on their specialised expertise, encompassing everything from conscious set creation to the art of scratching.  

      Boost your technical prowess, unearth new techniques, and explore a dynamic curriculum that addresses your inquiries. With each module, your knowledge deepens, integrating interactive discussions with peers and seasoned DTM DJ coaches, ensuring loads of engaging Q&A opportunities to quench your curiosities. Plus, each student will benefit from two personalised 1-on-1 sessions with a DJ coach to address their specific challenges and enhance their skills.

      Module 01 • BERNICE RAABIS MASTERCLASS (09 Apr)

      → Meet the team, your cohorts and get an overview of the training

      → Review Traktor Pro 3 DJ software to establish common ground; solidifying the basics

      → Review DTM's Conscious Dance Set Creation Model (aka 'The Magic Carpet Ride')

      Module 02 ALEX SEVILLA MASTERCLASS (16 Apr)

      → The guru of all things Traktor will unveil lesser-known functions & time-saving workflows

      →Midi Mapping basics with demos and shortcuts 

      → Live demo set followed by a Q&A with the DJ


      → Gathered set creation insights from the experience of performing thousands of sets

      → Next level looping—beyond simple intro/outro loops

      → Live demo set followed by a Q&A with the DJ

      Module 04 • AMRIT DHILLION MASTERCLASS (30 Apr)

      → Digging for tracks—how to find exceptional tracks 

      → Live mashups and remixing—working with long transitions

      → Live demo set followed by a Q&A with the DJ

      Module 05 • FABIO FREDDIE MASTERCLASS (07 May)

      → Want to learn to scratch using jog wheels? Fabio, a former DMC artist will show us how!

      → Remixing live basics; use single loops, hot cues & samples to remix your favourite tracks.

      → Live demo set followed by a Q&A with the DJ

      Module 06 • TEAM FUN DAY (14 May)

      → An opportunity for each DJ to impart one final skill to you.

      → 1-on-1 with a DTM DJ Coach + Group Practice with help from DTM DJ Mentors

      → Live demos showcasing tricky transitions, submitted by you!

      Module 07 • ONWARD (21 May)

      → Final Q&A session bits of wisdom from DJ Coaches

      → 1-on-1 with a DTM DJ Coach + Group Practice with help from DTM DJ Mentors

      → And a special Goodbye <3

      Schedule subject to change


      To join this course you must have a basic DJ proficiency. You must have DJ software installed in your computer and know how to use the basics to play track to track.

      Important to know:

      → You will benefit most from this training if you already have some experience and are looking to improve your skills and knowledge. We won’t be teaching entry-level skills.

      → We teach using Traktor Pro 3 software, but you do not have to be a Traktor user. Our course is universally relevant to those using other DJ software. The skills you'll acquire can be seamlessly applied to other DJ software such as Serato, Recordbox, DJay, etc.

      → DMT has an exclusive deal with Native Instruments, the creator of Traktor. If you plan to buy a new controller (or any other NI equipment) sign up with us first so that you can receive a code which gives you 25% off all Native Instruments hardware.

      Feeling excluded because DJ software seems like a foreign language to you? join our mailing list to be the first to know when we announce new dates for DJ Trainings. The next   In-Person Ecstatic DJ Training (for beginners and intermediates) is happening late summer 2024 in Ireland . Or If you want to get started right away, you may want to opt for our Self-Led Ecstatic DJ Training. If so, read on. 


      What are the requirements to join the master class series? 

      • Access to a computer and DJ software.
      • Proficiency and comfort in using DJ software.
      • Previous experience in performing live DJ sets is advantageous but not mandatory.
      • A strong drive and a curious spirit to acquire new skills rapidly.

      These requirements ensure a productive and enriching learning experience throughout the master class series.

      Which DJ controller/software do I need? 

      You can join this course regardless of what DJ Software you currently use. Our teachers will demonstrate and teach exclusively on Traktor Pro 3 DJ software. While you are not required to download and install Traktor Pro 3 to take this course, you will likely get far more out of the experience if you do. If you wish to purchase a DJ controller, we recommend Traktor Kontrol S2 (which comes with Traktor Pro 3) to our beginners as an entry-level controller, or the Traktor Kontrol S4 if you want to buy something more professional and higher quality. You may use any brand/model of DJ controller/console you wish for the training. We offer our students a 25% discount on all Native Instruments' Traktor products.

      For how long will the recordings be available?

      The video recordings will be available for you to watch for a period of 9 months.

      What's your cancellation policy?

      In case of cancellation from your side, we don't offer any refunds, no matter the reason.


      If this course doesn't seem like a good fit maybe you you would rather opt for one of our Self-led Online Ecstatic DJ Trainings? . 

      Gain  immediate access to a comprehensive 200+ page manual paired with engaging video content (recordings of our most live online recent training). You can choose from a beginner course, and intermediate leveal course or get both for a special combination price. The courses are structured into 9 modules, culminating in a total of 24+ hours of video learning. Furthermore, for a span of 9 months, you'll have unrestricted access. To slightly personalise your learning experience, we also offer a free 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with a teacher of your preference.

      The Self-led Training Format is for you if…

      → You enjoy learning at a pace that suits your personal needs.

      → You absorb knowledge better when studying independently

      → Your schedules make it challenging to attend our live training sessions? (to the Aussies and Kiwis out there!)

      → You are seeking a more cost-effective learning opportunity

      → You don’t require/desire certification

      If this sounds like you, then there is no need to wait. Gain instant access to our Self-Led Ecstatic DJ Training programs and start your DJ journey today! 

      THE TEAM

      BERNICE RAABIS Founder of Dance The Medicine
      Having begun humbly in the Kootenay Mountains of Western Canada, Bernice is now a respected mentor for Conscious Dance Leaders across the globe. Her journey started with hosting Dance Church for over ten years, where she harnessed her expertise from training in various disciplines, including Soul Motion, Movement Based Expressive Art Therapy (The Tamalpa Institute), and Relational Somatic Therapy. These were brought together to nurture her local multi-generational dance community, which flourished and surpassed even her most ambitious expectations.

      In 2016, she stretched her wings co-founding Ecstatic Dance International, facilitating successful leadership trainings in the US, the Netherlands, Guatemala, and Portugal. Driven to incorporate DJ and dance facilitation skills into her training repertoire, she went on to founded Dance The Medicine, a collective of accomplished conscious dance professionals on a mission to infect the world with dance. 

      While Bernice loves DJing and creating transformative events, her deepest fulfilment comes from facilitating deep somatic processes using a combination of dance, art, and ritual; to help dancers find freedom and health through connection to self, community and humanity.

      ALEX SEVILLA • Co-teacher @ DTM DJ TRAINING & Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Madrid

      After more than two decades behind the decks as a club DJ, Alex stumbled upon conscious dance. This encounter reshaped not only his personal life but also his profession. He soon traded in his career as a computer engineer to become a conscious dance entrepreneur, sharing his passion for dance, music, and consciousness with the world. Stepping into his new life, he became a resident DJ at Templo del Baile, a hugely popular conscious club in his hometown Madrid. Two years later, an invitation to play Ecstatic Dance Madrid, enabled him to take this newfound career to the next level. 

      During the pandemic, it became Alex’ mission to help the worldwide Ecstatic Dance community by navigating the technical challenges of live-streaming dance and music events as we all struggled to fulfil our need to dance during lockdown. Post-restrictions, he facilitated in-person dancing again by offering donation-based sessions in the streets of Spain, giving birth to a monthly gathering known as La Plaga del Baile (The Plague of Dance) In May 2020, Dance The Medicine recognized Alex’ talent and generous nature recruiting him as a teacher and tech guru during their first Ecstatic DJ Conference. He has been with us ever since, lucky DTM!

      ✤ ✤ ESTA POLYESTA • Co-teacher @ DTM, Global Ecstatic Dance DJ & Dance Facilitator, Event Organizer & Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam & Ecstatic Dance Goa 

      Introducing Esta, your globe-trotting full time professional DJ and ceremony leader from Amsterdam. While she found her passion for music and dance early in life, she waited until 2005 to share her talent with the world. Nearly two decades later, Esta is celebrated for her significant influence on global beats, world music, and Ecstatic Dance, extending her reach from Russia to Thailand, USA to India, and beyond. Her playful facilitation and adventurous sets invite expression, connection, and joy have enchanted crowds worldwide. 

      Esta's expertise isn't confined to the decks; Her versatile skill set includes ritual design, music production, and Trance Dance facilitation. She showed her entrepreneurial prowess by pioneering Ecstatic Dance at Odessa and co-organising both Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam and Ecstatic Dance Ruigoord. She further shapes the Ecstatic Dance scene by offering 1-on-1 mentorship of emerging DJs and conscious leaders and teaching in several DTM trainings. 

      Esta's collaboration with DTM stretches back to the very first live DJ Training when she was hired as DJ Coach after Bernice stumbled across her play on a pirate ship. As one of DTM's first team members, she's been instrumental in shaping its identity as professional, fun, and supportive, and remains a crucial team member until this day. 

      FABIO FREDDI (DJRonin) • Leadership Coach, Ecstatic Dance DJ & Facilitator & Founder of Ecstatic Dance Italy 

      Fabio, aka DJRonin, began his DJ journey at just age 16, rising quickly to become a turntablist in national and international scratch competitions, even making it as a world finalist at the DMC London 2004. He spent a decade producing music for prominent Italian hip hop artists, gaining professional DJing experience and recognition.

      In 2010, an existential crisis sparked an awakening, prompting Fabio to see music not merely as entertainment but as a potent healing and transformative force. This led him on a self-discovery path, diving deep into rhythm, transpersonal psychology, and shamanism. He trained in various traditions across Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia, eventually discovering Ecstatic Dance in 2012.

      Integrating his passion for DJing with his newly found spiritual insights, Fabio developed a unique approach to fostering transformation and awareness through music and dance. His journey with DTM began in 2018, deepening his knowledge of conscious dance and leading to the establishment of Ecstatic Dance Italy a year later.

      Since 2020, Fabio has served as a DTM coach, helping individuals worldwide blend their intuitive power with technical DJing skills, emphasizing the transformative potential of music. His unique blend of spiritual insight, musical talent, and psychological understanding underpin his effective mentoring and inspiring approach.

      AMRIT DHILLON (Amritaji) • DTM DJ Coach, Founder of Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee & Resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Salt Like City

      Amritaji (Amrit Dhillon) has been enchanting global audiences since 2007 with her unique fusion of psychedelic worldbeat and bass music. Rooted in psytrance and infused with a love for trance-like states induced by Kirtan, she has a unique style of weaving traditional Eastern and indigenous music with deep bass lines and modern dance rhythms. Her music is more than an auditory experience—it’s a sonic space for healing, free and authentic expression, and most importantly, fun!

      In 2016, she founded Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee, a venture that continues until today. Currently, she’s also a Resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance Salt Lake City and serves as an ambassador for Ecstatic Dance Records. Since 2019, she has been using her skills as a DJ coach with Dance The Medicine, offering support during training sessions and providing personalised 1-on-1 DJ lessons. Through her various roles, she persistently spreads her love for conscious dance and movement across the globe, thereby nurturing the global Ecstatic Dance community.


      “An incredibly passionate group of experienced teachers, lovely and open-hearted people from all over the world! Perfect way to connect with Ecstatic Dance professionals and lovers and to broaden your knowledge of every aspect of Djing. It is an honor to be a part of this amazing Ecstatic Tribe!” 

      → Marija Ranic • Serbia

      “A beautiful way to get to know everyone in the business I'm working in. Everything that was shared came so much out of the heart, this makes me believe that dancing makes the world a better place! Thank you <3” 

      → Anna Merel • Guatemala

      “It was a great experience and definitely worth the investment! The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, and the classes were so interactive, which made it even more fun! I’m so glad I decided to join this group!"

      → Samantha Johnson - USA

      “This school was amazingly well-thought-out and put together. A great balance of learning technique, theory, and practicing. The 1-on-1 time with experienced DJs was also extremely helpful. I ended this school experience feeling like my time and money was well-invested!” 

      → Stephen Wieber • USA

      “This course really expanded my DJ knowledge, and I got to meet other aspiring Ecstatic Dance DJs to discuss all our burning questions. It has given me a lot of confidence to DJ live now at events. I enjoyed it immensely, it was such a fun learning experience!”  

      → Iona McNeil • UK

      What’s included

      • 7 Extensive Modules
        Comprehensive curriculum based on years of experience in creating transformative and magical conscious dance sets 21 hours of classroom time
      • Interactive Live Zooms
        3-hour live classes, live set demos, 1-on-1 mentoring, and Q&A sessions with other students from around the globe
      • Assignments
        Assignments to keep you engaged and put your knowledge to practise
      • Video recordings
        Released after 48 hours, so you watch the classes you missed or re-watch any sessions you want for up to 9 months.
      • 25% discount on Traktor
        A voucher you can use on Native Instruments' website to buy your controller and/or any other gear
      • Community WhatsApp Group
        To continue discussions, share resources, and network with your classmates during and after the training.
      • Graduation Certificate
        Sent by email for you to print
      • Set Evaluation
        Your graduation gift is a set evaluation from one of the DTM DJ Coaches. On request, any time in the 6 months after graduation.
      • 1-on-1 sessions
        Durring the last two modules we get you a 1-on-1 with one of our 5 Dj coaches

      What’s not included

      • Traktor Pro 3
        Software should be downloaded and installed before training starts
      • DJ Controller
        We recommend Traktor Kontrol S2 (beginner) or S4 (intermediate)

      Available Packages

      ONLINE TRAINING | Live Zoom Sessions

      → The full experience: Live classes, interactive breakout groups, DJ demos, somatic based activities, and comprehensive Q&A sessions

      → 7 content-packed modules, offering a total of 24 hours of learning

      → Complete access to class recordings, available 48 hours after each live session.

      → An exclusive WhatsApp group to foster vibrant discussions, resource sharing, and networking opportunities with your classmates

      → A graduation certificate acknowledging your accomplishment

      → An enduring network of supportive, fellow Ecstatic DJs to get help long after the course ends.

      Deposit: €150
      EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT | Live Zoom Sessions

      Sign up by February 15th to get € 100 off regular pricing. 

      → The full experience: Live classes, interactive breakout groups, DJ demos, somatic based activities, and comprehensive Q&A sessions

      → 7 content-packed modules, offering a total of 24 hours of learning

      → Complete access to class recordings, available 48 hours after each live session.

      → An exclusive WhatsApp group to foster vibrant discussions, resource sharing, and networking opportunities with your classmates

      → A graduation certificate acknowledging your accomplishment

      → An enduring network of supportive, fellow Ecstatic DJs to get help long after the course ends.

      Deposit: €150
      SUPERBIRD DISCOUNT | Live Zoom Sessions

      The first 3 to sign up will get 150€ off!

      Deposit: €150

      Available options

      Your Organizer

      Dance The Medicine
      28 reviews
      Our Dream Team at Dance the Medicine includes established Conscious and Ecstatic Dance event organizer, movement facilitators and DJ's, We are diverse, coming from a wide array of backgrounds and modalities with varying visions about how to deliver our dance medicine to the world. What we share is a love of dance, music and community. We are collaborative, empathetic, action-minded and believe that dance has the ability to change the world! Come learn, play and DANCE with us!


      I am proud to have become part of the DTM Family. It was a real "trip" with wonderful people, all items I wished to be handled were explained and trained so intensely. Of course one will learn the most from doing, but a gentle push into the right direction is so welcome :-) Thank you all!
      By Roel H for Ecstatic DJ Training 2024 • Masterclass Series • ONLINE on May 26, 2024
      Thank you Etienne for your kind explanation of Midi Mapping. I can't say I saw the need to midi map very much but I now see it opens such a lot of possibilities and working free from the laptop/keyboard/mouse... Thanks!
      By Roel H for The Monthly Masterclasses! Continuing Education & Support on May 26, 2024
      As always when connecting to the Dance the Medicine team one feels very nurtured. It was a great informative masterclass….Renee Lacroix was extremely Professional, adaptable, knowledgable and generous in her presentation. No question was left unanswered. Loads of great ideas to take away in terms of promoting your event As an older less technical learner I have never felt ridiculous or stupid when having to ask rather basic questions around social media or computers….I’m looking forward to ongoing training I would recommend them whole heartedly ☮️❤️
      By Joules K for The Monthly Masterclasses! Continuing Education & Support on Apr 21, 2024
      Very helpful and friendly masterclass ! Such a pleasure to exchange with this great team.
      By Bruno A for The Monthly Masterclasses! Continuing Education & Support on Feb 18, 2024
      Great time with fine and experienced people. A pleasure journey!
      By Roel H for Ecstatic DJ Training 2023 • Beginner • ONLINE on Feb 02, 2024
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