Ecstatic Practices

Lucid Dawn
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Feb 12 - 18, 2019
Group size: 17 - 34
Ecstatic Practices

Lucid Dawn
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Deposit: $108
Feb 12 - 18, 2019
Group size: 17 - 34

About this trip

Yoga, Tantrik philosophy & practice.  Relationship & connecting exercises, breath, live music/ sound science, mantra, meditation, creativity inspiring exercises, timeless practices to heal, renew and expand sense of self in a fantastic hidden gem of paradise located on an undeveloped coast on Maui.  

6 nights, 7 days

Here is the Facebook link in case you want to check out MORE about this fantastic event and all the people like you magnetized to ecstatic practices on Maui!

Why we do this - What we have for you...

This is our 2nd year leading this trip to our heart home land.  This is our 20th year together offering artistic projects, songs, circles, ceremonies, sound healing, & celebrations all over the world in little ways.. We want to grow this as we have grown, as our daughter has grown, it is time to ripple out the love further, all beings have the innate capacity to love to thrive, to be happy, to be ok with the times that are hard.  We are grateful to have gathered the tools, wisdom and community to be able to offer  exceptional learning and experiences for people.  This retreat is for singles and couples.. No matter where we are in life we have infinite portals of relationship awaiting our attention.  We are here to serve.. Please reach out if you have any questions.

What’s included

  • Ayurvedic Catering
    3 meals a day. LOcal, organic, sustainable, mostly vegetarian, some cheese/ fish options. Diet restrictions considered, let us know! Our Chef Jessica Quinn is truly magickal!
  • 2-3 daily classes
    At least two movement classes daily (many styles) meditation, neurolinguistic processing, compassionate communication, sound science & healing, Hawaiian spirituality, hula, & more..
  • field trip transport
    There is a very special beach on Maui where you can dive underwater and hear the song of the whales during this season (jan-apr). We will have a special full day outing to this special place.
  • local Kahuna class
    hawaiian spiritual teacher will guest teach one day and come to "talk story", chant, pray and sing in the indigenous way. We had him w/ us last year. WOW. Deep learning & inspiration.
  • Organic Farm & Gardening
    Tour of the property, introduction to sustainable techniques, questions fielded, inspiration guaranteed. We will also largely eat produce from the farm during our stay here.
  • room booked separate
  • optional body work
    we have hands on site to offer swedish, lomi lomi, acupressure

Available options

Ride from the airport arranged for you


We will be filling this section out as we get closer!

Feel free to ask questions!

Itinerary will be up likely in November.

Who’s Going

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    Bruce Sanchez
    This is a place and a time and a group where magic is on the menu. I feel lucky to be a part of it.
    Nov 07, 2018

Your Organizer

Lucid Dawn
lucid dawn is a Tantrik yogini, mama, performance artist, good witch, activist and energy healer. She is steeped in many healing modalities. Lucid has been teaching yoga for 14 years, on a healing path for 28. She lives to help people celebrate life. Personal experience has taught her that no matter how stuck or lost we feel we can come into vibrant healthy living and be powerful healers in love with life! Her partner is Eenor, a world class musician, sound scientist, and inventor of musical instruments. Lucid and Eenor have been together for almost two decades sharing love and art. Primary Yoga & Healing TRAINING; ERYT 750+, Yoga for Cancer & Chronic Illness w/ Jnani Chapman RN, Non Dual Tantrik Philosophy w/ Dr. Hareesh Wallis & Mattamayura Institute, Lifeline Healing Technique w/ Dr. Darren Weissman, Training in ritual from Reclaiming tradition, and theatrical training for decades in NY & LA.