Educational Horse Vacation (7 days/ 6 nights)

Finca Soley, Tucurrique

6 reviews
Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 10
Educational Horse Vacation (7 days/ 6 nights)
Finca Soley, Tucurrique

6 reviews

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 10

About this trip

Natural Horsemanship & Classical Training

Learn to communicate with horses using clear bodylanguage, energy and focus in a way that is natural to the horses.


Emotional, mental and physical balance.

To give people a brighter understanding of the beeing horse. And to help horses to understand the human world.
Teach people how to proper work a horses body in order to be able to carry us. Teach horses how to use their body and strengh

At FINCA SOLEY we understand Natural Horsemanship as a holistic way of keeping and training horses. We base our principle on a LOVE based relationship that is free of judgement and includes a postive attitude, where the horse feels safe and valued.  It is based on COMMUNICATION in witch we will aways first listen, understand and then share our ideas. It is surrounded by BOUNDERIES that we set in order to be able to be safe AND give the horse room to express himelf.

The study of Natural Horsemanship will not only learn you to communicate with your horse. It will also learn you to get to know yourself. Becoming a good partner for your horse will teach you a lot about yourself and improve your focus, decision making, having a clear mind and learn to control your energy and body. 

In the classical training you will get into the details of the horses body. Learn how to use flexion, mobalization and balance. Develop the perfect feeling. Refine communication where all you need is a thought, a breath an idea.

As a guest at Finca Soley you will learn how to train and ride bitless. Advanced riders with an independet seat might also learn how to connect with a horse using a bit in order to reach his deeper muscle tissue.

Our horses are trained at different levels to accomodate your needs and become your perfect teacher. They will know on what they have to do to show you where to improve. 


Packing List

 Please try to bring as less as possible plastic packaging and make sure all your care products are made of natural ingredients as we are an ecological farm. 

ž Riding pants 

ž Comfortable clothes for the evenings (It can get cold)

ž Clothes for trips

ž Closed shoes for riding

ž Sneakers or hiking boots for hiking

ž Flip Flops, Sandals or something similar

ž Light longs-leave shirts to protect against sun and insects

ž Cap or sunhat

ž Riding helmet (We have plenty on the farm too)

ž Swimsuit

ž Sunscreen and repellent 

ž Flash light

ž Water bottle to refill

ž Toiletries 

ž Small backpack

ž Booklet and pen to make notes (For Theory lessons and personal writings)

ž Maybe bum bag 

ž Your personal first aid kid (Plaster, ointment, charcoal tablets, etc.)

ž Our number: 00506 83694339 (= 

Arrival info: Book your flight to Costa Rica “Juan Santamaria Airport”, international airport San Jose. We can also pick you up in San Jose center or somewhere else in the country (you will be charged the difference in the price if it is further away). 

At the airport check for the “Finca Soley” sign. 

What’s included

  • Accomodation
    6 nights in a shared room
  • Meals, optional
  • 5 Lessons
    Groundwork and Riding
  • 2 Theory Lessons
  • 3 Tours
    To choose from our tour section
  • Airport Transfers

What’s not included

  • Airfare
  • Extra Lessons or Tours

Available Packages

7 days/ 6 nights Horse Vacation
Deposit: $350

Available options

Full Board
Deposit: $0
Private Room
Deposit: $0

upgrade to your private room

Semi Private Room
Deposit: $0

Enjoy privacy in our semi private room with a built in deck. 


Day 1

We pick you up at the airport to take you to Finca Soley. We can accomodate every time to pick you up. If you are already at a different place in the country we can arrange a different pickup location as well. 

After you settled in one of our program coordinators will meet you to plan out the week. Each week is planned individually. You will reveive a set of lessons in the topic you choose. Theory lessons. And have a set of tours that you can choose from our tour section together with the other group members.

You can take a walk to explore the farm and meet the horses. 

Dinner will be served around 6pm and we appreciate if we have all needed information in case that you follow a specific diet. 

If arrival is at night you will be bought to your room by the driver and we will meet you the next day. 

Your Organizer

Finca Soley
6 reviews
Educational horse vacation on organic horse farm in beautiful mountain setting.


I had a wonderful time at Finca Soley. Got to meet great volunteers and made some good friends. The food was just very fresh and Anna the cook a real sweetheart. The horses were well cared for and loved. The only reason for the one missing star was access to a more private bathroom. 😀
By Nelleke V for Nelleke - Horse Volunteer (Tripaneer) on Feb 15, 2024
I spent amazing three weeks at Finca Soley. Everything was not just as described, but even better. Isa and her family and the other volunteers made me feel welcome from the first second. There is a very positive atmosphere at the finca which allows you to learn a lot about horsecare, horsemanship and riding. The horses are well trained and carefully looked after. The vegetarian food was delicious, rooms spacious and the view over the pastures amazing. Isa even organized fantastic yoga lessons for us. I recommend using their shuttle (approx. 2 hours) from the airport, at least If you arrive in the afternoon, as there are not so many busses a day going to Tucurrique. I would love to come back one day! :-)
By Anne M for Anne - Horse Volunteer (semi private room) on Feb 01, 2024
I had such a wonderful time there. Isa and Milton did everything for me to experience everything that was included in the package; from picking me up from the airport, to taking me to some destinations for half day tours. I'm very grateful for their making various arrangements to accomodate me. Food was A+ 🤩, the guesthouse was very clean and pleasant. Isa's lessons on Natural Horsemanship were superb 👌 I highly recommend this trip to anyone who loves horses and wants to experience Costa Rica! 💓Pura vida 🇨🇷
By Kaz K for Kazumi horse vacation on Jan 27, 2024
Short Version: If you're reading this review, it's because you're already curious. Go ahead and pull the trigger, because this is nothing like anything you've ever done, and you will absolutely love it. Jungle oasis, organic farm, gentle horses, yoga, nature adventures and cultural experiences in the afternoon... FInca Soley is worth the trip. Longer Version: I found Finca Soley while looking for longer-term equestrian experiences. I used to ride when I was a kid and had basically forgotten everything but I've always wanted to take lessons again. Add to that wanting to escape the NYC winter but not wanting an elaborate itinerary driving around all over Costa Rica, and this seemed like the perfect fit. Well, it was so, so much more than I expected and incredibly serene and relaxing! The Farm and the People: With its rolling pasture for horses, free-roaming dairy cows, meandering chickens, ripe fruit trees, hummingbirds, blossoms, and lush vegetation, it really felt like I was waking up everyday in paradise. In the morning I would drink my traditional Costa Rican coffee laid out on the terrace or swinging in the hammock, then pop over to the other guest house for a delicious communal breakfast. Isa is the equestrian, teacher, and horse whisperer, and her husband Milton is a woodworker, carpenter, fabricator and built the beautiful casitas on the property. Their three children are very sweet and if you want to get them talking they'll love to tell you about riding their pony or doing gymnastics. The Food: Fresh juices, fruits and veggies right off the farm, delicious organic diet with traditional Costa Rican foods...the cook knows what she's doing. What's cool about this place is that it has a volunteer program for people to live and work with horses longer term. Breakfast and lunch are communal with everyone at a big table in one of the large, bright houses. Eating breakfast and lunch with the volunteers, the other guests, and even Isa and Milton if they stopped by, felt like being part of a family and I learned more about horses and riding just from talking and enjoying the community of like-minded people. Dinner for the guests is served restaurant style in the primary guest house, and the meals are more elaborate, incorporating fresh local fish and meat, special recipes, wine or beer, and homemade dessert. I should note here: I have a very specific, somewhat restrictive diet that I need to follow. I was really anxious that it would be hard to eat the way I need to because everytime I go to something where the food is included, a resort or what have you, it's just a headache to get my dietary needs met. Well, I explained very carefully to Isa my limitations and she catered the meals to ensure that it was always appropriate for me, amending my dinner as needed (ie: I don't eat flour, so if there was something made with flour she would make me my own version without flour too!!) She happily went above-and-beyond, in a situation where people are normally just annoyed at me. It was a huge relief to know that I was being taken care of in that realm. The Horses: Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or a total beginner, there is something here for you. I'm like one notch up from a total beginner, and I rode and interacted with these horses in ways that I didn't even know were things that people do. I could literally tell my horse Luki to stop just by breathing out and sinking my weight back. There were women there that had been riding their whole lives and even they were doing things with the horses that they have never experienced before. If you know how to ride, but you aren't familiar with "natural horsemanship," parelli style, liberty work, etc- this horse holiday will take you to the next level with your riding. Lessons were a mix of riding (with bit, without bit, with reins, without reins,) theory and practical lessons, and training the horse to follow your directions on the ground (groundwork, or Liberty.) I specifically wanted more lessons than are included in the Horsemanship Holiday, so Isa made time to have extra lessons with me for what would be the local price. When the horses are in the pasture you can just wander out there and meander about with them, pet them, meditate with them or just look out across the mountains. I liked to go up there around sunset to let my horse Luki get to know me better, and to watch them play and gallop together. Absolutely magical. Off the Farm: The guest holiday includes half day and a full day trip or adventure. There's a bunch to choose from, and you can craft your own holiday based on what most interests you. For my full day trip I did rafting which I *HIGHLY RECOMMEND.* I also HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the "Waterfall Adventure" where you hike through the jungle upon along waterfalls, stopping to swim around, jump off, or even slide down them! There was one in particular that you can swim *behind* into a secret little cave and then swim *underneath* and pop out the other side!! I also liked the "Orso Hot Springs" and the Horse Meditation with Hike. You can see on their website some of the different offerings. Accommodations: I chose a communal room and it was perfect for me while traveling on a budget. I stayed upstairs in a high loft room, with plenty of space for my belongings. There was one other guest in the lofted room and we were both very respectful and just super easy going. With all the living space, couches, dining tables, large terrace, the entire farm at my disposal, it was definitely the right choice for me to go communal with the actual bedroom and save some money. They do have private rooms though, which I know has its own little side patio. Whether you found Finca Soley looking for a horsemanship experience, a yoga retreat with horses, a equestrian retreat that includes tours and adventures, or just a relaxing farm oasis to unwind for a week or two, Finca Soley is truly a very, very special experience and I cannot recommend it enough!!
By Omega D for Educational Horse Vacation (14 days/ 13 nights) Omega Dale on Jan 20, 2024
I volunteered at Finca Soley for 4 weeks. Isa is a fantastic woman with a big ❤️ both for her volunteers, guests and not least for her wonderful horses and her lovely family. I had a life-time experience and strongly recommend Finca Soley to future guests and volunteers. I feel I got a new family and I learned so much how to approach and ride horses in a respectul manner, Thank you so much Isa 🙏🙏
By Hanne A for Hanne payment link on Jan 15, 2024
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