Egypt and Jordan

      34 reviews
      Nov 7 - 20, 2024
      Group size: 10 - 26
      Egypt and Jordan

      34 reviews

      Nov 7 - 20, 2024
      Group size: 10 - 26

      About this trip

      Egypt, the “Land of the Pharaohs”, should be a bucket-list destination for every westerner.  Of all Imprint’s offerings, this is the most “sight-rich” itinerary.  The list is impressive and long:  the great pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, mighty Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the temples of Edfu and Kom-Ombo, and finally, the wondrous Abu Simbel.  This is an iconic checklist that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world.  We also add the amazing experiences of a classic Nile Cruise, an evening of Nubian gastronomy and entertainment, the great mosques of Islamic Cairo, Khan-el-Khalili bazaar, and more.  And, were this not enough, the tour continues with the pre-eminent sight in the region, the hidden city of Petra and concludes in magical Wadi Rum in next-door Jordan. 

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      Egypt and Jordan

       Day 1  Cairo
      We will gather for our get-acquainted meeting in our Cairo hotel and have dinner together.
      Oasis Hotel (3 nights)

      Day 2  Cairo
      Egyptian Museum; Pyramids
      This morning will start with a visit to the magnificent Egyptian Museum. This collection boasts an astonishing array of archaeological finds including the exquisite riches of Tutankhamun.  After lunch together we drive to Giza to explore the mysteries of the Great Pyramids and the mighty Sphinx, with plenty of photo opportunities as sunset approaches.

      Day 3  Cairo
      Khan el Khalili; Wikala al-Ghouri
      Today we begin with the Citadel of Saladin and Mohamed Ali Mosque.  Then a guided visit to the Gayer-Anderson Museum.  In the afternoon we’ll visit Islamic Cairo and Khan El Khalili Bazaar, one of the world’s oldest. We’ll have free time for shopping, and take a break for tea at the iconic Feshawi Café. Additionally, if time allows, we’ll pop into another of Cairo’s impressive mosques.

      Day 4  Luxor
      An early morning departure brings us to Dahshur where we will see the unique Red and Bent Pyramids. They are among the largest and most accessible in Egypt but attract fewer visitors and are therefore less chaotic than those at Giza. Later we transfer to the airport for a short flight to Luxor.  Upon arrival we will be taken to our hotel.
      Etab El-Luxor Hotel (1 night)

      Day 5  Nile Cruise
      Valley of Kings; Hatshepsut; Valley of Queens
      Today begins with a visit of three tombs in the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Valley of the Queens.  We’ll finish with a photo stop at the Colossi of Memnon.  [Note:  The many temples, tombs, and monuments of the West Bank are constantly being restored leading to sporadic closures.  Specific sites are not guaranteed.  Imprint will endeavor to arrange visits to the most significant and interesting sites available at the time of our visit.]  At the end of the morning we transfer to our 5-Star Cruise boat, our home for the next 4 nights.
      Dolphin 5-Star Cruise (4 nights)

      Day 6 Nile Cruise
      This morning we have a leisurely visit mighty Karnak Temple, greatest on the Nile.  After lunch on board we begin our relaxing sail up the Nile.

      Day 7  Nile Cruise
      Edfu; Kom-Ombo
      After breakfast on board, we will enjoy a visit to the Temple of Horus in Edfu, the best preserved temple on the Nile. Then we sail on to Kom-Ombo to visit the unique double temple, dedicated to both Horus the falcon god and Sobek the crocodile god. The rest of the day is a beautiful sail to the garden city of Aswan.

      Day 8  Nile Cruise
      Market; Falucca; Nubian village
      Today is our day on the Nile.  In the morning we will visit the market of Aswan.  In the afternoon, as the sun wanes, we travel by felucca (traditional Nile sailing boat) to Elephantine Island and a visit to a Nubian Village.  We’ll learn about the contemporary lives of the Nubian people and enjoy dinner in a Nubian home.

      Day 9  Abu Simbel
      Abu Simbel; Sound & Light show
      A late morning departure sends us across the desert to Abu Simbel.  Late this afternoon we’ll visit the magnificent temples of Ramses II and his Queen Nefertari. These temples received global attention in 1968 when they were completely dismantled and relocated to avoid inundation. This evening we’ll enjoy Egypt’s best Sound & Light Show.
      Seti Abu Simbel Hotel (1 night)

      Day 10  Cairo
      This morning we transfer to Abu Simbel airport for our flight to Cairo (via Aswan).  The ambitious among us have the option of sunrise at the temples before our departure.  Upon arrival in Cairo we will check into our hotel for some rest and relaxation.
      La Passage Hotel (1 night)

      Day 11  Petra, Jordan
      Dead Sea
      Our day begins with a transfer to Cairo airport for our flight to Amman.  Upon arrival at Queen Alia airport we'll be met by our Jordanian guide who will assist us through immigration and customs, and escort us to the Dead Sea for a quick "bob” in the saline waters.  In the afternoon we will continue our journey south to Petra.
      Petra Guest House (2 nights)

      Day 12  Petra
      This entire day is dedicated to exploring the lost Nabatean city of Petra. The morning starts with a journey through the fabled SIQ, the deep and narrow sandstone cleft which opens to reveal the iconic Treasury.  The day continues with our exploration of ancient Temples, Royal Tombs, a Roman theater, houses, and more.  For those interested, there is an optional night visit available.  Walk the siq by candlelight and emerge to find the space before the iconic Treasury filled with hundreds of oil lamps.

      Day 13 Wadi Rum
      We depart in the morning for the magical desert region of Wadi Rum, the filming location for many movies including The Martian and Lawrence of Arabia.  Upon arrival we’ll enjoy a mint tea or cardamom coffee before touring this moon-like desert landscape in a Bedouin driven jeep.  After sunset we’ll enjoy a classic Bedouin dinner.
      Sun City Camp (1 night)

      Day 13  Amman
      Tour over today.  Included transfer to Amman or Amman airport for flight home.  Please note, we will not arrive back in Amman until early to mid afternoon.  For those continuing to Imprint’s Jerusalem extension, transportation to the Allenby Bridge border crossing is included today.

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      Imprint Tours
      34 reviews
      We at Imprint Tours believe travel broadens horizons, introduces new ways to see the world, equips us with a new frame of reference for evaluating our own society, breaks down prejudice, and promotes global understanding. Therefore, we endeavor to “Travel with Intent”: an intention to take a reflective, introspective approach; connect with the cultures we visit; and balance the enjoyment of discovery with responsible travel. We want our “imprint” on the planet to be light and our “imprint” on the local culture to be positive.


      This trip was another cultural immersion. We learned a lot about the people of Vietnam, their spirituality, gentle nature, sense of community, and happiness. This is a country that has a bright future and a winning attitude. The food is unbelievably good whether from the street or a restaurant. My wife and I truly enjoyed this experience and look forward to more adventures with Imprint.
      By Jerry G for Vietnam on 27 Feb, 2023
      It was a great adventure. We loved our local guide, Bon, who was very informative and his personal stories added to the cultural experience.
      By thomas r for Vietnam on 23 Feb, 2023
      This was our first tour with Imprint Tours, and it will not be our last. We joined this tour at the last minute, after the group had an unexpected opening. This was Imprints first tour back in Vietnam after the Covid shutdown. We found the tour guide, and leaders to be exceptionally organized, detailed oriented, flexible, with a great grasp of logistics for this tour. Thier objective was to expose us to as much as possible within the time period, including historical, religious, monuments, and natural scenery. While a schedule was maintained, when extra time appeared, they were quick to fill with local experiences that left lasting impressions. This tour included a fair amount of walking over various terrains, climbing in and out of small boats, and lots of stairs. Those with mobility issues should be aware this is an active tour that requires the above abilities. Our local guide was exceptional, highly knowledgeable, and entertaining.
      By Peggy Denise B for Vietnam on 21 Feb, 2023
      They itinerary was great and I enjoyed the people and food of Thailand. Our local guide, Ant, was devoted to the group. Our main guide, however, spent little time and effort on our tour. Daily schedules, if created at all, were sent via What's App during breakfast. She seemed to have a lot of personal issues and spent most of our time together taking videos to promote her travel business or planning new travel offerings rather than spending time in the moment educating the group about Thailand and its culture. As a result I heard more about her ex-employer, ex-husband, and strategies for her boyfriend to fight child support to his ex-wife than I heard about Thailand from this guide. She also seemed to have health issues and opted out of activities at both the beginning and end of our tour. My understanding from friends is that this is not typical of Imprint tours. I think it was just an issue with the guide.
      By Ruth H for Thailand on 08 Feb, 2023
      We are an older couple who usually travel independently. We previously traveled with Imprint to Egypt and Jordan. We have just completed both the Northern India and Southern India tours with Imprint—with an independent travel week in between the two tours. For the Northern tour, our Imprint leader was Sarah Murdoch. Anakita, a local Indian guide, traveled with us the entire tour. (Pardon, if I don’t have her name spelled quite right!) She was superb at solving any situation and I found it interesting how much respect she garnered from her fellow Indians, particularly the men she dealt with. She knows what she is doing, and it shows. The regional (local) guides chosen were exceptional as well. Sarah (Imprint tour leader) kept an eye on the schedule and worked with Anakita to make things work when the unexpected happened—as it often does in India. Domestic flights, primarily. We did not find language a barrier and the Indian people we met were a delight. The cultural interactions and visits to various places as per the itinerary were well planned and rewarding. The stepwell was of great interest. Also of interest was an unplanned visit to “The Past Art” cooperative near Salawas that specialize in the Durrie hand woven rugs. The demonstration of weaving and a chance to look at what was on offer was very interesting. There were no high-pressure sales going on. (We had researched this cooperative, and when it was announced we would visit, we were very pleased. It was high on our list of “to do” when we had [initially] planned a private tour of India.) I should mention the reason we decided to go with Imprint rather than the private tour. We made the determination, given India can be somewhat of a challenge to visit, the “filter” Imprint provides was to our liking. For the most part, no dealing with tipping and lots of advice on cultural norms—what not to do and so forth. Invaluable to a first-time visitor. Lodgings and meals included with the tour were much to our liking—a great introduction to Indian cuisine. Most of the lodgings were above standard quality—some downright Glam. Perhaps the only lodging that was just “standard“ was our Varanasi stay. That is not to say we objected in any way to our stay there. In fact, it was perfect. Think “location” “location” “location.” It was clean and comfortable—just not quite as high standard as most of the other lodgings. Yes, we could have stayed at a property that offered more—but this was a heritage property located just steps away for the action on the Ganges. We were privileged to walk along the ghats and observe, without being extremely obtrusive, what was going on there. That area of the city is very busy and had we stayed in a lodging further away, getting to the ghats would have presented a challenge. All in all, a great trip and I’ll go on to write my review for the Southern India portion. If you haven’t been to India. Go. Just do it!
      By Cheryl R for Northern India on 12 Dec, 2022
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