Egypt & Jordan

      Egypt & Jordan

      23 reviews
      Duration: 8 days
      Group size: 1 - 10
      Egypt & Jordan
      Egypt & Jordan

      23 reviews

      Duration: 8 days
      Group size: 1 - 10

      About this trip

      Welcome, adventurers! 

      Are you ready for a journey through time and civilization? Look no further than Egypt and Jordan, two stunning countries with a rich history and culture that will leave you in awe.

      First, let's start with Jordan. This country is a hidden gem with so much to offer. From the ancient city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to the beautiful desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, Jordan is a feast for the senses. 

      The Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, offers a unique experience of floating on the water's surface due to its high salt concentration. The country's capital, Amman, boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, and the Bedouin hospitality is something that you will never forget.

      Then, we'll move on to Egypt. As home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, Egypt offers a wealth of archaeological wonders such as the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings. 

      The stunning Nile River provides the perfect backdrop for a scenic cruise, and the bustling cities of Cairo and Alexandria offer a taste of modern Egyptian life. 

      But Egypt is not just about ancient history - it is also home to beautiful beaches, world-class diving and snorkeling sites, and delicious cuisine.

      Combining cultural landmarks and natural wonders, this whirlwind 8-day itinerary introduces you to the unmissable highlights of Jordan and Egypt. 

      This one is one for the books!

      What’s included

      • Return flights
        from Johannesburg, *Durban and *Cape Town
      • Airport transfers
      • Breakfast daily
      • 2 nights in Petra
      • 1 night in Wadi Rum
      • 1 night in Dead Sea
      • 3 nights in Cairo
      • Travel Insurance
        Highly recommended
      • Lunch and dinners
      • Tips and gratuities
      • Items of personal nature
      • Additional towns/cities
        Visit Luxor, or Siwa Oasis in addition

      Available Packages

      R35 500 - Sharing a room with someone

      Price: R35 500

      Don't mind sharing a room with someone?

      Deposit: R2,500
      R50 500 - Single Occupancy - Not sharing

      Price: R50 500 

      Prefer to stay alone in your room? 

      Deposit: R2,500

      Available options


      Day 1 - Arrival
      Welcome to Jordan

      When you land , our driver will pick you up and take you straight to Petra. On arrival and after checkin in, walk around in Petra to check out the town. 

      In the evening, we will meet up and enjoy dinner together. This is a special time to get to know one another and connect.

      Your Organizer

      Yellow Hat Travels
      23 reviews
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      If I could I would give you a zero. I made a payment on 11 May 2023 for quotation on trip. On 1 June, I received an email that they are still working on my quote. To this day I have never received a quotation from them. Pay back my money.
      By Vuyokazi M for Curate-a-Private Trip (Consultation Deposit) on Nov 09, 2023
      There's no trip to review because no one got back to me with a quote after paying the deposit Really bad service. I'm even tired of calling - its been months of calling and no response to my emails.
      By Kwanele M for Curate-a-Private Trip (Consultation Deposit) on Nov 08, 2023
      What an unpleasant experience. We paid full price three months before the travel dates as required. From there it was a game of cat and mouse trying to get reservation details so we could apply for visas, and know what the travel arrangements were. At some point, we were informed that we would have a whole day layover in Dubai which we didn't mind because we just thought we get to explore Dubai en route to Morocco but then in the same breath told our trip days would not be impacted (no clarity on whether we leave a day earlier from SA or leave Morocco a day later. Just confusion). The trip was canceled less than 3 weeks from the travel date. Then came the intensely stressful pushing and begging to get our refunds. Communication from the agency is absolutely terrible. You get ignored for weeks on end and at some point, we didn't think we would see our money. Alas, we were paid back and I will never trust another travel agency again. Once bitten twice shy!
      By Maite M for Morocco Group Trip on Nov 02, 2023
      I definitely know that this review will be deleted, but here it is anyway. It was not a pleasant experience for me using Yellow Hat. I will not use them again. Even these 2 stars are for them booking for my flights and hotels only. We expected a host and proper guidance from South Africa to Dubai Connect to Bali but we had to fend for ourselves throughout the trip. Getting response about important things during the trip from Yellow Hat was like pulling teeth. We were expected to accept sleeping arrangements of 2 single beds and 3rd person sleep on a sleeper couch after paying R31k!!?? We might not matter as a group of 13 people who went to Bali from 10 to 19 October 2023, but I hope you know that you treated us like we were insignificant to your business.
      By Buyisiwe B for 2023 Bali & Gili T on Oct 24, 2023
      I want to first give a shout out for the most inexpensive packages available, they are really accessible and are not ridiculously expensive. I have met real people who became real friends on this group. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity. My constructive criticism, please include all other additional expenses or payments i.e hotel tax fees, shuttle services fees and many more. Especially when travelling to Europe, its not ideally that one has to get an element of surprise when they are told to pay upfront an extra fee when checking in at the hotel, or when we had to go for sightseeing from the Hotel, we were expected to pay transport fees to and from hotel upfront instead. Please include everything on the packages provided, in that way its very easy and some of us are willing to pay more if need be. Be informative well in advance before the trip, and also I wish to fly on Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Swiss Air, South African Airways, British Airways and more next time when I opt to book via yourselves. Also, maybe allow people to chose their carrier of choice when travelling. I'll see you next year...
      By Lennox Sanele L for 2023 Best of Greece on Oct 21, 2023
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      Yellow team - Just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience. Our trip was the best and we are coming back for more. My friends and myself had the best time… accommodation was outstanding and we loved how close it was to walk to nice restaurants for dinner. And our driver Abdul was the best. Thank you so much - you will hear from us soon again 😀 once we recover.
      By Lynette M on 14 Nov, 2023
      Zanzibar 30/09 till 06/10 If it is was up to me I would rate them a minus 5star, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to even use this travel agency. When we enquired about the flight details we where told that they would come back to us only for them to send us reserved flight tickets day before the trip and made excuses about how they were busy. To only receive our flight tickets on the day of departure, Mind you I had settled my trip 3months before ad per requirement by the travel agent. The package that was sold for us was from the 30Sept till 06Oct only for us to be returning back to the country on the 05/10 where we spent the whole day at the airport meaning we lost out on two days of our trip for Yellow hats to say there was a miscommunication regarding the trip details. When you try make contact with the travel agents they ignore your calls and texts and when you try reach out on social media they block you so that they keep a clear image when in reality they’re just real scammers. Also the accommodation they booked us in was just the worst type for what we had paid for, with the most horrible food ever and other rooms had pipes bursting. ALL THAT I CAN SAY IS BOOKING A TRIP YELLOW HATS WILL LEAVE YOU DISAPPOINTED!!!
      By Thopi P on 12 Nov, 2023
      This was first trip with YHT. To simply express my disappointment with my recent trip with Yellow Hat Travels. From the beginning, the poor communication, substandard accommodations, and lack of respect for travelers' needs were evident issues. Despite my efforts to seek updates days before the trip, I had to run around after your agency, adding to my frustration. While there were positive aspects, such as the excellent driver and accommodating fellow travelers, the overall experience fell far below expectations. Regrettably, based on this experience and the hassle of seeking information, I have decided not to use Yellow Hat Travels for my future travel needs.
      By Ivy S on 02 Nov, 2023
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