Eje cafetero - Filandia - Salento - Valle del Cocora

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Valley Adventours
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27 reviews
Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 17
Eje cafetero - Filandia - Salento - Valle del Cocora
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Valley Adventours
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27 reviews

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 17

About this trip

Filandia, Salento y Valle del Cocora: Los tesoros del Eje Cafetero colombiano.

Con esta experiencia podrás conocer los lugares más visitados del Eje Cafetero: Filandia, Salento y Valle del Cocora; podrás vivir un día tranquilo en uno de los pueblos más pintorescos de Colombia; disfrutar su deliciosa gastronomía, probar el mejor café más suave del mundo y conocer la majestuosidad de la palma de cera.

Es un paisaje natural localizado en un valle montañoso de la cordillera central de los Andes colombianos, específicamente en el departamento del Quindío, haciendo parte del Parque Nacional de los Nevados.

What’s included

  • Guía Local:
    Acompañamiento desde Cali.
  • Guía Nativo:
    Anfitrión local en destino.
  • Transfer:
    Recogida y dejada en el lugar de hospedaje.
  • Transporte Terrestre:
    Transporte ida y vuelta desde Cali.
  • Transporte local:
    Transporte en guala hacia el Valle del Cocora.
  • Entrada atracciones:
    Tiquete de entrada a las atracciones mencionadas en el plan.
  • Visita a Filandia:
    Mirador Colina Iluminada.
  • Visita a Salento:
    Tour a pie por Salento + Plaza de Bolívar +Caminata por la Calle Real + Visita al Mirador Alto de la Cruz.
  • Visita Valle del Cocora:
    Bosque de Palmas + Mano de Acaime.
  • Plan de alimentación:
    Desayuno + Almuerzo + Agua + Taza de Café 100% Colombiano.
  • Seguros:
    Póliza de asistencia médica.
  • Propinas:
    Opcionales según tu experiencia vivida.
  • Extras u Otros:
    Consumos y servicios no especificados en el plan.

Your Organizer

Valley Adventours
27 reviews
Valley Adventours is a tour agency located in Cali, Colombia. We are one of the biggest tour agencies to operate in the department of Valley of the Cauca. We comprise of a small team of travel enthusiast who pride in showing the best our city has to offer and all of its natural heritage. Our main goals and objectives are to guide you through out the whole time you are in the city and its surroundings and have you fall in love with every aspect of it; that being said, we are happy to offer tours and advice for your visit. We invite you to look at all of our information in our webpage or our social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or tripadvisor. If you have any questions, comments, or requests please don't doubt in letting us know.


We both had an amazing time! It was super fun and a must do if you’re here in Cali. Would 100% book this again. You just cant beat those kinds of views! Thanks again!
By Mark L for Parapente - Paragliding on 27 Aug, 2022
Un recorrido por los lugares más emblemáticos de la ciudad q me permitió conocer la cultura, la historia y la gastronomía. El guía muy ameno
By Daniel F for Cali Grand City Tour on 14 Aug, 2022
We really enjoyed our outing with the family who owns the bird sanctuary. It does not involve much walking but they have a very beautiful garden and piece of land. They take you in the forest to hides and you then need a bit of luck. Both father and son are very knowledgeable and do their utmost to show you many birds. The mother cooks a lovely breakfast. There is an impressive variety of birds in their property! A quiet activity in a lovely location 45 mn outside Cali with truly lovely people.
By Eve L for Bird Watching in Cali - Avistamiento de Aves K18 - Bosque de Niebla on 12 Aug, 2022
I had a great time, met some cool people ate some local yummy food and would definetly recommend this to anyone! Once in a life time experience with the right guides and right time. Very happy I could make it happen
By Masaab G for Whale Watching - Explore the colombian pacific on 06 Aug, 2022
Un tour espectacular!!!! Vimos una hembra de ballena jorobada con su cria muy cerca de la lancha y un cortejo de machos sacudiendo su aleta pectoral. Un espectáculo único.
By Daniel F for Whale Watching - Explore the colombian pacific on 05 Aug, 2022
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I did the Cali Grand City Tour with Valley Adventours and it was a wonderful experience, our tour guide did a great job in giving us history of Cali, Colombia. Totally recommend it! best time to do this tour if you can on a Sunday morning as weekdays are very hectic. I totally recommend this tour.
By Marleny P on 05 Apr, 2022