Elixir of Life in Panama

Limón, Panama

Andrea Saenz & Naseem Murakami
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1 review
Jan 11 - 17, 2019
Group size: 8 - 10
Elixir of Life in Panama
Limón, Panama

Andrea Saenz & Naseem Murakami
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1 review

Deposit: $500
Jan 11 - 17, 2019
Group size: 8 - 10

About this trip

Dive deep into the Elixir of Life -Panama Retreat bordering the majestic Altos de Campana, Panama's oldest national park!  Take in the dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean,  from Cerro Campana to Punta Chame, the park’s 850-meter (2,789-ft) peak.  Embark on a transcendental exploration of a spiritual oasis, an adventure in Reiki energy healing, sound healing, and deep meditative journeying. Learn how you can create the most powerful version of yourself by using precise tools to heal deep wounds and manifest your dreams into reality.  Nourish and empower your soul through living foods, immersive excursions, live musical performances, and activities that will elevate your vibrations.  Plus, what more perfect opportunity than our retreat to learn the rich language of Spanish and learn to speak like a native? (All levels are welcome.)

Your Hosts

Andrea Sáenz is a native of Colombia and an award-winning performing artist. She is a classically trained singer, versatile dancer, actress, producer, gifted linguist, sound healer, and educator. She has learned the delicate work of alchemizing venom into anti-venom as she has transmuted her pain into passion . She is an intuitive and dynamic instructor who has worked with an array of professionals, including FBI agents, movie stars, A-list celebrities,  studio heads, prominent surgeons, and many more. Since she is also a performing artist, she enjoys using music, dance, and literature in her teaching. She has performed in renowned venues in both Los Angeles and New York City including Walt Disney Concert Hall’s REDCAT Theatre, The Metropolitan Theatre, Cathedral of our Lady of Angels with The LA Opera, The Belly Up and Club Nokia just to name a few.

Andrea will be leading exciting local excursions with total Spanish language -immersion classes.  She will also be leading the Celestial Sound Baths! As a special treat, there will be an intimate live performance of her latest musical projects. Andrea feels it’s important to delve deep into all facets of artistry and education in order to uplift and awaken ourselves. 

Naseem Murakami

Originally from Japan, Naseem is a musician and producer who worked as a professional recording and performing artist for many years. Later, as overcoming her traumas, She found her calling in the healing arts. Her deep desire to transform her life from victim mindset to mastering manifestations led her to become a Reiki Master, certified plant-based educator, and a wellness coach. She is passionate about using her own example of success to inspire others to heal themselves and transform their lives. She has been featured at health conferences and in magazines, and regularly hosts healing workshops. 

Naseem will be sharing her High Viber Workshop, - a transformational healing session  for the mind, body, and spirit that reconnects participants to their higher-self and, to help raise their vibrations through nutrition, meditation, breathwork, work with sound and energy healing. Energy blockages disappear and traumas are transmuted into a fuel to guide people to discover and fine tune their life purpose. Naseem will be sharing techniques to be in alignment with your true self, and attract more abundance, health and healthy relationships that honor and use our natural gifts and talents.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy 

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 is needed to secure your spot.  (We have a payment plan available for both early birds booking. Please review available packages for each payment plan.)


If you cancel PRIOR to October 11, 2018 - you will be refunded the cost of your trip/amount already paid (less the non-refundable $500 deposit).

All payments are non-refundable after December 11  2018.  In the event that you cannot attend the retreat and know of someone who can take your place, you may transfer the full amount of your fees paid to the third party, without penalty or additional fees, when the third party registers with us. (For this option please contact us contact@healingsoundalchemy.com)

We also suggest that you consider getting travel insurance for any unseen situation to avoid losing your airfare.

Guests are responsible for all nights reserved at the rates reserved. There are no refunds or pro-rating for arriving late or leaving earlier than the reserved dates. 

Travel Logistics

From International Flight to Panama

Fly to Tocumen Airport. (PTY)

We provide free airport pick up between 11:00am to 4:00pm. Please make your flight arrangement to take advantage of free airport pick up. Once your booking is complete we will be following up where the pick up times and location will be at the airport. If you cannot make it to the scheduled pick up time you have the option to book a special pick up at an additional cost or take either a bus or Uber to get to Vida Lotus.

Uber  Uber charges around $50+ from Panama City in case you prefer this method.

Room check in starts at 1:00pm

Please arrive between 1:00pm ~ 6:00pm at the center. Our Retreat welcome dinner starts at 7pm on Friday 1/11.

What’s included

  • Rooms and Accomodations
  • Transportations
    Transportations during the retreat and pick-ups and drop-off to the airport
  • Plant-based Living Foods
    Abundance of local tropical fruits, gourmet raw living foods, freshly made juices & smoothies, and living desserts. (Cooked vegan food options available.)
  • Daily Yoga
    Yoga in the morning overlooking majestic panoramic views from the hill top
  • Cacao ceremony
    Opening our hearts with high vibrational raw cacao medicinal elixir and a ceremony to set our intentions.
  • Guided meditations
    Learn to meditate properly, balancing out your energy centers and connecting to your higher self.
  • Breathwork Journey
    An hour of guided meditation and a dynamic breathwork that connects with your energetic body, restoring deeper self awareness and love
  • Reiki Healing
    Heal yourself by receiving universal life force energy, Remove energy blockages to invite more abundance and harmony into your life.
  • Sound Bath
    A colorful, multi layered vocal experience accompanied by many ancient instruments that will take you on a journey through the vast heavens creating a heightened sense of deep love
  • Live music performances
    Intimate presentations of heartfelt performances by Andrea and Naseem to nourish your soul and to entertain you!
  • Ecstatic Dance
    Special blend of exotic world music and electronic dance beats infusions curated into enchanting remixes to set you free to express yourself.
  • High Viber Workshop
    A mind, body and spirit transformational workshop featuring Hawaiian Ho' Oponopono, group life coaching sessions, chakra balancing and much more
  • Spanish immersion Class
    A total immersive experience into learning Spanish for all levels
  • Excursions
    Fun activities and excursions into nature featuring a visit to Panama's oldest national park Altos de Campana
  • Lotus Life lecture/tour
    Guided tour of the facilities, fresh fruits of the season, infusions of mineral water with fruits and aromatic herbs, and a sample of our unique system of healing massage and lecture
  • Airfare
  • Gratuity
    Gratuity is not included. You may leave tips for the Retreat Center.
  • Spa treatments/bodywork
    At Vida Lotus, you are welcome to add optional spa treatment, massage bodywork and energy healing sessions by appointment

Available Packages

Early bird shared room
Available until Nov 11, 2018Sold Out

Each shared room accommodate up to 3~4 people.  Common showers and bathrooms, common living space

Deposit: $500
Shared Room
Available until Jan 06, 2019only 2 left

Each shared room accommodates up to 3~ 4 people. Common showers and bathrooms, common living space

Deposit: $500

Early bird shared room
Past Trip


Day 1
Welcome Orientation Dinner Party & Cacao Ceremony

● Welcoming dinner & party

● Cacao ceremony 

Who’s Going

  • AC
    Angie Chandler
    HI everyone..I am very excited about the time to immerse in sound and healing energies to start my new year off with a powerful foundation. excited to dance too :}
    Jan 04, 2019

Who’s interested

Your Organizer

Andrea Saenz & Naseem Murakami
1 review
We are artists, healers and educators who are passionate about helping people and the planet through our gifts and talents. Andrea Saenz http://www.andreapsaenz.com Naseem Murakami http://www.naseemmurakami.com www.HealingSoundAlchemy.com


It was a huge learning lesson for the retreat owner and the Elixir of Life staff. The owner of the resort failed to have the resort ready in time and therefore, when everyone arrived, we were all shocked to find that it did not appear as the images portrayed. It was dirty and unclean. Looked like it was pieced together and unfinished. The decor did not seem in alignment with holistic healing environments..they had black/white plastic like furniture with HOT PINK fabric. Glass table which all looked like a cheap bar or little girls room....The photos showed a beautiful lawn howver the reality is there is NO grass. Very dry and lots of dirt and old concrete peices laying around etc.... The yoga studio was the only room that was nice. The hosts/leaders of the event were very kind and tried to accomodate the guest's disappointments as much as possible but after a couple of days it was evident that the energy for the event was no longer there and it had to end. The Owner of the retreat, Vida Lotus was very rude and unapologetic regarding his lack preparation and retreat responsibilities. He did return my money after a phone call that I had with him and the Elixir of Life coordinators. I am not sure he returned the other guests. Because of the unsatisfaction of the place and lack of preparation by the resort owner, everyone had to be displaced and therefore incurred additional expenses. I did get a private session from the Elixir of LIfe sound therapists and it was amazing. It is a shame that they were unable to perform their beautiful energy healing with the others. I would recommend this retreat but not at this accomodation/location Vida Lotus Panama.