Embodiment Getaway

San Marcos, Guatemala

Aham Lab
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2 reviews
Oct 10 - 17, 2021
Group size: 1 - 12
Embodiment Getaway
San Marcos, Guatemala

Aham Lab
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2 reviews

Oct 10 - 17, 2021
Group size: 1 - 12

About this trip

Join us for a few days in the absolute heaven on earth - Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Solola. 

Embodiment Getaway Retreat is a special space created for you to explore yourself, connect with nature, venture out into the rain forest, and reset your mind as we are emerging ourselves into the local community to experience the different side of life with simple pleasures, mindful ... ancient traditions.

Spend with us either 4 or 7 days at one of the most powerful places on Earth, in the land of ancient traditions, healing practices, where the most extraordinary people from the whole world peacefully co-exist with local Mayans


Lake Atitlán is a body of water in a massive volcanic crater in Guatemala’s southwestern highlands. Ringed by steep, verdant hills, it’s known for its Mayan villages and volcanoes with striking pointed cones. With three dramatic volcanoes circling the lake, hiking, swimming, scuba diving (there is an ancient town under the waters in the area called Cerro de Oro), sky diving are only some activities that you can enjoy doing while being at the Lake. 

There are a number of places worth visiting and one of those places has the most breathtaking view. Our retreat will be based at  Eagle’s Nest Atitlan.

Eagle's Nest is a nature-inspired community space that opens up its doors to us for a week to experience a completely different pace of life. It is continually being curated to ignite and abundantly stimulate all of our senses (both visceral and energetic) with nourishment intended to revive, restore, and inspire. 

You will enjoy sunrise meditations, various yoga practices, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, family-style healthy meals, and much more all in the environmentally-conscious surrounding full of peace and soul hearing energy.

About the hosts

ALINA (@allie_alina)

Vinyasa and Yin (RYT-500) Certified International traveling yogi.

Participating and assisting in the world’s leading yoga teachers' training programs such as FlowYo, Beyond Bryce, and Vikasa.

"Yoga With Alina" https://www.youtube.com/yogawithalina

"Yoga healed my mind and body, which has become the reason I made this passion into a full-time job with an intention to share the practice with as many people as I possibly can." - Alina

After experienced the power of yoga immersion for the first time many years ago through my travels, I knew that this was the kind of transformational experience I want to bring to my students.  

Retreats are something that gives me more time with my students and allows me to truly grow as a teacher, practitioner, and a person along with my fellow travelers.

The combination of years of consistent practice, constant education, and teaching experience allows me to guide not just a yoga practice, but a full journey of self-exploration every time you spent on the mat to flow with me


Vinyasa (YTT-200) Certified yoga teacher.

30 Days Silent Retreat at Hermitage Center, Lake Atitlan

Hridaya School Practices, Mexico Mazunte

Las Piramidas del Ka Meditation Center - Moon Course/Ikadashi Kriya Breathwork

4 body systems ~ physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental 

Herbal medicine and Cacao ceremonies

I began working as a private and a group yoga teacher being very much disconnected with my body on one hand and deeply depressed on the other. I was in an intense cycle a dark night of the Soul state, that lasted about 3 years. 

At the end of 2018 by sheer luck, I was invited to the most magical place I have ever been, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. There I went on a much deeper journey into healing myself and learning about spirituality and holistic medicine.

Through personal work with the subconscious, shadow work, I found a way in assisting empaths, highly sensitive people to help awaken intuitive, creative, and spiritual gifts, release unhealthy patterns, empower personal growth through a holistic approach and natural ways of healing. 

My path of personal healing is also a path of spiritual awakening. 


Ask yourself?

Do I listen to my body or my mind makes all my choices? 

How did it happen that I am a nature-being became dependent on unnatural substances to treat my illness?

Do I know where my illness originates? 

If the medical system is so corrupted how come I still trust my doctor?

What power do I have over my diet, my thought, and my surroundings? 

What are my relationships between the body and the mind? 

Do I feel connected to myself and to the people around me? 

If you are looking for space where you can learn, experience authentic connection, open-hearted community, and spirit of exploration then Embodiment Getaway is for you. 

Come and see for yourself how a natural vortex of energy at Lake Atitlan will manifest your biggest desires. 

Here you really have to watch out for your negative thought patterns and your vibrations. 

The law of attraction works here with a speed of light. 

What will be your takeaways:

- deeper connection to your body aka intuition

- the feeling of peace and connection to the earth and people

- unforgettable memories 

-knowledge on how to heal through plants and body awareness 


As a part of the retreat program, we will be participating in numerous community events to get to know the locals, sharing our knowledge with them, and learning from their experiences.  

We have decided to give back and will be donating 20% of all proceeds to Niños de Chuitinamit Luz - an orphanage that was created to support and nurture children in Chuitinamit, Guatemala.

Meet Pablo - the creator of this non-profit organization

Q: Pablo tell us about yourself

A: I lived in the same situation when I was 6 months old, my father died, my mother left me with another family. I grew up learning many things with them such as making drums and other things. 

I am making shamanic drums, ceremonial flutes. I facilitate healing ceremonies purifying connections. I host a medicinal plant ceremony to collect money to share with the children. 

Q: Tell us more about the orphanage?

P: 6 years ago I started to support children who do not have parents. I am providing money for food, education, and medicine, as well as for activities that children need. For example, now they are in need of portable computers to study online because now many things have changed due to the pandemic.

We also have a dream for the future. I want to buy land for permaculture where I can build a school to study medicinal plants, drum workshops and so much more. This knowledge will be offered not only for children but also for everyone who wants to learn natural medicine."

YouTube video to learn more about the orphanage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IohFIbZ_Gu0

Facebook page of Niños de Chuitinamit Luz: https://m.facebook.com/Children.of.the.light.lakeatitlan/

Facebook page of Pablo Culum: https://www.facebook.com/pablo.culum.1

Let us know if you have more questions for Pablo and/or are looking to get more involved with the organization - we will be happy to assist you (whether you are joining us for the retreat or not) 

Cancelation policy

Non-refundable 20% deposit is due at the time of your booking. 

Full payment is due 4 weeks prior to your arrival

Cancelation is possible no later than 2 weeks prior to your arrival on site


We (the hosts) are driving to Guatemala City on Sunday, May 9 (the details of our flight will be available upon request).

If you chose to participate in the 7 Day retreat program that officially starts Monday, May 10, we suggest you arrive a day before to settle in or no later than Monday morning. The transfer from the airport to Eagle's Nest will be set up once you give us your flight information and will be provided for you at no additional cost.

If you chose to join us for the 4 Day experience that officially starts Thursday, May 13, we suggest you arrive a day before to settle in or no later than Thursday morning. The transfer from the airport to Eagle's Nest will be set up once you give us your flight information and will be provided for you at no additional cost.

IF YOU HAVE SOME EXTRA TIME/traveling on your own:

We recommend stopping into the town of Antigua on the way in or out if you have a day to spare. Otherwise, a shuttle or taxi can take you directly to the lake for about $75usd or 550Q (quetzals) for one person, or if shared between 2 people 650Q, or about $40usd per person. if there is more sharing, it will be even cheaper. 

There are also shared travel shuttles from Antigua (40 min from the airport) for about $15 US dollars that you can book at any local travel agent.

It is about $15usd to Antigua from the airport. 

Other things to note:

Travel during the day. Remember that you are in a rural area of Guatemala. Bring snacks you would like (3 meals a day will be provided)

Getting around:

If you are getting dropped off at Panajachel then you can arrive to San Marcos la Laguna by boat from there (it is usually 20 Q quetzals = $3). Another way is that you can be dropped at San Pablo (the village next to San Marcos ) and take a tul-tuk from there to the canter of San Marcos (usually people ask to be dropped off at the basketball court) and from there another tuk-tuk (10Q) can take you to Eagle's Nest. 

Outfits to plan for:

* Yoga Classes, 1 to 3 yoga, movement-based, dancing, and restorative outfits. Being funky, creative, unique, comfortable, expressive is encouraged.

* Pajamas, warm socks, and layers for the night and early morning.

* Sweater or Jacket for outdoors, it gets cold at night

* 2-3 Outfits that are comfy. We will be sitting and dancing/moving during ceremonies, so plan accordingly. You can be as glam, sparkly, or down to earth as you like! 

* 1 to 3 Casual or Comfy outfits/clothes, for walking, lounging, movement

* Sandals

* Walking shoes for trails and hiking, sneakers will suffice

* Bathing Suit 

* Optional -Fun accessories, body paint, art supplies, instruments

What’s included

  • Transfer
    Everything Paid except Flight. E-mail request with your arrival and departure information are required for transfer to be provided for you
  • Adventures
    All Paid
  • Accommodation
    You choose the accommodation time. All cabins are sustainable and eco-friendly that allow you to get in touch with nature and tune in with your true self
  • 3 Meals Per Day
    Vegetarian and Vegan options will be available. You have a chance to share any dietary restrictions at the time of booking
  • 10 Yoga Classes
    At least one yoga class will be offered every single day. All classes are optional.
  • 7 Meditation Classes
    At least one meditation class will be offered every single day. All classes are optional
  • 7 Breath Work Practices
    At least one breath work practice will be offered every single day. All classes are optional
  • 2 Ecstatic Dance Events
    One half-day event and one full-day event will be offered for you to participate in as a healing, meditative and fun experiences
  • Workshop
    Natural Ways to Heal
  • 30min Private Workshop
    Every guest will have an opportunity to schedule a 30 min private workshop-style yoga class with Alina/Yana, where they will be able to ask any questions that they my have about asana practice
  • Boat Tour: Lake Atiklan
    Half-day boat tour for us to sight see and explore the nature of this beautiful place
  • Day Trip to San Juan
    To see textiles at the local market, tour the town and gift shop around.
  • Day Trip to San Pedro
    To explore the town, indulge in the local cuisine and get to know the culture further
  • Visiting the Rain Forest
    To meet the makers of the cacao that we proudly serve at all our events and gatherings. Have an opportunity to fully understand the origin of the medicine and try real cacao straight from the source
  • Authentic Mayan Sauna
    that will be available on site for our group to enjoy at our own convenience, as well as with the community during their traditional "Family Friday" event
  • Drum Circle Experience
    In one of the local towns that we visit to feel the true spirit of the place
  • Special Farewell Dinner
    At the cacao farm that we will tour, featuring authentic mayan cuisine prepared by locals
  • Movie Night
    We will enjoy inspirational an motivational movie with the community at Eagle's Nest
  • Presents
    Expect more surprises along the way
  • Photos
  • Air Fair
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals Outside the Center
    Except for the Farewell Dinner

Available Packages

Bed in the Rose Dorm (4 Days)
4 left

Built out of Adobe, this house is the third of traditional Mayan building styles explored on the property. Bay windows on 180 degree views of the incredible panorama will nourish you with light and visual delights of the lake, its volcanoes and surrounding nature and wildlife. Your room has four single beds (setup as two sets of bunk beds) and ample space. This cabin includes a private terrace, and washbasin at the entrance.

*Price is shown PER PERSON. If you are choosing this option, you might be sharing a room with up to 3 members of our retreat group

Deposit: $240
Twin Bed Volcano Full Cabin (4 Days)
only 2 left

Constructed with wood and beautiful bark, this sweet cabin with two twin beds overlooks the beginning of San Marcos, and the lake with volcanic surroundings. Paneled tinted windows draw light in, but keep the brightness at bay. Branches of a nearby tree join you in the comforts of the cabin, inviting nature to rest with you.

Enjoy this room with a friend or all by yourself for privacy.

*Price is shown PER ROOM. If you are traveling with a friend, make sure to put your friend's name in the comments at the time of booking.

Deposit: $400
Queen Bed Baobab Full Treehouse (4 Days)
Deposit: $500
Bed in the Rose Dorm (7 Days)
4 left
Deposit: $380
Twin Bed Volcano Full Cabin (7 Days)
only 2 left
Deposit: $700
Queen Bed Baobab Full Treehouse (7 Days)
only 3 left
Deposit: $800


Day 1
Getting to know each other

The very first day that we spend at Eagle's Nest will be dedicated to meeting your fellow retreaters, getting to know each other and becoming aquatinted with the surroundings.

Estimated schedule for the day

6:30am - 7:45am Sunrise meditation and breath work

8:00am - 9:00am Yoga 

9:00am - 10:00am Breakfast

10:00am - 12:30pm Welcome circle

12:30pm - 2:00pm Lunch

2:00pm - 4:30pm Free Time

4:30pm - 6:00pm Yoga 

6:00pm - 7:00pm Dinner 

7:30pm - 9:00pm Movie night

*All activities are optional

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We had a wonderful trip. The people were so friendly and the food was delicious. The yoga was inspiring and such a beautiful location only made it better. Accommodations were also perfect and the excursions enjoyable.
By Lenny L for New Year - New You on 27 Jan, 2020
The resort was amazing, the staff was always there to help. The food was always fresh and cooked to perfection! Loved Viva ( the owners dog) and the 2 village dogs Mama and Cheela! Over all, one of the best vacations ever!
By Wendy L for New Year - New You on 27 Jan, 2020