Embracing Change

Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico

Victoria OHara
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Feb 15 - 17, 2019
Group size: 10 - 25
Embracing Change
Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico

Victoria OHara
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Deposit: $50
Feb 15 - 17, 2019
Group size: 10 - 25

About this trip

This is a perfect opportunity to practice Yoga with ‘like- minded’ folks in a beautiful location, exploring ideas of a changing world and a changing body. What is the right amount of push back, and when do we accept change? How much of our practice is discipline, and how much is letting go?  

Two teachers of extraordinary experience will give you complimentary workshops to dive deep into the heart of practice. 

About Kate Potter

Kate Potter 




Much of Kate’s fame as a yoga

teacher comes from the ability to

phrase ,to rework, to join

threads and to divine flow out of

static form. Learn to work with


and the mudras from the core in

order to move seamlessly through


What’s included

  • light refreshments
  • accommodation
    airfare ,transportation


Embracing Change
with Kate Potter and David LeClair

FRIDAY 4:00-7:30 pm. COMING HOME 

Kate will take us on our first welcoming journey of Yoga together. With the sun setting, the heat waning, and the body softening to prepare for a weekend of exploration, don’t miss this chance to return to your own essence and find right there, the jewel of practice. 

SAT. 8:00-9:30 AM. FLOW MOTION

Kate’s signature style is to weave postures together with the ease and grace of the mindful dancer. Before we break the postures down with David, lets light a few fires in the power center, and blow some sea air into the body. Flow up, flow down, flow body flow! 


Finally! We are going to break these flows down and look at the details of each posture!  David will take each asana in the Homoa Flow and work with us in stillness defining and refining our edges. This is a chance to confirm what you know, and learn a bit more as well. 

12:30- 2:30. SHIFTING FOCUS

Now that we have had a chance to define the technique, lets go back and apply what we learned to the feeling breathing, moving, body. Then of course, we will take the long slow ride down the river of Savasana.


Good morning Mexico! Dream your body alive with water, light, earth, air and THIS very breath. Kate has a flow just for you. All together in breath!


When we flow, we sacrifice the definition of each pose. That is of course, unless we are able to rock our stillness first. David is going to have an eye on us and hold committed to what we learned on Saturday while giving us a few more key tips on asana.

12:30- 2:30. FULL CIRCLE BACK

Just as the night gives way to the day, our still poses give rise to movement. So too, the seasons of our life follow an eternal return. Kate will conclude the weekend with this final workshop leaving plenty of time for Q and A and lots of encouragement for daily practice to send you on your way.

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