Emotional Liberation Breakthrough – From Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace

8600 Praia da Luz, Portugal

Becca Williams
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Oct 6 - 12, 2024
Group size: 8 - 14
Emotional Liberation Breakthrough – From Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace
8600 Praia da Luz, Portugal

Becca Williams
  • Email address verified

Oct 6 - 12, 2024
Group size: 8 - 14

About this trip

If you’re a perceptive, soulful person who’s ready to move beyond your emotional challenges, learn how to manage your feelings, and enjoy a much richer emotional life, then join us in captivating Southern Portugal for this powerful and never-to-be-forgotten spiritual adventure!

What would it be worth to you to take just one week out of your daily grind (or same old, same old) to make changes that could last the rest of your life?

As you breathe in the clean, invigorating air from our villa's expansive deck, you feel the gentle breeze against your skin. You take in the awe-inspiring panorama of the ocean, the mountains and undulating cliffs that rise before you like a divine masterpiece, each detail bearing witness to the perpetual beauty of nature. 

The sun casts its gentle October rays in a rich tapestry of russet and gold complementing the boundless blue of the sea and sky. The soft rustle of native flora and the distant song of seagulls effortlessly melts away the worries of the world.This private oasis soothes your senses and renews your soul. 

Enter a realm where time slows and a haven of tranquility and beauty beckons you

In this dreamlike sanctuary, you're rediscovering your clarity, your confidence, and your connection to the world around you. It's a journey that begins with a view, but soon becomes a voyage of the soul, a dance of authenticity, and a celebration of your priceless worth. Welcome to a realm where dreams take flight and the heart finds its true home.

Ahh the possibilities! By the end of this journey…

You are in the flow, connected to your deep wisdom and standing confidently in your power at home, work and in all your relationships.

You've super-sized your outlook experiencing the powerful support of sacred plant medicine as a unique self-healing tool amplifying the impact of this profound emotional release work. 

You know how to access your BEST SELF and lead by example, inviting vulnerability and compassion to be your guides – prioritizing self-care, knowing when to press pause to go within and nourish yourself.

And since you've gained a profound awareness of your emotional patterns, you are able to reframe them to your benefit and move through triggering episodes with grace and perseverance.

You've amplified your ability to tap into the flow of your emotions and inner knowing to guide your decisions. Your soul is wired for expressionequipped with ground breaking healing techniques that elevate your own personal wellbeing and (if you're a teacher, therapist, coach) those of your clients and resonate throughout every aspect of your existence.

Yes! It's time to let your soul ROAR, feeling wholly inspired in knowing you’ve become a wide-open receiver for all your dreams.

During our time together, your total wellbeing will be supported in all ways possible: nourishing food, cozy bed, sacred medicine, our curated activities to stroke your soul, unleash belly laughs and enrich meaningful connections. Rest assured, you'll also have plenty of me time to savor however you please.


Step right into the world of awesomeness with our private resort, Lux Luz Villa! It's a hidden gem, nestled in the hills above the darling village of Praia da Luz yet a short walk from its acclaimed beach. 

Lux Luz Villa is not just a villa, it's a paradise with its own VIP entrance – private grounds and jaw-dropping views. And when the sun's in a dramatic mood, indulge in some Portuguese goodness that'll make your senses dance as it sets. 

This stunning location offers breathtaking views, a deep connection with nature, and a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy world, all while being conveniently located just 40 minutes from FARO airport.

Your time will be a curated experience meeting your longing for an escape from life's crazy whirlwind. Imagine every view being a masterpiece, and every tick of the clock offering a chance to chill and soak up the wonders of the world. Relax into this ride of serenity, where the enchanting charm of southern Portugal unveils itself right in front of your amazed eyes. Time to get lost in the magic! 

Your Personal Slumberland...

Our villa features spacious sleeping quarters, each furnished with cozy twin beds and an ensuite bathroom for your comfort. Whether you’re attending alone, with your best friend, or open to meet new people, there’s an option for you! 

While all rooms are designed for double occupancy, we also offer the option to enjoy the space privately, ensuring a tailor-made retreat experience. 

If you would like a roommate, we're committed to thoughtfully matching you with another guest who is also looking for a (same gender) companion. In the event that a match isn't available, your room will be considered a single.

Delicious Bites from Paradise

Let's talk about sustenance! During our time together, we'll be experiencing some seriously awesome food – enjoying it either poolside or in the villa's spacious dining room. And guess what? We've hit the jackpot here in sunny Southern Portugal, where fresh local goodies are basically a way of life. Our culinary wizard, Chef Svetlana, is here to tickle your taste buds with an array of plant based foods grown right around the corner. Get ready for a dance of flavors inspired by Portugal, served up buffet-style so you can go wild with options – whether you're all about the veggies or rockin' the vegan vibes. All meals are plant based (w/ the occasional addition of eggs) & prepared fresh, in-house. You'll feel nourished, cared for and equipped with the energy it takes to do the work of retreat activities.

Oh, and in your pre-retreat interview we'll suss out what your preferences are for making your taste buds do the happy dance – because personalized perfection is the name of the game. As a clinical nutritionist, Becca, and Chef Svetlana, are tag-teaming to curate the ultimate feast for your body and mind. And hey, remember, it's all connected – body, mind, and that spirited soul of yours! 🍽️💚

The Lasting Impact

This isn't just a week that will make you feel better while you're here. Oh no! The tools and expertise you will come away with will equip you with a template for how to walk in the world of chaos without becoming a part of it.

You're going to get the whole overflowing package of goodies uniquely designed to help you overcome challenging feelings and find a path towards emotional growth and resilience. We've got it all going on! 

Through sacred teachings and poignant case studies, you’ll discover how each of the 7 families of difficult emotions can elevate your own personal wellbeing (and as a teacher, therapist or guide propel your effectiveness to a new level – helping both yourself AND your clients). 

Our curated meditations and activities nurture deep self-realizations and profound insights, so you can learn to become you own self-healer releasing past wounds and wholeheartedly embracing self-love.

With our guided encounters, you have the choice of exploring the powerful practice of microdosing psilocybin to enhance your inner healing journey and promote an elevated state of well-being. OR two full sacred journeying ceremonies. Dosing is customized.

In experiential practices and mentoring, you'll gain a profound awareness of your emotional patterns so you can reframe them to your benefit and move through triggering episodes with grace and perseverance. 

In channeling the potency of our collective gathering, each person’s discovery is an invitation for another person’s quantum leap through shared intention, exploration, and the creation of our journey together.

Through dynamic experiential exercises and interactions with others, you'll learn how to draw strong, healthy boundaries for yourself while building more loving and supportive relationships with others.

Once you understand the messages from your emotions and feel that your mind, your body, and your heart are a team always working toward the same goal – you will return to your real life with more freedom, clarity and fulfillment as your Soul carefully weaves this magic creating the FULLY AUTHENTIC YOU.

About Southern Portugal & Our Time

What can I say? I LOVE the Algarve, which gives us warm, sunny, and gentle weather most of the year (including October!). 

Speaking of October, it's past the crazy summer tourist season, so prices for everything are very accessible (including this retreat!). And the length of our time together (6 nights) is long enough for powerful changes yet convenient enough to accommodate work schedules, parent stuff, and other obligations.

Traveling to our retreat villa is simple and straightforward – with good airports, trains and highways while coddling us in the lap of this country's exceptional beauty and vibrant culture.

The Portuguese have a charming way about them, with a kindness and spirit of generosity that is irresistible. The country is one of the safest in the world and here in the south, English is widely spoken and makes it easy to communicate. 

What’s included

  • Psilocybin Microdosing
    I will teach you how to explore the powerful practice of microdosing psilocybin to enhance your inner healing journey and promote an elevated state of well-being. 
  • Releasing Ceremony
    Experience a powerful releasing ceremony that frees us from the tangled perceptions and emotional unease we’ve formed with our own self-image.
  • Sacred Blessing
    Craft your own blessing for a concluded relationship, someone you wish to deeply forgive, or a circumstance you are prepared to release.
  • Love In A Hand:
    Learn (from an expert!) how to delight your friends, your children, your lover (men, women love this) with the blissful experience of rejuvenating hand massages.
  • Face Dunking
    Experience the invigorating benefits of cold water face dunking – from increased alertness and glowing skin to stress relief and a refreshing boost for your mind and body (without full body immersion,
  • Lodging
    High-end retreat villa in our stunning Southern Portugal locale overlooking the charming seaside village of Praia da Luz.
  • Deep Dive Sessions
    High-end retreat villa in our stunning Southern Portugal locale overlooking the charming seaside village of Praia da Luz.
  • Intake Interview
    Personalized pre-retreat intake interview to define your goals
  • Follow Up Session
    1:1 Follow-up integration session post retreat
  • Facilitator Access
    Access to facilitator(s) at all times during retreat
  • Dinner
    Seven scrumptious dinners (including an arrival dinner on Sunday)
  • Lunches & Snacks
    Six delicious lunches and daily mid-day snacks
  • Breakfasts
    Seven tasty breakfasts (including a farewell buffet Saturday morning)
  • Exclusive Online Group
    Exclusive access to a Telegram group
  • Daily Activities
    Daily movement and yoga, breath work, and active meditation sessions
  • Emotional Liberation
    All Emotional Liberation workshops, talks, and discussions
  • Free Time
    Ample daily free time to explore your surroundings, beach combing, shopping, or stay close and lounge and swim in the heated pool.  
  • Shuttle
    Departure (Saturday) morning shuttle to Lagos train station (train goes to Faro for those catching a plane at the Faro Int’l airport)
  • WiFi
    Free wireless internet access – disconnect from technology but enabled to stay “in touch”

What’s not included

  • Plant Medicine Ceremony
    The 2 sacred ceremonies are an additional cost of $200
  • Massage & Reflexology
    Massage and reflexology session on site (separate fees)
  • Airfare & Transport
    Airfare & arrival ground transportation. Uber or taxi trips for excursions.
  • Insurance
    Personal, medical, and trip cancellation insurance (highly recommend Travel Insurance to cover any incidentals such as delays or canceled flights)

Available Packages

EARLY BIRD Program Price - Shared Room
Available until April 30, 20244 left

All rooms are priced as double accommodations. A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required at time of registration. 

Optionally, you may purchase a private suite at a supplement cost of $450

All rooms include 2 twin beds and ensuite bathroom

Each room has large windows or sliding doors with a pool, countryside or mountain view 

If you would like a roommate, we’ll do our best to pair you with someone else who is also seeking a roommate. If there is no one to pair you with your room will be considered a single.

Deposit: $500

Available options

Your Organizer

Becca Williams
Becca Williams blends Western Medicine with Eastern traditions and sacred plant medicine to help people heal from difficult emotions and emotional trauma.