Emotional well being 3 day workshop in your own private villa

justin field
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Emotional well being 3 day workshop in your own private villa

justin field
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Deposit: $250

About this trip

 The main goal of a R.Y.T retreat is to clear out our automatic negative responses to every day life transcending our subjective reality that we hold in place by our prior conditioning. We can do this by clearing out any destructive thought patterns and trapped emotions that may be blocking us from living the life we want to live. This will be ideally done in peaceful surroundings accompanied by a healthy and cleansing diet and daily light exercise with some seriously fun activities thrown in and plenty of time to relax and plan your year ahead. 


This workshop will be run from August til the end of September . Drop us a line with your date request. 

What’s included

  • 6 body code sessions
    To remove trapped emotions and identify any negative core beliefs holding you back and restore blance to the meridian system.
  • Breath work session
    Daily breath work sessions designed to remove deep down blockages and move the body into an alkaline state
  • Tibetan rites
    daily exercise routine
  • Morning juice and lunch
    Yummy vegetarian cleansing meals designed to your bodies specific needs .
  • Relaxing massage
    1 hour relaxing massage designed to your needs
  • Private villa
    king size bed \swimming pool \ A.C
  • Night time excursions
  • Airport pick up
  • yoga but can be arranged


Arrival day
Emotional well being 3 day workshop in Bali

Airport pick up can be arranged or make your own way . 

Welcome Tea and snacks 

Settle in 

Dinner is served 

Your Organizer

justin field
My path started in the kitchen and with my love of food which has led me to cook all over the world . Along the way I have learned about the power of sound and frequency by learning sound therapy. I have also studied Applied kinesiology which has given me my understanding of how information is stored with in the body . I am also a keen practitioner of Dr Bradley Nelsons Bodycode system which can help get to the underlying cause of many an imbalance within the body . In India and Sri lanka I learned the benefits of Yoga and Sujok. Whilst in Brazil I was eager to learn about plant medicine and Breath work. I have also personally experienced, that by learning to reprogram any negative core beliefs we may have , can literally change our destiny. Combining all this great information with my sense of adventure has led me to create unique retreats that help people to re charge and correct any imbalances found in the body and mind.