English and French immersion Experience Camp Dapaventura!

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

English and French immersion Experience Camp Dapaventura!
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

About this trip

English / French Immersion Experience Camp Dapaventura

*It is focused in natural and effective communication.

*Team Work and personal skills development.

*Creative mingle activities

*We invite you to leave your comfort zone,and have a challenging experience in your target language.

*We offer bilingual coaches with vast experience in the field of language acquisition willing to motivate and guide you to unleash your highest potential.

Accommodation -Food -bilingual tour guid

The English/French immersion camp Dapaventura includes accommodations in its many comfortable and vast number of rooms made to satisfy our common purpose to have an awesome challenging immersion experience in your target language!  


The English/French Immersion camp Dapaventura Includes typical lunches from the region, and typical recipes from francophone and anglophone countries!

Nature Walk

Guided Nature Walk 2 hours where students will experience nature in their target language. 

Archery Challenge

In one of the oldest sports, engage in a friendly contest with friends in your target language and win special prizes 


What’s included

  • Transportation
  • Accomodations
    12-15 people
  • Lunch and snacks
    Tipical food from the diferent regions
  • Bilingual Coaches
    English,French and spanish language coaches
  • Dapaventura Compound
    All the activities Dapaventura has to effer.
  • Breakfast
  • plus ones
  • Dictionaries


English/French Immersion
Experiencing the English and french language

We will explore the cultures of our target languages through a series of stations,each challenge. each station provides key cultural information on Colombia,USA,France. later through mingle activities you will interact with fellow learners and native coaches who will guide through this wonderful and challenging path.

Your Organizer

English / French Immersion Camp Dapaventura
Walkingtime Tours is a tour operator born in Cali and created by certified guides before the National Council of Guides of Colombia, we specialize in receptive tourism, in the realization of tours and tours to Valle del Cauca, Cali and its surroundings. Of course if you want to go further, why not?