Escape to Paradise: Taveuni, Fiji

      Naqarawalu, Fiji

      Blue Planet Scuba
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      143 reviews
      Aug 28 - Sep 4, 2023
      Group size: 10 - 18
      Escape to Paradise: Taveuni, Fiji
      Naqarawalu, Fiji

      Blue Planet Scuba
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      143 reviews

      Aug 28 - Sep 4, 2023
      Group size: 10 - 18

      About this trip

      We're heading to a NEW island in Fiji to dive the soft coral capital of the world: Taveuni, home to Rainbow Reef and the Great White Wall. We'll spend a week doing 3 boat dives a day and shore diving before we head back to the main island in Fiji for some adventuring (surfing, rafting, shark diving, oh my!). 

      Taveuni, Fiji

      A nature lover's delight, Fiji is renowned for its unspoiled beauty and tranquility. White sand beaches, crystal clear water, lush forests and more are waiting to be explored. Below the surface, the strong currents of the outer reefs bring nutrient rich waters from thousands of miles around, and in turn, lure in some of the most diverse life in the ocean, everything from macro critters to pelagics. 

      Known as the "Soft Coral Capital of the World," Taveuni is home to the 32 km long legendary Rainbow Reef. One of the Top 10 Dive Sites in the World, the Great White Wall is situated on Rainbow Reef and Paradise Taveuni is at the heart of all this. The Somosomo Strait (Fijian for ‘good water’) has strong tidal currents, which provide a constant flow of nutrients, idyllic for soft coral growth and diverse fish life.  

      The Diving

      Minimum dive certification/experience: Perfect for experienced divers with at least 50 dives. Some sites require Advanced Open Water Diver certification due to depth, current and narrow swim-throughs.

      Experience an abundance of fish life including: Anemone fish, Maori Wrasse, Lionfish, Reef Sharks, Rays, Turtles, Octopus, Garden Eels, Blue Ribbon Eels, Ghost Pipe Fish, Moray Eels and much, much more. Mantas and Pilot Whales are often seen on the boat trip to and from the reef. We stop so you can get in and swim with these wild, natural creatures. Humpback Whale season is June – September each year and we encounter these beautiful mammals as they migrate with their new calves from the dive boat and from the oceanfront of Paradise.

      Diving is offered daily on Rainbow Reef as well as the nearby southern reefs and shore dives. Normally departing the private marina at 8.00am, a double dive is on offer daily with lunch back on the Resort and a third boat dive on the nearby Paradise Reefs at Vuna or Dolphin Bay. On other days enjoy a triple dive with a picnic lunch and surface interval on a picturesque white sand beach on Vanua Levu, returning to Paradise at around 3.00pm. 

      Shore dives are offered each day from the private marine, with or without a guide. A night dive at dusk is on offer every evening from the private marina. With a unique deep water frontage, Paradise is home to 3 unique shore dives featuring a multitude of tropical fish, reef creatures as well as hard and soft corals. Paradise shore dives are the underwater photographers dream with many opportunities to capture those macro shots. For more info on the diving, check out this pdf.

      Paradise Resort

      Paradise Taveuni is located in the south west of Taveuni Island, one of the island’s most beautiful areas. Set on 5 acres of elevated oceanfront land, Paradise offers impressive sea and sunset views and many strategically placed hammocks and sun lounges from which to enjoy them. When you're NOT diving, you can get a massage at the spa, chill by the pool, snorkel, kayak, hike and more.

      Paradise offers 16 air conditioned accommodation choices, all of which were fully refurbished in 2019. Each includes ocean views from each room, tropical outdoor shower in your own private lava-rock garden, generous king bed, spacious deck to read and enjoy the views and air conditioning. All meals are included and yes, there's a nightly happy hour. 


      You should plan to fly through Nadi (NAN) and on to Taveuni (TVU) on Fiji Airways, arriving on August 28th. However please be sure you give yourself at least two hours for connections since you will likely have to go through Customs, pick up your bags and then check in again at the domestic terminal. Please contact the shop before booking your flights. 

      Interested in extending your trip? Might as well make it a full 2 weeks and join us at Waidroka for a few nights before you fly home! (Details coming soon)

      Cancellation Policy

      Upon cancellation of a reservation for any reason, the refund of the deposit and payments made or due will be contingent upon Blue Planet reselling the participant's reservation. Any refund may also be subject to a cancellation fee of $250 and payment of any non-refundable fees imposed by the tour company, dive operator or any other contractor associated with the trip. 

      Dive accident insurance is required for all divers on this trip. We strongly recommend travel insurance to protect your vacation investment. Contact us if you need more information. 

      What’s included

      • 7 nights accommodations
        Single or shared oceanfront rooms available.
      • All meals
        Full cooked breakfast, 2-course lunch and 3-course dinner plus Fijian sulu + tea, coffee & cookies.
      • 15 boat dives
        5 days of 3-tank boat dives.
      • Shore diving
        Shore diving from 7am – 5pm on boat dive days.
      • Airport transfers
        Ground transfers on Taveuni.

      What’s not included

      • Flights
        International flights to Fiji and domestic flights to Taveuni.
      • Scuba equipment
        Only tanks and weights included. Rental gear available
      • Marine park fee
        $15 FJD (approx. $8 USD) Marine Park fee.
      • Tips
        Tips for the boat's excellent crew.
      • Dive Insurance
        All divers need to have their own policy. We recommend DAN.
      • Travel Insurance
        Highly, highly recommended!

      Available Packages

      Diver, Double Occupancy, 1 Bedroom

      Double occupancy in an oceanfront room with tropical outdoor shower in your own private lava-rock garden, generous king bed, spacious deck to read and enjoy the views and air conditioning. If you don't want to share the king bed with your roomie, we can add a single bed to the separate lounge room.  

      Deposit: $500
      Diver, Single Occupancy, 1 Bedroom

      Single occupancy in an oceanfront room with tropical outdoor shower in your own private lava-rock garden, generous king bed, spacious deck to read and enjoy the views and air conditioning. 

      Deposit: $500
      Diver, Double Occupancy, 2 Bedroom

      Double occupancy in one bedroom of an oceanfront family bure with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Your bedroom may either have a king bed or two single beds. Your bure also has a tropical outdoor shower in your own private lava-rock garden, spacious deck to read and enjoy the views and air conditioning. Please specify if you plan to share the king bed in bedroom A or have a single bed in bedroom B. Ideally you should already have a roommate picked out before booking this!   

      Deposit: $500
      Diver, Single Occupancy, 2 Bedroom

      Single occupancy in one bedroom of an oceanfront family bure with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. You will likely stay in the bedroom with a king bed. Your bure also has a second bedroom with roomies, a tropical outdoor shower in your own private lava-rock garden, spacious deck to read and enjoy the views and air conditioning.

      Deposit: $500


      Arrival in Fiji

      You will likely arrive early in the morning on Monday, August 28th at the Nadi airport in Fiji. Go through Immigration, grab your bags and then head outside to the domestic terminal. If your flight to Taveuni doesn't leave for a while, you can head across the road to a hotel to relax and have breakfast. 

      We'll fly together from Nadi to Taveuni and then transfer by road to the resort. Once there we can check in, orient ourselves and relax!

      Your Organizer

      Blue Planet Scuba
      143 reviews
      Blue Planet is a different kind of scuba diving organization — aimed at providing the best education and experiences to divers in the Washington, DC area and beyond, while harnessing the excitement and adventure of scuba diving to help protect our fragile oceans.


      The weather in Cozumel was lovely. The scuba instructor, Andrea Williams, was exceptional. The resort was tailored more to local families and tourists who appreciate that level of comfort.
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      Thank you, Adrienne! We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed the trip. We hope to see you on another dive adventure soon!
      By Blue Planet Scuba on Apr 13, 2024
      Heather & Jonas were excellent trip leaders making sure everyone was well taken care of. The Galapagos Aggressor had a super crew and the diving was challenging and stunning! We saw hammerheads, penguins, seals, sea lions & dolphins! I really appreciated the personal touches like our matching jackets and a cake for my birthday. I would highly recommend this trip.
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      Thanks, Catherine! What better way to celebrate your birthday?!? We're so glad you enjoyed the trip and let us share experiencing this special destination with you. Looking forward to the next one!
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      This review is belated, I know... ...But that only means I took **serious*** consideration into reviewing my experience with Blue Planet DC, and ranking them very highly. Its been almost a year since I was OW Certified with Blue Planet in Cozumel - my training during that trip was thorough enough to provide me with a solid foundation to continue scuba diving afterwards many, many times. The trip itinerary, accommodations, and overall pacing of the scuba lessons were incredibly well organized. The instructors were patient and attentive - at various times I was provided specific one-on-one, actionable feedback regarding things like my trim or my breathing rhythm impacting my buoyancy and what I could do to improve my technique. They made sure we knew our stuff before letting us loose into the ocean, and during our checkout dives they stayed closeby and kept a watchful eye on us, so I felt more at ease and safe. (Even with the drift moving us around!) My main priority for this trip was to learn how to scuba, but that said, there were opportunities at Cozumel to (after the day's lessons are done) be a tourist and explore the area. The resort itself is a very beautiful spot with relaxing, open air dining, lounge, and balcony areas as well as a fantastic view of the ocean horizon. I also really appreciated that lodging AND meals were included in this travel package - it saved me the trouble of having to figure that out on my own, which made a big difference by freeing up more time after each full day of lessons to just relax and chill. I know each trip is always different of course in terms of other group trip attendees you may end up with, so of course this can just be sheer dumb luck, but everyone else on this trip was chill. Even the more seasoned divers who were already certified and doing this for years were friendly and happy to drop useful advice or recount from their personal experiences how it was like them becoming certified the first time. The time I did this it was "drift diving" and of course that scared me a ton. But the PADI material that is mandatory to study goes over what drift diving is. When doing my checkout dive the drift didn't like, wash me away from the group dive route. You'll be under instructor supervision so people are keeping an eye on you, and the drift itself is mild - I didn't have to struggle against the current (if you've ever surfed, you'll see that this isn't at all like a riptide or undertow). If anything, managing your buoyancy will end up your primary concern or worry during the checkout dive. Hope this review helps anyone considering who to go with for getting certified on their first ever scuba trip! I'm very glad I went with Blue Planet.
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      Thank you so much, M! We are so happy you joined us on the trip and started your dive adventures with us! We look forward to many more!
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      This was my first liveaboard! 🛥️ Anthony was a fantastic trip leader and teacher, as always! The Aquacat crew was fun, the food was delicious and the diving and excursions were great! I would definitely recommend this trip with Blue Planet, especially as a first liveaboard experience! I had a good time learning about sharks, too! 🦈
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      Thanks for joining on another amazing trip! Hopefully we will be on another fun trip in sharky waters soon.
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      This was my first trip with Blue Planet and my first liveaboard - both were a great experience! The communication and prep from Blue Planet was excellent (pre-trip meeting was really helpful, paperwork was clear and organized). My husband and I are new divers and Anthony (trip lead from Blue Planet) was an invaluable resource - we learned a lot during the dives and felt safe with him looking out for us. The liveaboard itself was amazing. The bed was comfortable, the food was amazing, the staff were wonderful. This was one of the best trips of my life - it's going to be hard to top with the bar now set so high!
      By Rachel L for Ring in 2024 on a Liveaboard in the Bahamas! on Jan 08, 2024
      Thank you so much, Rachel! I am glad you and Ben had such a good time on the trip. You were both great divers, and I can't wait to see you on more of our trips. I look forward to diving with you some more!
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