Etnia Negra, Panamá!

Panama City, Panama

Leslie Gueno
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May 26 - Jun 1, 2019
Group size: 1 - 12
Etnia Negra, Panamá!
Panama City, Panama

Leslie Gueno
  • Email address verified

May 26 - Jun 1, 2019
Group size: 1 - 12

About this trip

Celebrate African culture and connect with the Black diaspora in Panama.

May 30th is the official Panamanian day to honor and celebrate Black culture and its history of resistance.   Feliz dia de la etnia negra! 

Is there a better time than that to discover the vibrant African side of Panama? 

On your trip, you will be able to connect and party with African descendants from Panama City, Portobelo and Colón, living an unforgettable experience that will transform.   During this journey in Panama, you will discover the historical neighborhoods on walking tours, including an Afro-Panama foodie tour,  visit the Afro-Caribbean Museum (guided by a  Panamanian specialist, Ms. Rodriguez), tour the Canal, learn about the Black Christ and dance with the Ritmo School for Kids.

 If your schedule allows, you can volunteer at local organizations that we support, such as the Malambo Home for Kids.  Last but not least you can connect with one of the autonomous indigenous communities in the region.  We offer an optional tour at the Indigenous Kuna Yala territory, where you can explore some of their 365 islands in the gorgeous Caribbean see, while staying at community owned hotels!

Why travel with us?

- Why CRIOYA? Why DiasporaConX? X-factor! Excellence! We highlight Black excellence worldwide and in every aspect of our company we strive for eXcellence and unique eXperiences. We go the eXtra mile for you to really connect with the diaspora in meaningful ways that renrich your life and those in the host country.  Our CEO (chief ExCellence officers) look forward to the eXchange of cultural knowledge and welcoming to the ConX family.

-Welcome email, welcoming you to the collective. You will join a group of beautiful souls.

 We are a network of like minded travelers, passionate about the African diaspora, wellness/WHOLEness/Unity and Spirit, learning and serving. We desire and strive to enrich and deepen our travel experiences and create global  community.

-Membership benefits,  you will receive insight into the up and coming locations and projects, discounts on curated itineraries and products, discount codes with our partners, tips and tricks for enriching your adventures, and more

-Suggested packing list and travel advice from industry and location experts

-gifts and treats

-expert knowledge of the destination

-connection to our friends, partners and local community members and leaders 

-connection to local guides from the destination-curated itinerary picking top notch excursions, events and recommending wholesome and delicious local meals.

-Support of local African ancestry businesses

-Support of local educational and environmental initiatives that improve the communities we visit

What’s included

  • Accomodation
    6 nights accomodation (4 in Panama City and 2 in Portobelo)
  • 9 Meals
    6 traditional Breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner
  • Tour Coordinator
    Coordination of Tour and presence throughout the tour to assist with questions and suggestions of excellent opportunities to explore Panama and experience the Afro-Panamanian life stile
  • Walking Tours
    3 walking tours (1 in Panama City (foodie), 1 in Portobelo, 1 in Colón)
  • Transportation to destin
    Transport to Portobelo from Panama City hotel, to Colón from Portobelo hotel, and back to Panama city hotel.
  • Foodie Walking Tour
    Foodie delight walking tour in Panama city to try local foodie delight
  • Canal Tours
    Entrance and tour at the Pacific (Panama City) and Atlantic (Colón) sides of the canal
  • Museum Tours
    Entrance and tour at the Old Costume House, in Portobelo, and at the Afro-Caribbean Museum in Panama City.
  • Etnia Negra's Day
    Entrance to 2 events
  • Black Culture Workshop
    1 hour lecture with Afro-Panamanian specialist,, Mr. Ramirez.
  • African Music Experience
    Visit, play and dance at the Ritmo Music School for kids or another eXperience of eXcellence that your ceo chooses
  • Support local initiative
    Each tour CEO chooses an excellence opportunity for you to support a local empowerment initiative
  • Photographer
    Photographer available to take pics of our amazing experience. You will receive downloads of some highlights
  • Connecting the Diaspora
    We build economic and social ties with African descendant businesses and communities
  • International Flights
    Flight to Panama City (PTY)
  • Airport Pickup
    Available upon request
  • Lunches and Dinners
    two lunches are included and one dinner
  • Domestic Travel outside
    ravel to destinations outside of our itinerary
  • Trip Insurance
  • Gratuity
    Offering that you may give at your discreation to the people who have attended to you on your journey

Available Packages

Etnia Negra, Panamá!
Deposit: $500
Indigenous Kuna Yala Islands - Add on

 If you are interested in continuing your experience in Indigenous Kuna Yala Islands, at the Caribben coast of Panama. This is the perfect addition for you! We will have 2 additional days in the islands and will spend the night at a community owned hotel,where you can enjoy the beach and continue exploring Panama's multiculturalism - now connecting with the biggest Indigenous population in the country! 

Deposit: $100
Panama and Costa Rica trips - Add On

In June-July 2019, we offer different trips in Panama and Costa Rica (Cool and Calm Bocas; Mother and Baby Retreat; Teacher Wellness; Sustain--Do good etc.) and we would love you to consider joining us for one of them (or more!). Please visit our website or contact us for more information: ADD CONTACT INFO!!

Deposit: $0

Available options


Day 1
Warm welcome

We will arrive to Panama City prior to our welcome meeting. Enjoy delicious local earth to table delights for our dinner (included), where we will get to know each other and go into the details of the trip.

Your Organizer

Leslie Gueno
As a traveller and educator, I know that you need structure and flexibility. That you want someone to plan and guide the experience but still want to explore on your own, when you feel comfortable. So I have planned a trip for you with an itinerary that includes free time to safely wander and explore. I understand that connection with the local community is essential for you so I have created a unique opportunity to share your gifts with the host community. As a expert in the travel industry, I have created a unique trip just for you. I have worked as a travel professional for some of the best group travel providers and have a wealth of experience planning and leading trips for a diverse groups.