Everest Basecamp Helicopter Landing Day Tour - 1 Day

Everest, Nepal

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Everest Basecamp Helicopter Landing Day Tour - 1 Day
Everest, Nepal

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Everest base camp makes a lifetime memorable travel history in your travel bucket list. If you can trek to Everest base camp with multiday of hiking; this trekking option will certainly give you a lot about Mount Everest insights. But if you do not have time for that Everest Basecamp Helicopter Landing Tour can be a best way to tick off the bucket list item.


But if you do not have time or if your personnel factor do not let you trek this long; there are convenient ways to get to Everest base camp. With saying that; it is possible to take a day tour to Everest base camp, in your short time frame of Nepal visit.

This tour can be an ideal choice for those who are looking for Everest base camp sightseeing tour in their short visit to Nepal or if your circumstances do not let you to trek to Everest base camp with 2 week timeline.

We care your excitement with your safety. Our competent hospitable service will not let you down.

Best time

Alike to the best trekking season in Nepal, Everest helicopter landing tour is also suitable in the best trekking months. With that being said, best time Everest base camp helicopter tour is in autumn or in April.

As landing helicopter tour to Everest base camp is a day tour activity, thus if you take this trip in the right time, no matter what time of the year it is, it will be a perfect tour.

In general the months from March to May and from September to November are regarded as the best month for clear weather. In clear sky you will be able to experience flying close to the towering mountains. Top view of mountain summit, Khumbu ice fall, Khumbu glacier is outstanding.

Apart from the best view in the best month for EBC day tour activity, best month means certainty in the flight to the mountain and turbulence free ride to Everest base camp in a day tour activity.

Nevertheless, Everest base camp helicopter tour is operated all around the year.

What to Expect?

After you book your tour with Nepalgram, we will pick you from the hotel and take you the airport to catch helicopter to Everest base camp. Once you get boarding pass you are set to fly to the base camp of tallest mountain, “Everest”.

On the flight towards Everest, you will be inside helicopter for more than an hour. However, once you take off from Kathmandu airport and fly towards Lukla – helicopter captain will be your guide.

After you take off of Kathmandu you will see the random urbanization of Kathmandu valley. After 10 minutes of flight mountains starts to appear in the sight.

Keep in mind that the mountains are on your left hand side while flying towards Lukla.

When you approach near to Lukla you can see Everest standing in-front of you. Everest is the tallest mountain in farthest sight with black top. All other mountain is white with snow on their top but Everest has black rock exposed on its summit.

Everest base camp helicopter day tour from Kathmandu takes more than 1 hour to get to the EBC.

Tour Cost

Everest base camp helicopter landing day tour cost starts from US$1000 per person, approximately, in a group join trip. However the cost of the tour will fluctuate according to the level of service you want to top up.

EBC day tour will cost more in a small group and private tour.

Cost for day tour to Everest base camp by helicopter will include transportation cost, breakfast at star hotel on the lap of Everest mountain range and information by your helicopter captain.

However, if you are in a weekend trip and if you ask us to arrange for your complete tour arrangement from arrival to departure from Nepal, feel free to state this on order.

How & where – details

In Everest base camp landing helicopter tour you will fly from Kathmandu or fly from Pokhara to Everest region. This tour is one day activity in a lavish way. You will fly above Lukla, Namche, Tengboche, and Lobuche and at the end the helicopter will land on the half way of Kalapatthar. Kalapatthar is a best view point of Everest.

From this view point of Everest (that is Kalapatthar) you can see Everest base camp, Khumbu ice fall, Khumbu glacier, Mt Everest, Mt Nuptse from top to bottom and entire Khumbu range in a picturesque pattern.

There are multiple options to do this one day tour to Everest base camp by helicopter. You can take chartered helicopter, you can join the group or you can reserve your spot with us and we will let you know the group rate in favorable time.

If you have scheduled time frame, please give us your travel time frame in advance (not less than 3 days in advance) and we will inform you the cheapest possible flight to Everest basecamp by helicopter.

An interesting thing about 1 day helicopter tour to EBC with us is, breakfast at a perfect location. On route to return flight to Kathmandu after landing tour of Everest base camp; we will take breakfast break at famous star hotel of Everest at Everest View hotel. This place is with good food and perfect view of Mount Everest and the surrounding mountains.

Mt Amadablam looks stunningly beautiful from this breakfast point. This hotel at 3880 meters is chosen for breakfast not only because of its food quality and great Mountain View; but also because of its altitude balance from Kalapatthar landing spot at 5400meters and height of Kathmandu at 1350 meters.

In December vs. June

December is the peak winter month of Nepal. The subzero temperature at Everest base camp will create a freezing cold environment to stay overnight. But spending a day light at the base camp of tallest mountain of the world will neither be cold nor be cloudy.

For Everest base camp day tour, month of December are more than okay. In the winter, very few people trek up to the base camp, which will decrease the demand of helicopter for rescue and emergency medical assistance. Saying that, December is better than peak trekking season (April or October), for day tour to Everest base camp by helicopter.

Whereas, July is the month monsoon in Nepal which means the afternoon will be rainy and the rumbling clouds atop of mountains will bother flying helicopter to the base camp. But still people take day tour to Everest base camp by helicopter in monsoon.

But monsoon (June to august) is not recommended for Everest basecamp helicopter landing tour. The clouds on the sky will terminate the flight to Everest base camp by chopper and even if you fly towards the base camp of Everest, chance of clear sky is lesser than in the winter.

Thus, December (winter) is better than June (monsoon).

In April vs. October

Both of these months are peak trekking season in Nepal. April in spring and October in autumn are major months throughout the year for traveling to Nepal. Saying that, the cost for helicopter tour to Everest base camp, for a day; will be on the high demand, in these months.

Among these two famous months for Everest base camp helicopter day tour; October is preferred more than April, in general.

Both of these months are with clear weather, almost no dots of clouds on the sky, mild temperature; thus traveling to Everest base camp from Kathmandu or Lukla by helicopter will surely be a best option in either of these months.

Additional information

None of the helicopter doing Everest base camp helicopter tour land at the base camp of Everest. Unless you are sick at the base camp or until you sign up to fly in a chartered helicopter, you cannot land your helicopter at the base camp of Everest; this is by law. If any travel agency says you so, do not get fooled. Everest basecamp helicopter tour takes you at a perfect and famous view point of Everest.

Everest base camp helicopter day tour can either be done with straight flight from Kathmandu or from Lukla.

Helicopter, during the tour will land at the halfway of Kalapatthar. Once you land in-front of Mount Everest, the scenery is not only the mountain itself. But also you will see Khumbu icefall, Khumbu glacier, Mount Everest summit, and Gorakshep village. The view is outstanding.

If you want to land by the Everest base camp, a private day tour to Everest base camp will fulfill your interest of Everest base camp on foot.

Private trip vs. Group join

Cost illustrated is for Everest base camp group join day tour. The capacity of a small helicopter which flies to Everest base camp is either with 3 or 6 people. Sometimes the helicopter will do multiple shifts from Lukla to Everest base camp, back and forth.

In group join tour, as a member of Ebc day tour group member, you are obliged to follow group decision. Either staying more or less at the helicopter landing point or choosing your breakfast spot will none of your decision.

Unlike to group tour to Everest base camp, private tour will be more flexible and you will have your own helicopter for the entire day tour. If you want to spend more time or land at the Everest base camp or choose different location for breakfast; all of these are okay in private tour. But these modifications in the plan must be advised in advance. Your request as a private tour member will be addressed to maximum level of satisfaction but instant changes in plan will no work as a rule of aviation rule. First and foremost your travel agency in Nepal needs to know about what you want and what not.

Everest Base Camp vs Annapurna Base Camp

Everest is the tallest mountain of the world. Annapurna is 10th highest mountain of the world. So the choice is yours, wither you land in-front of tallest mountain or choose to go to 10th tallest.

Everest basecamp helicopter landing tour starts from Kathmandu or from Lukla. Whereas for Annapurna base camp helicopter tour you will start your tour either from Kathmandu or from Pokhara. I do not recommend you to take helicopter all the way from Kathmandu, this will be expensive. I recommend flying to ABC for day tour to Annapurna with helicopter which starts from Pokhara.

Among many differences, either ABC or EBC helicopter day tour are Himalayan base camp helicopter day tour in Nepal. But the elevation difference of these two famous base camps in Nepal can be a something one needs to consider, before choosing the best option.

It takes 30 to 45 minutes to get to Annapurna base camp by helicopter from Pokhara. For EBC helicopter day tour, more than an hour is needed to fly from Kathmandu.

Everest base camp day tour from Kathmandu by helicopter lands you at approximately 5400 meters or 17712 feet above the sea level. Whereas Annapurna base camp helicopter day tour will take you to 4120 meter or 13514 in feet on foot.

1.     Luxury aspect

EBC day tour from Kathmandu can be a top luxury possible in Nepal. As in Everest base camp helicopter tour your breakfast point can be a star hotel and luxury will not be given up even higher in the mountain.

Whereas in case of Annapurna base camp helicopter day tour, there are plenty of 5 star luxury hotels while in Pokhara or in Kathmandu. But once you land to Annapurna base camp your breakfast location cannot more than a tea house restaurant. Your luxury will disappear here. But packed 5 star breakfasts can always be an option.

2.     Mountain scenery

Even before getting to Lukla airport you will see infinite range of mountains including Everest herself, in Everest base camp helicopter day tour from Kathmandu. In case, if you start tour from Lukla the helicopter day tour to EBC will start already with the mountains. However you will be able to see mountain from Kathmandu itself, but in far distance. Once you start getting closer view of mountains in Everest base camp day tour, the mountain scenery is overwhelming.

In case of Annapurna base camp helicopter tour closeness to the mountain will only start after getting near to Annapurna base camp itself. Although you will fly with the mountain view from Pokhara airport itself, but this view not close view of the mountain in ABC helicopter day tour program.

Important sight in EBC heli landing tour

  • Mount Everest on sight (the tallest mountain of the world, top of mother earth)
  • Scenery of infinite mountain range
  • Mountain view already from Kathmandu airport
  • View of Everest base camp, Everest summit, and Khumbu ice fall, and Hillary step, South col of Everest and Khumbu glacier seen at once.
  • Breakfast at Everest view hotel – a only star hotel in Everest
  • Flying above Khumbu glacier, flying along the trail of Everest base camp and the top view of trekkers on ground

What’s included

  • Helicopter
    Helicopter cost
  • Helipad Service
    Helipad Shuttle service
  • Expenses
    Your personal expenses


Day 1
Kathmandu to EBC

• Altitude – 5500 meters
• Special – view of Everest and other tall mountains
• Time – 1 hour 30 minutes of flight
• Activity – Flying in helicopter and landing to get close views of mountains 

Your Organizer

Nepalgram Adventure
We are Local based Trekking agency with customized holiday activity in Nepal. We have experienced team of concealer and guides, who has done all of the trekking packages several times themselves, so keep good knowledge about the region. Information on the website are result of experience and hardship. Working with people from wide range of globe; helped us to see things close enough.

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