Everest Expedition 2024

Duration: 365 days
Group size: 1 - 25
Everest Expedition 2024

Duration: 365 days
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip


A mountain expedition aka ‘The Everest Expedition’ to the world's  highest peak, Mount Everest (8848.86 m), is one of the most intense,  challenging, and thrilling experiences in the Himalayas. We can say  amongst the Mountain climbing's this ‘Everest Expedition’ trek is the  most challenging and intense one. Many experienced mountaineers have  watched  and have felt the sudden desire of getting on top of the  highest peak.

Stated near the border with China, Mount Everest stands at 8848.86  meters high. Nepal has become a popular Everest climbing destination  since Sir Edmund Hillary's first ascent because it is easier than the  route from Tibet. Typically, the Everest region is inhabited by Sherpas,  Tibetan Buddhists practising the ancient Tibetan Plateau civilization  known as Bon Po.

Climbers heading to the Everest region take the flight to Lukla and  walk for two days to Namche Bazar. Acclimatization takes place in Namche  Bazar for the Everest climbers. During acclimatization, climbers trek  up the southern side of Everest to Everest base camp, located at 5364  meters altitude.

It is presumed that your Everest Expedition 2023 trip would be a  great success if you had enormous determination, discipline, and courage  to climb Everest. In addition, you should have mountaineering  experience, significantly above 6000 meters. In the face of adventures,  it is never wise to go unprepared. Before embarking on an Everest  expedition in 2023, those who dream of achieving such an accomplishment  need to prepare well and be determined.

What preparation is needed for the Everest expedition 2023? It is  essential to have the right gear to be comfortable and successful. Only a  true adventurer can undertake the Mt. Everest expedition. Depending on  your physical, mental, and financial abilities, you might want to  consider such a challenge. We also offer trips to Everest Base Camp and  Gokyo Lake Everest Base Camp if you're going to experience the big  trekking expeditions in the Everest Himalayas.

Everest Expedition 2024, with Actual Adventure starts from both from the north and south via the Khumbu Valley in Nepal.

The Responsibility and Sustainability of Expeditions, a taken responsibility by Actual Adventures

It is no secret that our mountains are filled with vast amounts of  waste. Despite long-standing neglect, we are deeply concerned about this  issue. Thus, to address this issue head-on, we, Actual Adventure plan  to move the expedition waste (mostly in high camps) down from them. The  high altitude porters we have in our team will be responsible for  transporting our waste.

The collected waste shall be sealed and transferred to an appropriate  dumpsite in the valley via a yak. When operating expedition operations  within our mountains, we feel we have a moral responsibility to protect  them and keep them clean for future generations. There’s a concern for  our mountains being overly polluted and the waste left/ignored in the  mountains. Everyone should be rightly concerned. Due to our commitment  to our sustainable values and implementation implement these tactics and  program.

Everest Expedition 2024, 2025,2026 departure date, cost, with best period

Only by booking the Everest Expedition with a highly experienced  Expedition Organizing Company can you share the adventure, thrill, and  dream of summiting the world's highest mountain. Many companies boast  that they are the best and have been in the mountaineering business for  decades, but the boast does not pay off.

"The Ultimate Heroes of the Himalayas" will provide you with support  and training throughout your Everest Expedition 2023 journey.Trekking to  the Everest base camp is among the most popular and adventurous  trekking destinations in the world to trek to the Everest base camp. For  an Everest expedition, climbers must pass through Everest's base camp.

Mt. Everest climbers and expedition mountaineers have long dreamed of  climbing the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest (8848.86 meters).

Our company, Actual Adventure, has been arranging Everest expeditions  and trips for decades. Everest Expeditions from the Nepal side are  comparatively more difficult than Everest Expeditions from the North  Col.

Therefore, many climbers fail to reach the summit from the Nepal  side. You can conquer the world's highest mountain by using the hands  and collaborated efforts of the Sherpas coupled with the proper  management of equipment, high altitude gears, and fair and managed  evacuation plans during an emergency.

Everest expedition strategy adopted by Actual Adventure for 2023

CAMP 1: 20000FT. (6,400M)

Camp 1 is situated at a flat area where deep crevasses and mountains  walls are endlessly snow-covered. At this place, we are treated to a  warm and heating ambience from the reflection of the Sun. Our tent is  filled with the deep murmuring crackling sound of crevasses at night. We  have to cross these areas to get to camp 2.

CAMP 2. 21000FT. (6,750M)

At the height of 21000ft, camp 2 is located next to the icy mount  Lhotse wall, through which we must pass to reach it. As we are at the  foot of camp 2, bad clouds roll in from the low ranges of the Himalayan  valleys. Yet sometimes, the wind here is so violent that our tents are  torn apart. Our third camp lies below these palaces.

CAMP 3. 22300FT

This wall is adjacent to the Lhotse wall. Upon reaching 4000 feet.  Using fixed ropes and after acclimatization, we go camp 4 by using the  Lhotse wall. Additionally, we must ascend the cliff bands (loose,  down-sloping, and crumbling limestone). As they cross the short  snowfield, the route continues up the Geneva Spur to the east and then  finishes on the flats of the Saddle of Pass (another wells name). If  climbers need oxygen above base camp 3, oxygen should probably be  available.

CAMP 4. 26000FT. (8,400M)

The last camp of the expedition is situated at the height of 26000ft;  it is the fourth camp of the expedition. A distance of 500m separates  this camp from the summit. The final climb poses the greatest danger.  Violent and fierce winds besiege this place. South-East Ridge and South  Summit (28710ft) are the best routes to reach the summit.

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