Everest Spiritual Trek - 9 Days

Everest, Nepal

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Everest Spiritual Trek - 9 Days
Everest, Nepal

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Explore more than 6 major monasteries of region, in Everest Spiritual trekking. Home to thousands of mountains, Sagarmatha national park is also a spiritually blessed destination. Everest is dominated with Buddhism; people of this region celebrate many festivals. There are many monasteries along the trekking route. Stories of flying lama to the spiritual blessings taken by climbers and trekkers is interesting part of Everest spiritual trekking findings.

Meditation inside the monasteries where legends meditated is overwhelming. Visiting the monasteries of the Everest base camp trekking route, where locals still celebrate many Sherpa festivals till this date. Location of the monasteries and group of monks studying in those isolated lama schools will certainly add amazement on top of spirituality of this Everest trek.

Peaceful surrounding of rich nature is another insight of Everest spiritual trekking. Meditating in peaceful location along the trekking trail with a spiritual guide will certainly help trekkers to find peace in the mind. Along the river, through the dense forest and in no tree line zone – we will be with the mountains beneath them.

Trip Flexibility!

We understand the meaning behind the spiritual trip to Everest is to seek and destroy the devil inside you or find the inner happiness. This does not have limitation of time and thus we are flexible on however you want to modify this trip.

As this is a self guided trekking trip to Everest; you will have your full freedom to choose on how to stay and design the length of visit/stay at any destination on the spot. This means – for example if you love the peace of Thame monastery and want to spend 3 extra days – you are welcome to do so.

Our office representative who will be guiding you virtually and accommodating your trip will make sure everything is customized on the go. Change of the flight – booking extra days of accommodation and any change in the plan will be carried out as accordance to your interest on the spot.

Everest spiritual trek Itinerary?

The given itinerary is standard format of this trekking trip to Everest. But like always your trip with us if flexible and anything is possible with Nepalgram.

On the base of this given itinerary we make sure you get what you want to get from this spiritual trip to Everest.

What to Expect?

Everest spiritual trekking is designed by Nepalgram for peace and prosperity of attendees. You will mediate in different locations in different monasteries.

Virtual guide for spiritual trekking will be informative and s/he will have spiritual insights for the entire group. Meditating inside the monasteries and chhortens will be inseparable part of trekking, indeed.

Information of trekking route, mountains and insights of cultural and spiritual facts of destinations will be delivered by our guide.

Accommodation during the trekking will be hotels not highly comfort but more than basic. If you want to have luxury accommodations please let us know about your interest on topping up on the regular package.

Internet facility

The entire teahouse you will stay while trekking in Everest spiritual trekking itinerary will have internet facility. Internet service on trekking route is not reliable but at the tea houses will not let you down. But you have to pay for the internet yourself which is less than $5 per day.

You will be briefed by our virtual guides on any of the communication method about the next day – on daily basis. Any of your questions and information will be happily entertained on phone or facetime.

Internet will not be able to trace your trekking path but to mitigate this problem while trekking in self-guided trip to Everest – we will have pre trip meeting and we will provide you with the map of Everest spiritual trip with detailed/in-depth information marked on the map.

Internet facility will help you to connect with our virtual guides.

Altitude of trek & destination

The highest sleeping destination for this spiritual trek is 3870 meters or 12693 meters. But as a part of side trip at Tengboche monastery overnight stay, there will be option to hike all the way to 5000 meters or 16400 feet.

Apart from the maximum altitude, Everest spiritual trekking profile is maintained in such a way that; you will not have any problem in coping up with high altitude. You can check the itinerary for the itinerary made with necessary acclimatization stop.

Good to know

Trekking to Everest in a different way is main aim of this trekking. Thus you will be given insights of culture and inner peace of mind by our guide. For the best experience of the spiritual insight our guide will take you in the suitable spots for meditation.

If you are just looking for trekking this itinerary without much if spirituality involved you can visit the Everest panorama trekking package in the list below. Even in this trekking we will take you to all of those destinations of this will be with a regular trekking guide. Or you can always ask us for customization of the trip in your favorable way.

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What’s included

  • Accommodation
    Accommodation, prebooked and updated booking if necessary under on the spot customization
  • Air Fare
    Air fare from Kathmandu to Lukla - both way flight cost; with airport shuttle
  • Permit
    All necessary paper works, local entry permit & Sagarmatha national park entrance fee.
  • Guide
    Fluent English speaking and trained, Government license holder virtual trekking guide on phone or any communication on/off the internet
  • Food
    Food during the trek
  • Expenses
    Personal expenses while trekking
  • Insurance
    Your Travel and medical insurance for emergency, we assist you for the arrangement, if needed
  • Untitled Item
    Anything not stated in Inclusion


Day 1
Fly to Lukla, trek to Phakding & visit to local monastery

• Altitude – 2610 meters
• Special – Scenic view of mountains and greenery from plane and during trek
• Time – 25 minutes flight and 3 hours hike
• Activity – Flying in pane and trekking 

Your Organizer

Nepalgram Adventure
We are Local based Trekking agency with customized holiday activity in Nepal. We have experienced team of concealer and guides, who has done all of the trekking packages several times themselves, so keep good knowledge about the region. Information on the website are result of experience and hardship. Working with people from wide range of globe; helped us to see things close enough.