Experience True Healing: A Yoga & Jungle Detox with Ashley Melin

La Ceiba, Honduras

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Oct 19 - 27, 2019
Group size: 8 - 25
Experience True Healing: A Yoga & Jungle Detox with Ashley Melin
La Ceiba, Honduras

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1 review

Deposit: $500
Oct 19 - 27, 2019
Group size: 8 - 25

About this trip

Do you suffer from chronic pain, an auto-immune disease, fatigue, depression, anxiety, asthma, diabetes or any other ailment that doesn’t have you living at 100% your most awesome Self? 

Honduras is one of the most underrated destinations in Central America. It’s lush jungle, beaches, and natural hot springs make it an ideal place for adventure, relaxation and healing. This yoga detox adventure retreat is for those looking to dive into some seriously potent healing and cleansing.

Our journey begins at Usha Village, located directly next to lush rainforest. We’ll hear monkeys, parrots, and breathe in the highly oxygenated jungle air. Each day consists of yoga, meditation, and nutrition classes with Ashley Melin, founder of SoulJour.

We’ll rid the body of mucous and replenish it with the highest quality, locally sourced, plant-based minerals. We’ll go home lighter, stronger, pain free, and certainly more vital than ever before! 

About Dr. Sebi

“I am not a healer. The healer is a woman. I am just the messenger.” 

Dr. Sebi was a legendary pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist who, for over 30 years, studied the diets of cultures from all over the world.

Sebi originally came to the U.S. with diabetes, asthma, obesity and impotence. After many failed attempts to heal through Western treatments, he found a healer in Mexico. Finding great healing success from all his ailments, he began creating natural vegetation cell food compounds geared for inter-cellular cleansing and the revitalization of all the cells that make up the human body. His life’s mission then became that of a true healer. He educated and helped thousands of people from all over the world rid their bodies of acid and mucus - which starves cells of oxygen, thereby manifesting as disease. 

About Ashley

Ashley is the founder of SoulJour, a holistic yoga lifestyle brand dedicated to the seeker, sage, and warrior in us all. 

Her yoga career began early and has been a daily staple since she was 18. She began bringing groups to India in 2007 after her own life-changing 3 month journey there in 2004. 

Last year, Keith Mitchell, former Pro Bowl NFL player turned mindfulness and nutrition expert, introduced her to Dr. Sebi’s way. A super clean eater for many years, within a week of taking Keith’s supplements and adhering to the Sebi diet, she noticed results. Last August, she traveled to Usha with Keith to learn more. After 8-days, her muscle pain vanished and she never felt so amazing! 

Ashley is a mother of one, an expert mountain biker, big mountain climber, skier, fitness junkie and 26-year daily yoga/meditation practitioner. SoulJour is the intersection of all these modalities and it is her mission to share her experience of healing and transformation in a uniquely creative, adventurous, and tangible way.

About the Duct Plant

The duct plant is a flower discovered by Dr. Sebi. The flower rids the body of all mucus and toxins and eating the duct plant is an unforgettable experience! It will make you purge and purge and purge some more. It’s not pleasant and nobody gets out easy. The Experience lasts from 4-11 hours with an average of 6-8. This is not hallucenigenic. This is purely physical. But the feeling afterwards is pure bliss - heightened clarity, zero muscle pain, it’s the best feeling in the world!! You will partner up with another person from the group who will check on you and be in charge of you throughout the process. USHA Village nurses will also monitor blood pressure and check on you periodically making sure you are drinking their fliuids. 

Cost $100

Is Honduras Safe?

Where we are traveling, YES!  We would not go somewhere we didn’t feel was safe for our guests. USHA is remote and guarded. La Ceiba is a tourist region where trouble doesn’t occur. Honduras offers world class scuba diving, amazing beaches and jungle, as well as remote islands as places to visit outside of the trip.   

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Cancellation Policy

SoulJour does not provide any cash refunds. If a refund is to be given, we will send you a check or refund your credit card. Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason including personal emergencies. Travelers may transfer their payment to another trip or another person. 

The following cancellation charges apply:

1) 90+ days prior to departure date: $500 deposit is forfeited

2) 61-90 days prior to departure date: 25% of trip cost

3) 31-60 days prior to departure date: 50% of trip cost

4) 30 days or less: No refund. 

5) There are no refunds for arriving late or leaving early. There are no partial refunds for any services not used while on your trip.

6) All cancellations must be received in writing by e-mail.

If SoulJour should cancel a trip within 30 days of departure due to low enrollment, you will receive a full refund. If a trip is canceled within 30 days of departure due to terrorism or civil unrest you will receive a full refund. SoulJour is not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for any canceled trip, such as non-refundable airline tickets, or for costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellation or illness. Please make sure you purchase traveler's insurance. You are welcome to transfer full credit to another trip within 1 year if you are unable to attend.



We require a $500 deposit on all trips. This deposit ensures your spot on a trip. This deposit is non-refundable so please make sure you purchase traveler’s insurance within a week of registering! The remainder of your tuition is due 60 days prior to departure. You may pay by check, PayPal, Venmo or credit card.

Passport / Visa

A valid passport is required for all international travel. Allow 4 weeks for delivery. A tourist visa is NOT required for travel in Honduras.


• We recommend bring one or two ATM cards. Honduras takes American dollars so this is a great option as well. USHA is CASH only so bring enough for massages, the duck plant, and any incidentals.

• Credit cards are not always accepted. Do not rely on this as your sole means of payment.

Travel Protection Plan & Policy

Medical/emergency coverage is REQUIRED on all SoulJour international trips and is a condition of booking with us. The minimum requirement is $50,000 for medical/emergency coverage including emergency repatriation. 

A Travel Protection Plan is designed to protect you around the world in the event of lost luggage, a sudden illness or death in the family, an injury or an unavoidable yet costly flight delay. It covers trip cancellation for medical reasons; trip delay; medical expenses; accidental death; lost baggage; and medical evacuation. It’s effective on the day your designated travel protection plan payment or final trip payment is received by our office. 

Your plan must emailed to us prior to departure. We recommend using TripAssure, our preferred partner.


Gratuities for leaders, cooks, nurses, etc. are greatly appreciated, and at your discretion, as a gesture of thanks for their professionalism and care during your trip. Please take into consideration the amount of time and energy your leaders put in to make your experience a success. The amount is entirely a personal preference.


Please talk to your doctor 8-12 weeks prior to departure about any vaccinations you may need. We recommend that you have Typhoid, Hep A, and Tetanus shots current. 

For information on the most current vaccination recommendations visit the Center for Disease Control

Phone / WiFi

The easiest way to keep in contact during your trip is through an international plan on your cell phone. WiFi is available at all hotels.


Laundry is easy and inexpensive. It takes 24 hours so plan accordingly. USHA also has self service laundry room. Self wash is always an option as well. We recommend not bringing clothes you love and packing light. 

Single Travelers

We will make every effort to match you with a same-sex roommate when we receive your application. If you register for a trip within 90 days and no roommate can be assigned, you will be charged the single supplement fee. If you sign-up more than 90 days in advance, no fee will be charged. If a single room must be assigned to you due to a last-minute roommate cancellation, the single supplement charge will be assessed.

Physical Requirements

All SoulJour require some physical activity. Yoga and movement is part of the daily routine and prior yoga experience is helpful, but not necessary. Please make sure you are in good physical condition. Consult with your doctor before coming to obtain proper medication. 

Leaving Early or Coming Late

It is difficult but not impossible to join a tour after it has begun. It is possible to leave a tour early however you will be responsible for your own arrangements from the moment you decide to leave the tour. You would also be responsible for all costs associated with joining a tour late or leaving one early. If you feel this may be necessary please consult SoulJour before you book your adventure as each individual situation may vary.

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    USHA Village
  • All meals
  • Herbalist Consulation
  • 2 Classes per Day
    Includes yoga, guided meditation, fitness, nutrition, journaling, cooking
  • Sauna, hot pool
    Available 24/7
  • Airport Transfer
  • Activities
    Hiking, Rafting, Zip Line, Island Hopping Boat Day
  • Massage
    Available at USHA
  • Alcohol & Drinks
    Not available at USHA
  • Traveller's Insurance
    Required. We'll provide necessary information.
  • Duck Plant
  • Personal Items
    Including shopping

Available Packages

Early Bird Double Occupancy
Available until Jul 01, 2019Sold Out

Save $100 when you book by July 1! 

This package includes double occupancy Usha Village. Private bath included. 

Deposit: $500
Superior Double Occupancy
Available until Jul 01, 20194 left

There are 2 larger cabins that are newer than the original cabinas. e are 2 queen beds in each cabina.

Deposit: $500
Deposit: $500

Early Bird Double Occupancy
Past Trip


Day 1
Travel to USHA Village

Your international flight will either go to Roatán airport (1.5 hr ferry boat or 30 min domestic flight to La Ceiba) or San Pedro Sula (3 hr drive). Plan to arrive at Usha in the afternoon of Day 1. 

Usha Village is a pristine, tropical healing village with a plethora of natural resources  including jungle plants and rare, extremely alkaline water. This water is a crucial component of our healing journey and we'll soak, steam and drink it daily. Here we'll relax in a natural setting and detox with the special treatments afforded.

In the early evening, we'll convene for orientation, a meditation, and group introduction.

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1 review
"Travel is more than just a seeing of sites. It's a change that happens, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." – Miriam Beard. Short for Soul Journey, pronounced Soldier, we are a steward for self-discovery: a source for transformative experiences and inspired products. We represent the collective journey to reveal our Essence, activate our Purpose, and always rock our Truth. Since 2007, SoulJour has taken hundreds of people to the magical chaos of India, Peru & Honduras.


This was not your average tour, We were introduced to the guts of the country, and experienced it from street level on up to a taste of the spiritual heights that India has to offer the world. Not an easy or glamorous trip, but one I would not have missed for anything.