Explore Java and Bali with an Indonesian

Java and Bali

Atie Julie
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Dec 12 - 21, 2020
Group size: 4 - 7
Explore Java and Bali with an Indonesian
Java and Bali

Atie Julie
  • Email address verified

Dec 12 - 21, 2020
Group size: 4 - 7

About this trip

Traveling to Indonesia would be much easier and richer if you are accompanied by a local. I would accompany your travel, exploring Java and Bali together. Traveling solo would not be a problem anymore since you will have a company to discover places that knows it by heart. Your itinerary will be set-up wonderfully and your journey would be amazing!  


In this trip we will explore Java (Central Java and East Java) and Bali in 10 days. The cities or places that we're going to visit are : Bali (Ubud and Canggu or Seminyak), Central Java (Jogjakarta and Magelang) and East Java (Malang). 

Indonesia has 17,589 islands, it's the biggest archipelago in the world. Java and Bali is just two of those thousands of islands. Well known as the ring of fire, due to its hundreds of volcanoes, Indonesia has so many spectacular show of nature and large biodiversity that worth to visit and to witness . You can learn a lot more about Indonesia from here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia

Bhineka Tunggal Ika is the motto of Indonesia which mean One in Diversity. Java and Bali just a perfect example of this diversity. The distance between this two island is 574 kilometres. Two different islands, different cultures, different languages (even in Java island itself there are few different languages) and different lifestyle. 

However travel to Indonesia could be so challenging. Classically people visit Bali and its neighbouring island by ferry. However there are so many places to visit in Indonesia to explore its magical nature. The question is HOW?  It's relatively not easy to travel in Indonesia, except Bali, especially when you are a woman, first time to Indonesia and solo traveller. There are already different native languages within this country itself, Indonesian as the national language, so english would not something that everyone can speak to. 

Tourism in Indonesia is way behind from its neighbouring countries, like Malaysia and Thailand. Which the good side is, there are many places that less touristic and more authentic. The downside is there would be so little organisation of transportation, there is no clear schedule or even route map to navigate. As a local, sometimes it's not easy either, but we manage since we speak the language and know how to deal with our own people. I can only imagine, foreigner would have more challenge to go that far. So here I am, to guide and accompany your Java and Bali trip with local knowledge.


We hope everyone to arrive in Bali on Saturday afternoon December 12th 2020. Airport pick-up are available by request.

Below is the raw planning of the trip. The dates may change but it would not exceed 10 days and the destinations are fixed. We hope to have regular practice of meditation each morning and Yoga practice daily. If you are not into Yoga, you are free to decide, however we expect that we do at least 10 minutes meditation each morning. 

Dec 12th - Dec 15th  in Ubud, Bali 

- Water Purification

- Sound Bath Healing

- Nature Trakking and Waterfalls

- Some Yoga and Meditation Sessions for those who want to join

Dec 15th : Fly to Jogjakarta, Central Java. Flight duration : 1hr 30mins

Dec 15th - 17th in Jogjakarta and Magelang

- Borobudur Temple

- Prambanan Temple

- Cabaret Show by local artists

- Kesultanan Jogjakarta (Jogjakarta King Palace)

- Nature trekking

Dec 17th : Midnight train to Malang, East-Java. Travel duration : 8hr-9hr

Dec 18th - Dec 20th in Malang, East Java

- Mount Bromo

- Exploring the city (optional)

Dec 20th Fly back to Bali from Malang. Flight duration : 1hr 15mins

Dec 20th - Dec 21st in Seminyak (or other beach side), Bali. 


Overall we will stay in at least 3 or 4 different places, different cities and different islands as the nature of our voyage. Pack yourself efficiently. 

The accommodations are picked carefully by myself, the hearty places to allow yourself soak in wonderful journey of your adventure.  


2N/3D in Ubud. We will stay in a guest house or villa near to the Ubud center. Breakfast included. For yogis, we can yoga together in a famous place in Ubud : Yoga Barn or Radiantly Alive. We will also have Sound Bath Healing here.  One bedroom is for two people, separated bed. Single bedroom is available upon request.


1N/2D in Magelang, to get the sunrise in Borobudur. Breakfast is included. One bedroom is for 2 people.


1D and 1/2 night  here before we catch our midnight train to Malang.  We will stay in dormitory room, single bedroom is available upon request.


2 Nights in Malang to get early rise to go up to Bromo. We need to leave at 3am or 4am from our hotel to Bromo to get its glorious sunrise. We will spend one day to explore Malang, or you can just relax in the hotel, because Bromo trip could consume a lot of energy. Sharing room, single bedroom available upon request.


2N/3D are our time to enjoy the beach side of Bali island. Swimming pool is available and breakfast provided. We let ourselves soak in to the goodness of beautiful beach and sand here.  I'll let everyone has their own bedroom!! Even you can learn to surf. 

Travel, Arrival and Packing List

Here are some tips and also a check-list for you to prepare your travel and arrival. 

  • Plan to arrive at our sanctuary on Sunday December 13th, 2020 in the afternoon or early. Make sure you have taxi arrangement to pick you up in the airport. 
  • If you come directly from wherever country you are, please arrive in Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) airport before 2pm, but not obligation. It's just good to arrive and travel during the day light.
  • From the airport to the Villa is a one hour drive north to Ubud. We can arrange transportation but the payment is on your own for both airport taxi car transport (~$40 USD each way). As much as possible to travel light. 
  • Government Legal Requirements
  • A valid passport is required 
  • Passport must be valid at least six months after your arrival in Indonesia (July 2021)
  • Passport must have at least two blank visa pages 
  • You must have printed proof of onward / return flights 
  • No visa is required for a stay of up to 30 days but please confirm your visa requirements before booking your flight
  • There are a lot of website offers cheap flight to SE Asia, just keep your eye on it. There is direct flight from Kualalumpur, Singapore or Bangkok to Bali. 


Don’t forget to bring your daily medicine if you take any. As a reminder, here are other thingsthat you might consider to bring :

1. Passport, ID Card and/or Driver License (if you plan to drive motor or car here)

2. Travel Insurance. If you have one, make sure you have the insurance's contact.

3. Medicine : if you take any medicine for your health, please bring it with you.

4. Mosquitos and insect repellent

5. Beach items : sunscreen, swimwear, sun glasses, hat and beach towel

6. Mountain items : long sleeve tshirt, jacket, syal and sneakers.

7. City walk/trekking item : wearing something comfortable to walk under tropical sun and uneven terrain.

8. Be mindful that new food would probably unacceptable for your body, make sure you bring some medicine for it. 

9. Cash. Info your bank that you would travel to Indonesia and how to contact you, to avoid any inconvenient situation in your travel. 


It's always good to make ourselves covered and responsible. 


The safest way to get your local money, do the withdrawal in the ATM center in the airport. Time to time if you need local money, either you can do it in money changer in the city center or you may ask for my help to do the money exchange. I would probably could help you from my“wallet”, however I can only do a small amount. The exchange will follow that day market. 

Payment and Cancelation Policy

Deposit : The non-refundable pre-booking 200€ is required.

Payment :  This page already set up the payment. However if you want to know more for other option just send us email to : atiejulie@jivatiyoga.com. 

What’s included

  • 10D/ 9N Accommodation
    Shared bedrooms. Max. 2 person in almost entire travel, only 1 night in dormitory at Jogjakarta. Single occupancy upon request.
  • Flight Java -Bali return
    Bali to Jogjakarta and Malang or Surabaya to Bali
  • Breakfast
    Lunch and Dinner we will arrange it together. Just make sure let me know if you have special diet.
  • Train Ticket
    From Jogjakarta to Malang
  • Tourist objects
    Entrance fee and transportation within the program
  • Daily Meditation
    10 minutes meditation each morning and before bed. Suggested but not obligation.
  • Sound Healing
    Soak ourselves in a healing frequency.
  • Water Purification Trip
    This water purification meant to bring us health and well-being in our trip.
  • A welcome Gift
    a surprise goodie bag for you
  • Airfare to Indonesia
  • Airport pick-up
  • Meal and tour guide tips
  • Yoga classes
    pay on the spot if you want a yoga session. 10€/person or 160K IDR yoga with me. You may try do yoga in studios.
  • Transport
    the transport outside the program is not included.


Day 1 -4
Exploring Ubud

The first 4 days we will stay in Ubud area, the capital city of yoga-ness of Bali. We expect everyone all arrive on the first day before noon time. Let everyone settled and rest, or do yoga session for those who willing. We will go to dinner for meet, greet and meal.

the second day : a.m nature tracking, temple and waterfall trip

the third day : Water Purification and sound bath healing

the fourth day : market day or free day before we catch flight to Jogjakarta

Your Organizer

Atie Julie
Atie is from Java Island, Indonesia. She has been practicing yoga for over a decade and teaching for 5 years now. Now she lives in Bangkok and learning Budhism meditation.