Explore the Malabar Coast

      Mangalore, India

      5 reviews
      Nov 5 - 13, 2023
      Group size: 4 - 10
      Explore the Malabar Coast
      Mangalore, India

      5 reviews

      Nov 5 - 13, 2023
      Group size: 4 - 10

      About this trip

      If restlessness is your disease then travel is the cure. This is a journey to a place of supreme beauty and comfort designed to rest and nourish the soul. Varanasi Organic farms has a rich history and is located in the lush green expanses of south India's Malabar Coast. While most of our trips focus directly on wildlife conservation, this experience explores a related but much more human element of naturalistic depth, by exploring our own relationship to the earth. 

      We are inviting you to come to a heritage farm where sustainable living, warmth, wildlife, culture and peace have come together in a rare and beautiful sanctuary. At Varanashi Organic farms living in symbiosis with the earth is not a distant dream, but a simple fact of life. Let the abundant bird life welcome you as sunrays spoke through the towering palms. Let delicious food, straight from the land inspire your tastebuds. Swim in the clear water, surf in the warm waves, and explore India not as a tourist, but as a friend of the family. This is a chance to improve mind, body and spirit, and relax and recuperate while pushing your limits, and learning things about your relationship to the earth as well as your own body and mind. 

      Varanashi Organic Farms extends for over 100 Acres, with countless trails and numerous irrigation ponds, as well as a river. Crop plantations are maintained within the natural vegetation of the area, and 60% of the farms is still untouched forest. Crops like Arecanut, Coconut, Cocoa, Nutmeg, Banana, Black Pepper, Jackfruit etc. are grown in a multi-story system. In addition, different types of vegetables, fruits, flowers are also grown. Rice is organically cultivated during the rainy season for sale and our own consumption.

      Along with sustainable farming and living, comes a focus on fitness. Yoga in the mornings. Surfing lessons on our gentle waves, tree climbing, ample trails, and expert level physical training for every fitness level are part of the daily routine. This is a trip about fun, adventure, and the true art of living. The people, beauty, lessons and depth you experience here will stay with you the rest of your life. 

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      The balance of payment is due no later than 45 days before the trip begins. The balance of payment is non-refundable for any reason 45 days or less before the trip begins.

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      Available options


      November 5th
      Fly to Mangalore

      Arrive in Mangalore. Our team will pick you up at the airport and drive directly to the farm

      Your Organizer

      Tamandua Expeditions
      5 reviews
      Tamandua Expeditions originally began running trips out of the Peruvian Amazon Basin over 10 years ago. Today, we offer adventure-packed, hands on, expeditions through some of the most beautiful and challenging wilderness on earth. With locations in Peru and India. Our focus on wildlife research, conservation, and responsible adventure travel.


      It was amazing - the team leader (Empe) was fantastic, Ian was so knowledgeable and great at finding snakes and amphibians and making everyone feel like they could do it too, the camp hosts and family (Borian) were spectacular hosts and cooks and guides, and the camp was comfortable and fun. I couldn’t have had a better time!
      By Amy Jordheim for Operation Malinowski: Herping in the Tambopata/Malinowski Watershed on Jan 24, 2023
      This was my fourth trip with Tamandua Expeditions. If you have an adventurous spirit this is the team you want to go with. My most recent trip to Africa provided more wildlife encounters with Africa's big game, endangered and at-risk animals all within a huge yet well-protected wildlife reserve. It gave me hope seeing the work being done here, and to see so many magnificent animals living within a healthy ecosystem.
      By Grant Phelps for South Africa on Nov 14, 2022
      The trip to South Africa with Paul and the VetPAW guys was an incredible experience! They get you up close and personal to give you raw wildlife exposure, while always maintaining control of your safety and respecting the animals. Paul and Sterling are authentic and welcoming people who go above and beyond to give you the best trip possible. 10/10 recommend any Tamandua trip.
      By Laura Kinsel for South Africa on Nov 13, 2022
      Trips with Tamandua are always one of a kind, adrenaline pumping dventures! It's the people, the places the wildlife! Can not recommend them highly enough for anyone looking for a one of a kind, life changing experience!
      By DEBBIE GREEN for South Africa on Nov 08, 2022
      Awesome trip!! It was everything I dreamed about and more. Staff and guides were professional, knowledgeable and always ready to answer your questions. Food was delicious and there was something different each day. Accommodation was clean and comfortable, I had the best night sleep over there. It definitely was the most unique trip I ever been on and you really get to experience Amazon rainforest at its best. I would recommend it to everyone and most surely will go there again. Thank you!
      By Anni Uusivirta for Tamandua Premium: Luxury in the Rainforest on Jun 14, 2022