Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 2 - 20
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 2 - 20

About this trip


Join our Fall of Yugoslavia, Sarajevo War Tour and with our professional, enthusiastic local guides get to know rich history of our beautiful city and country in the last hundred years.



What’s included

  • • Guided tour in English
  • • Round trip transportat
  • • Hotel pick-up and drop
  • • Entrance fee for the „
  • • Private expenses


Listen the incredible stories about life in former Yugoslavia


You will see the Yellow Fortress constructed Ottoman period of our country and enjoy beuatiful panoramic view of whole city. Later on you will visit Olympic complex and hear the story about Winter Oypmic Games that took place in Sarajevo. We will pass by Defenders Cemetery and tell the story of Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo. After that, we will drive through „Sniper Alley“ – the most danegerous street in Sarajevo during the siege. You will visit famous „Tunnel of Hope“ that was the only exit from besieged Sarajevo and that represended and still represents the life, the salvation for people who were living in Sarajevo in these times. The story you will hear about construction of that tunnel and many other stories will certainly be something to remember your whole life. At the end of the tour we will go to beautiful Olympic mountain – Trebevic where you will find Bob Sleigh Track, used for Winter Olypmic Games in Sarajevo in 1984.

Choose this panoramic tour, see with your own eyes the monuments still witnessing about incredible things that were happening in our city and and understand why Sarajevo was the center of the world when it became a city under the longest siege in modern history.


· Have a great panoramic of Sarajevo

· Get to know much more about formerYugoslavia, war in Bosnia (1992-1995) and siege of Sarajevo

· Enjoy beutiful panoramic view of whole city from the Yellow Fortress

· Listen the story about Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo (1984) and see Olympic Complex

· Visit the must-see Tunnel of Hope Museum

· Relish beutiful panorama of Sarajevo from Olympic Mounatin Trebevic and see Olympic Bob Sleigh Track

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