Family's Journey

Whittier, AK 99693, USA

Duration: 6 days
Group size: 6 - 16
Family's Journey
Whittier, AK 99693, USA

Duration: 6 days
Group size: 6 - 16

About this trip

This is a Family’s Journey designed for family members to reconnect together in nature. So much of our individual lives are busy, filled with responsibilities and distractions.  Even as families, we can struggle to find the time to connect in a way that feels deeply satisfying or meaningful.  This trip is designed for families to have an experience together that facilitates closeness, communication, and the creation of memories. 

This uniquely choreographed journey through Prince William Sound, Alaska will assist you in finding rejuvenation through the connection with other families, the support and guidance by Hilary Moses, LCSW paired with peace and serenity that only nature can provide.

Imagine for a moment that you get to connect with your family as you paddle by ancient glacial ice and be completely unplugged from the pulls of technology. Look out into the sound for whales and wildlife as the crackling fire warms you at night. You will laugh, play, and rest. The landscape around you is ever-changing; it is time to replenish your cup with the awe that the glaciers of Alaska will inspire.  You will leave this experience with your cup replenished and those empty spaces within you full of hope, love, and support.

This 7-day journey is powered by nature, paired with highly skilled guides and amazing programming facilitators. No experience is necessary. The trip is all-inclusive once you arrive at the starting location. Let these amazing facilitators and Breakwater Expeditions take care of your family; you will create life-long memories together. 

What’s included

  • Meals
    Healthy fresh meals for the duration of the trip; we cater to your dietary needs
  • 1 night lodging
    Hotel on the first night
  • Expedition costs
    All gear needed for 4 nights of comfortable camping and 5 days of sea kayaking, including rubber boots, rain pants and jackets
  • Intentional Support
    Intentional daily rhythms, topic driven and organic conversation and connection, individual support as needed
  • Flights, 2 meals, hotel
    Personal flights, optional travel insurance, last evening dinner and hotel if you choose to stay another night

Available Packages

Per Person Cost
Available until 60 days before departure

This cost is if you prefer to have a room to yourself on the first and last nights

Deposit: $1,000
Family of 4
Available until 60 days before departure
Deposit: $4,000


Before and After
Connection Calls

We offer 1-2 group video calls, as well as individual calls as requested, in advance of and following the trip to discuss logistics, answer questions and hear what your hopes are for joining our adventure. We also have a monthly alumni connection call for anyone who has previously journeyed with us. 

Your Organizer

Rooted Connections Retreats
We offer nature based retreats for individual and collective healing. Rooted Connections Retreats invites adventurous adults and families to disconnect from the day-to-day so they can reconnect with themselves and with nature, be unexpectedly awe inspired and reach heights they never thought they would.