Finding Balance For Nurses

Sedona, Arizona, USA

Apr 14 - 17, 2020
Group size: 4 - 8
Finding Balance For Nurses
Sedona, Arizona, USA

Apr 14 - 17, 2020
Group size: 4 - 8

About this trip

JOIN Brittany Stoeckel and Jennie Hoek in beautiful Sedona, AZ! We are so excited to bring you this yoga retreat especially designed for NURSES.  Brittany and Jennie are passionate about weaving yoga into the lifestyle of nurses. 

This all-levels retreat will be a time of community, learning, rest, and connection with yourself.  

Each day will include morning and evening yoga classes, gorgeous catered group meals, hikes, and connecting with other wellness-minded nurses!


IMAGINE  you, us, our own personal chef, a tribe for loving, open-hearted nurses ready to rest, restore, and refill.

The setting is a gorgeous ashram in the Sedona desert.

We wake up slow, drink tea, chat quietly, then head for our mats in our own private yoga studio. Our morning flow allows us to choose the energy we bring to the day, the time and space for meditation is something we have been after for years. A place to be quiet and remember who we are.

After a healthy, home made breakfast we spend time journaling and connecting with our new yogini/nurse besties, pack our day bags and head to the red rocks. We spend time hiking and meditating in nature, soaking up the mysterious Sedona vortex vibes. We can already tell this trip has changed us.

After our day trip and communal lunch we head back to the ashram for naps, rest, our evening flow, and sound healing session. 

We get cleaned up in a state of pure bliss and head to our lovingly homemade dinner.

We celebrate the fact that we have taken the time to remember why we are here on this earth, remember that we are blessed to be a blessing. We remember that we can only care for others with the same depth with which we care for ourselves.

After dinner those of us who need more connection sit and chat around the table for hours, the ones who crave precious solitude head to the luxurious outdoor swinging beds with a tea and a favorite book. 

We sleep the deepest sleep of our lives and wonder if life was always supposed to be this way…periods of deep self-less caregiving, followed by equally deep and intentional self-compassion, self-care, and soul restoration.

If you want this story in your life please join us. We want you to sit at our table! 

“Brittany exudes a calming and loving energy into her yoga practice that you feel the moment you walk through the door and it stays with you well after class. She is knowledgeable, accommodating to different experience levels, and welcoming to everyone.”

-Jen Idema, Royal Oak, MI

“Thankful to have Brit give us those daily reminders to be grateful, breathe, and take care of yourself. She was motivating yet gentle in her practice and an amazing cohost and the perfect added touch to our event!”

-Eva Machado, New Jersey


“Brittany has a knowledgeable and light hearted teaching style that is welcoming to all. I wish she lived closer because I would definitely take her classes all the time!” 

-Erica, NYC


“Brittany has an extraordinary teaching style . For someone like me how is very new to yoga and its moves, she made it very fun simple and heartwarming. She makes you feel comfortable and allows you to enjoy the moment . I would definitely take her classes if I lived closer! Highly recommend it.”

-Brigitte Necta, NYC


“Got an opportunity to flow with the incredible @yoganursepractioner. I was truly moved, and inspired. After our group session at central  park I felt rejuvenated and ready to face the world with a positive  outlook.  Thank you for initiating my love for yoga. As a nurses we get lost in caring for everyone and sometimes  forget ourself. This session reminded me of the importance  of self love and balance. Thank you.”

-Monica, NYC


"I practice yoga at home on a regular basis and have studied it for years. Recently though it got lost in the shuffle of life and I needed help rebooting it. Brittany helped me do just that and I was surprised at just how much I got out of our sessions together—they were intuitive, grounding, and challenging in all the right ways. She made a point to build intention into each session that pertained to my current place/space in life. I'm so happy I took a chance on myself and signed up with PYT—not only did it inspire me to get back into my own practice, but it changed my perspective on it!"

-- Serene Arena

What to bring

Comfy clothes - layers

Yoga mat

Shoes for hiking


Reusable water bottle


Vegetarian Snacks if you'd like

Bathing suit


Warm during day

Cool during night

Photo Tour of Lodging

Family of Light Ashram

Click Here!

What’s included

  • Lodging
    3 night stay in gorgeous Sedona Ashram
  • Meals
    All meals included
  • Coffee/Tea/Snacks
    Full kitchen available stocked with drinks and some snacks
  • Yoga
    Two movement practices per day
  • Meditation
    Daily guided meditations
  • Sound Healing Session
    With Jennie!
  • Discussions
    Time for yoga lifestyle education and group discussions
  • Day Trips
    Transportation will be available for day trips to hiking and downtown Sedona
  • Hiking
    Optional group hike
  • T-Shirt
    Nurses Inspire Nurses shirt!
  • Airfare
  • Airport Transportation
  • Yoga Mat
    Please bring one!
  • Additional spa/healers
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities
  • Excursions


Settle, Nourish, Socialize

Day 1


Check into rooms

Meet your new BFFs

Explore the ashram


Welcome session



Group dinner

Your Organizer