ADVance | Train & Ride

      Thunder Valley Park

      Enduro Ranch
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      4 reviews
      Duration: 2 days
      Group size: 2 - 8
      ADVance | Train & Ride
      Thunder Valley Park

      Enduro Ranch
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      4 reviews

      Duration: 2 days
      Group size: 2 - 8

      About this trip

      2-Day Adventure Bike Training for new and returning riders seeking to gain control of their bike and prepare for off-road riding and BDR trips. 

      Your Adventure Training Begins Here

      Starting off or advancing forward, riders focus on getting control of their machines so they can confidently operate their bike on and off-road. 

      Balanced body positioning and control: keeping your fingers on the levers; hand and foot position; standing to ride; power delivery and collection; shifting and braking are all introduced and reinforced consistently to help new riders quickly develop positive riding habits that will last a lifetime.


      Jumping the gun and hitting a local trail too early can be exhilarating, but it can also be kinda sketch, or terrifying. Dirtbiking is supposed to be fun . . . We take that pretty seriously. Hah! :p Completing the ADVance program should leave you feeling confident go get out on the local trails for your first time or with your buddies. 

      Located 20 minutes west of Denver, you'll come to Thunder Valley Park in Morrison at any level and you'll ride out far more educated and aware than you'd imagine. To complete the ADV Skills training you'll need to demonstrate you're large and in charge. 

      Day 1: 10am-3pm

      DAY 2 RIDE DAY!

      After successfully completing the ADVance course you're ready for Ride Days! Take your new skills to task in the nearby Pike National Forest at at one of our exclusively permitted places. If you're still "out of control" or not feeling confident, you can opt to return to our next scheduled course for another day of training. Everybody adapts at their own pace. Our goal is to help you get out on the trail feeling good and having fun, safely, and when you're ready. 

      Ride Days and Trips are at a variety of locations around the front range and the western slope. We hope you'll continue to ride and improve with us, but we're stoked to see you DIY or hit the trails with your tribe. You're welcome to be a part of our tribe too. It's a great way to meet new people and learn about new areas to rally.

      *Motorcycle endorsement is required for ride day.


      •  May 11 | Thunder Valley Park
         May 12 |  Rampart Range

      •  July 6 | Thunder Valley Park
         July 7 |  Rampart Range

      •  Aug 31 | Rampart Range

         Sept 1 |  Rampart Range

      •  Sept 28 | Thunder Valley Park

         Sept 29 |  Rampart Range

      •  Oct 12 | Thunder Valley Park

         Oct 13 |  Rampart Range

      •  Nov 9 | RAM Offroad Park
         Nov 10 |  Rampart Range

      Available Packages

      First Timer ADV Training
      Available until 2 days before departure

      Off-road skills training for new and advancing adventure bike riders. Learn the proper ADV techniques to keep you safe and build confidence. 



      Day 1
      Training Day

      Bring lunch, water and couple layers of clothing for your first day of adventure bike training with Enduro Ranch. It may start out chilly, but you'll be working hard and warmed up quickly!

      Your Organizer

      Enduro Ranch
      4 reviews
      Dirtbike Training and Trips for trails, trials, hard enduro and ADV riders.


      Awesome experience!! Brett is an excellent teacher. If you want to gain confidence and get faster on your moto this is the place to do it. I felt the private instruction was an incredible value for the what I learned. I’m stoked to get out again with the Enduro Ranch crew. -Cory
      By Cory P for Private Instruction & Training on Jun 13, 2024
      My son and I had a great time! Wonderful group of people. We learned a lot and had fun. We plan to sign up for my classes with them!
      By Christine S for First Timers on Jun 03, 2024
      Awesome class. Im 47 and my son is 14. Perfect class for first timers. We started out staring at machines with a confused look in our eyes and finished the day doing trails and jumps - small ones. Brett and his team know exactly what they’re doing and provide clear instruction with positive feedback. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and his team to anyone.
      By Thomas D for First Timers on May 27, 2024
      Amazing experience. Brett is awesome and very patient! Highly recommended...
      By Matthew B for Private Instruction & Training on Apr 15, 2024

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